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When I was growing up my mommy said I liked anything thing that was “fuzzy” or “shiny”. It seems that hasn’t changed one bit throughout the years. Today is all about the “fuzzy” and the fun you can have with faux fur. 

Black Faux Fur Scarf
Black faux fur scarf for glamour and warmth

Fun With Faux Fur Scarf

One of my favorite ways to add fun and warmth to my outfits is with a faux fur scarf.  This one is from Target and has become a workhorse in my wardrobe.  I have to admit that I feel like a movie star when I wear this. 

faux fur scarf
Need a touch of drama? Choose a faux fur scarf

I will add this scarf to an outfit to give it a touch of drama.  I love drama! The only thing is that people will come up to me and start petting me.  Kinda weird but hey, this is all about fun. 

faux fur scarf
Lady in red with faux fur scarf. 

Fun With Faux Fur Vest

If you are not a big scarf fan, try a faux fur vest.  I am a “vest person”.  Love the layering effect and how it adds depth and interest to an outfit.  What better interest than faux fur.

faux fur vest
faux fur vest
Faux fur vest for warmth and fun

Now, I have to admit I have a collection of faux fur vest.  Some with just faux fur trim, others like these that are full faux fur vest.  

faux fur vest
Faux fur vest adds interest to an outfit

There are so many fun faux fur accessories out in the market place.  I am bad to grab them up on a whim. I have faux fur stockings for my mantle for Christmas and of course the matching tree skirt so it seems I actually needed this faux fur Santa Hat for my collection.  

Faux fur Santa Hat
Nothing says faux fur fun like a Santa Hat is cheetah print

More Faux Fur Fun With A Shawl

Okay, sometimes I take this faux fur fun to the next level.  I can’t help it, I like to have fun with my wardrobe.  It helps bring out my personality.  Now, I can get carried away but hey, life is too short for boring

black shawl in faux fur
Black faux fur hat and faux fur trimmed shawl
Having fun in faux fur
Having fun in faux fur

Fun And Glamour With Faux Fur Coat

Living in the south it seems that a full faux fur coat was a waste of money.  So, I asked for it for Christmas a couple of years back.  If just to wear it on that one day of the year that we get cold.  My luck, we had a cold winter that year and one big snow.  Sometimes you just have to splurge for something you really want.

faux fur coat
Faux fur coat from Fabulous Furs. 
Leopard Print Coat From Fabulous Furs
Faux fur coat for warm and glamour

This coat is a big faux fur coat from Fabulous Furs.  Absolutely gorgeous and rather heavy.  It will keep you warm.  With the animal print faux fur a hot trend last year, I decided I needed another faux fur coat that was not as heavy.  Girl needs options and an excuse to go shopping. 

Start A Faux Fur Collection 

faux fur coat with red leather gloves
Faux faux coat #2 is perfect for my Sunday morning greeter job
faux fur coat with faux fur scarf
Faux fur coat with faux fur scarf for double the fun

I could go on for hours because we have just begun to have faux fur fun. This season I will be wearing a new addition, a poncho with faux fur neckline and a new faux fur leopard print scarf. My family is very aware of my love for faux fur so who know what will be wrapped underneath the tree this Christmas.

Meet my FABULOUS friends and how they are styling faux fur this season. 

Your Favorite Chapter
Amy from Your Favorite Chapter wearing this gorgeous cape with faux fur collar and cuffs
Nicole From High Latitude Style
Alaskan blogger Nicole at High Latitude Style is simply FABULOUS in this leopard diamond print faux fur coat

Shop For Faux Fur

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  1. I LOVE faux fur…all faux fur! I think I even have a few similar pieces! My mom and grandma have so much real and faux pieces, I think that is where I got the bug from! I love all of your looks, and that coat is just fabulous!
    Thanks for linking up with Stylish Monday!

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