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Hello, Darlings!

It is finally here….  My FabFitFun box.  I got to admit, I kinda thought it would ship faster, but I am so spoiled with Amazon Prime that only Zappos can keep up with my expectations. I got the box yesterday but I was in a “mood” so I decided to wait until I was in a happy mood for goodies before I opened it.  The FabFitFun boxes come 4 times a year.

The FabFitFun Box

It comes in this cute box so already I am excited.  I am trying to calm my level of expectation because I have been disappointed before with the Stitch Fix box. One time the Stitch Fix box did not have anything I could fit into except for the jewelry… it made me cry. So with that in mind, I carefully open the box.

Coupons For Other Goodies


Immediately we get a nice coupon for $30 off your first box of Hello Fresh. My daughter has used this food service before and gives it rave reviews.  Okay, quality cross marketing, that is a good sign. Next, we receive a pamphlet/catalog which I quickly put aside to look at later.  After that, we have a cute card which tells you everything in the box and the retail value.  It seems my box has a retail value of $359 so for my $30/$40 bucks (depending on what promo you used) in it seem like quite a deal.

What’s In The Box


I have received the Editor’s Box.  I really don’t know if there are truly different boxes or how much variation is in them.  When you sign up you fill out a “what you like and what you would like to get” questionnaire.  But from what I have read online, it seems that there are several items that are standard in all boxes. Okay…. are you ready… the suspense is killing me… let’s move onward.

Packaged With Care


Surprise! I like surprises, the box is packaged and displayed very nicely as to make me think they took time and effort to make it special. First, think I notice is that I did get the Michael Stars Convertible Ruana in black and white, which is what I wanted anyway, so the box has paid for itself already.  Winning!!!  ( I was going to procure my daughter’s ruana but it seems it has become one of her favorite pieces, so I had to get my own).  The next thing I notice is the products are full size and not a bunch of samples, again, good sign.insert pic of the ruana

Yes, My Michael Stars Ruana

review of fabfitfun boxFabFitFun Box Review

Full-size Bath, Body, And Hair Products


review of fabfitfun box

The box contains full-size products.  The 3 products are Briogea Rosacro Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protection Creme (retails $24), Dr. Brandt Pore Dermabrasion (retails $58), and Spongelie Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer (retails $16). I used the Pore Dermabrasion this morning and really like it.

Bath Products Plus Eyeshadow Palette And Lip Stain

review of fabfitfun box

Also in the box was the Realher Playbook Eyeshadow Palette 2 and Manna Kadar Lip Locked Stain.  The Realher Playbook Eyeshadow Palette 2 advertised as cruelty-free, sulfate free, and synthetic free.  The shadows are supposed to be long lasting and crease resistant. Retails for $28. The Manna Kadar Lip Locked gloss stain is in a color called Lucky which looks like a rose neutral.  Retails  $24


Spongelle Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer

review of fatfitfun box

I actually saw this buffer on display at Soft Surroundings.  It retails for $16. It is a soap & sponge combo. I was going to save it as a stocking stuff but decided this box was for ME.  Used the buffer last night in the shower and it smells wonderful.

Makeup Bag, Necklace, and Water Bottle

review of fabfitfun box

The makeup bag is from Milly and is not a makeup bag but a “travel” bag.  It is water resistant and perfect place to put your wet bikini.  I laughed at that.  It would not even fit the top of my bathing suit. So we will go with makeup or travel bag. The Milly Travel bag retails for $45. Next, we have Luv AJ Full Bloom Lariat in rose gold retailing for $75. I am not a rose gold fan so gave this to my daughter. To tell you the truth, it did not look like a piece of jewelry that retails for $75.  It looks like something I could get a Charming Charlies but my daughter loves it. Finally, the BBR Little 500ml water bottle retailing for $35.  Don’t really need another water bottle plus this one is too small for my water needs.


Final conclusion! I got my money’s worth and I enjoyed the surprise.  Most of these products are in “other company’s boxes ” too.  Many of the companies featured have some sort of philanthropic foundation that a portion of the proceeds goes towards.  I researched online and the retail prices to correct but many of the products I could get cheaper on Amazon. Looking forward to my Fall Box.  You get these FabFitFun boxes 4 times a year. Great value, great surprise! Very happy!


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