Sugar Detox- Surviving The Weekends

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Weekends are a challenge when you are on a 21 Day Sugar Detox. Especially during the summer, fall, winter, spring, and holidays. You get it, every season, every holiday has its association with sugar. Our weekends tend to be business with activities, going out to dinner, entertaining friends, or enjoying time at the lake or beach.

To survive these challenges you must prepare. Having a plan is the only way to survive.

Surviving Weekend At The Lake

Lucky for me, I am in charge of the food. But, I have to remember that family and friends who attend our weekend at the lake are not on the sugar detox. But providing healthy, sugar-free options is a win for everyone.

5 O’Clock Wine Time

My first obstacle was our traditional 5’Oclock Wine time on the patio or on the deck. This is a time of gathering, hanging out, catching up, and just enjoying the view or winding down from a long week. Because wine has sugar I needed to remove it during my detox. My substitute was La Croix

Natural flavoring with no added sugars

I served my La Croix in my wine glass on ice with a splash of lime juice. It was refreshing. There are many flavors available, I chose Cran-Rasberry. Because I have been on the sugar detox it actually tasted sweet. There is no sugar in La Croix. The added lime seem to break up that taste. This drink was perfect for a warm evening on the patio.

Sugar-Free Snacks And Munchies

The great thing about the sugar-free detox is that there are many options for snacks and munchies. Veggie trays are a huge hit especially with the abundance and variety of fresh vegetables. Try a Taziki style dip with no sugar. Very refreshings!

Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards are all the rage and a great way to have sugar free munchies available for parties and events. This detox focuses on sugar so foods like hard cheese, nuts, meats, olives, and pickles, and seeded crackers (no sugar of course) are all allowed. You will need to be careful and read labels to make sure meats/pickles are not cured with sugar.

Lunch & Dinner Is Served

Grilled Chicken Salad

There are tons of great sugar-free, easy options to have for lunch and dinner but still stay on your detox. Grilling out chicken breast (watch the marinade) and having it was a fresh salad is excellent options. Remember much commercial salad dressings have tons of sugar so make your own. Here are 10 Sugar-Free Salad Dressings to make at home

Bunless Burger

We had hamburgers for dinner one night. To keep faithful to my detox I have “bunless burger” with cheddar cheese and instead of chips, I had carrots cut into chip style. Watch condiments such as ketchup because it is full of sugar. I did not miss the buns at all.

Breakfast Is Your Friend

Because the weekends are so full of temptation, it is very important to start the day with a good protein + healthy fats breakfast to keep you full. Hangry (hungry + tired+ angry) is your biggest enemy because sugar is a natural grab when you need quick energy. Be prepared with a good breakfast. Because your detox deals with sugar, you can have bacon and breakfast meats as long as they are not “honey”.

Joys Of Morning Coffee

I swear coffee taste better at the lake and beach so ENJOY. Use coffee time to rest, relax, inspire, and fellowship. This time is almost a healing time and you can enjoy it sugar-free. There are several good options for sugar-free creamers. I am truly enjoying the Almond/Coconut Creamers. Remember to read the labels!. This is the creamer we used this weekend at the lake. It takes some getting used to but it is creamer than just almond milk.

Tell Others That You Are Sugar Detoxing

I found that when I told the group or especially the hostess that I was sugar detoxing, they were very resourceful at having options for food that I could enjoy. Because so many people are doing Keto nowadays, there are many resources out in the market place to be successful. Many healthy options available if you are at a restaurant.

Go NUTS for Nuts

Love pistachio nuts for a snack

I don’t know what it is about the lake and the beach but I get a major case of the munchies after a day of sun, sand, and water. A great supply of nuts can be your “saving grace” when the munchies hit. I have started carrying a baggie full in my purse and including them on your grocery list for weekends. Not only are they filling but they provide healthy fats. All nuts and nut butter without sugar are allowed during the detox period.

The BIG Challenge- Birthdays!

Mini Size Birthday Cakes From Publix

This weekend we celebrated my sons’ birthday. Knowing that sweets are my weakness, I bought a small personal size cake for him. I did not cut the cake or clean up from those eating the cake. Also, I make my son take the rest of the cake with him. When the cake was at my house I covered it with a cloth so I would not see the cake (out of sight, out of mind). During the eating of the birthday cake, I sat away from the group and had coffee. I knew if I smelled it or touches it I would be tempted. This was successful! I did not serve ice cream cause I know I would not be able to resist that temptation. Eventually, I would like to get to the point where birthdays are celebrated without sugary desserts involve- but not today. One step at a time.

Good News! I Have Been Rewarded For My Faithfulness To Sugar Detox

After a weekend of being challenged and tempted but not veering from my sugar detox, I have been rewarded. I stepped on the scales today and lost weight. Now I am down 6lbs from the start of my detox. I feel good and my “bathroom issues” have gone away. Today is day 14 of my 21 Day Sugar Detox and I have one week to go!

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6 thoughts on “Sugar Detox- Surviving The Weekends

    1. I have to tell you that I am feeling great. I did not truly realize how much sugar was impacting my body. Hoping to continue the detox program into September and start to build a new routine and lifestyle that does not revolve or demand sugar.

  1. Congratulations on your fantastic weekend!
    Today, I am starting up with Amanda Niebert’s Lean program again.
    Having an accountability coach helps me tremendously.
    Posts like yours are a huge help too!
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I am on day 3 of the 21dsd. So far loving it! LOVE LoVe your lake tank top! We spend 14 week-ends in the summer at the lake at that is our philosophy as well! I am 58 and glad I found you.

    1. Congrats on your 21 Day Sugar Detox Journey. For me, the first couple of days were the hardest. I had this tank made up at a local monogram shop for a girls trip to the lake. Makes a great cover-up!

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