Lemons are HOT !!!

Summer Sleepwear Women Over 50
Need something cute and comfy to keep you cool on the HOT summer nights? Check out my favorites.

If you like yellow you are in luck this season.  Lemons are HOT.  Not just for making lemonade but for a good night sleep. HUH??? I have trouble finding sleepwear that I like and is comfortable. For years I have been trolling Soma’s Cool Nights Collections.  Until now the colors have been pretty muted. BORING!!!  I need color!!! Even at bedtime, I need to have a color that makes me feel good. Soma hit a HOME RUN this year. I have added several new jammies to my very small but growing collections.  I can’t wait to share them with you.  First YELLOW!!!

Soma Cool Nights Sleepwear in Lemon

I am not a “yellow person” but this pj are the cutest and most comfortable.  I love Soma’s Cool Nights Collection.

Soma Sleepwear inLemon Citrus Ivory
Clean and Refreshing Lemon Print for Summer


Top Reason Why I Love Soma’s Cool Nights Collection

  1. Fabric- It is so soft.  The material is 93 % rayon and 7 % spandex (yes.. you hear that right SPANDEX). It allows the fabric to drape and flow. Not form-fitting at all. Soma brags that this material will keep you cool and dry.  For someone who is going thru menopause, this is a WIN!! The material also keeps its shape and drape after tons of washing.
  2. Mix and Match – You can pick and chose the pieces that you like.  I am not a big print person, so I can choose a print top and a solid bottom in a complementary color.  Many of the prints come in cami top, short sleeve top, pants, and shorts, even some gowns. Easy to find a style that suits you best.
  3. Pockets- For real!!! Yes, these pj’s have pockets in the pants and some shorts. My favorite is the cropped capris with pockets.
  4. Details- Soma pays attention to the details.  Not fussy details but for comfort.  It is all about comfort. Adjustable straps on cami tops, wide waist bands that do not bind.  Small details such as lace that are not itchy.  Thick, but not too thick, fabric in tops. Racerback so no strap slipping. Some have built-in shelf bra but it is not thick or padded.  More of a comfort to hold the girls in place.

Beauty Products In LEMON

Okay, we have a theme here so let’s keep going.  What can we find?  Here are some fun products to compliment your lemon jammies. I love lotions and potions.  Give me a good facial mask any day.  I am thinking of trying the lemon perfume.  Drink warm water tea made with honey and lemon juice, and you will be thoroughly clean (inside and out).

Lemon Scented Beauty Products

Hope you have enjoyed our lemon theme. I can not say enough for the comfort of the Soma Cool Night Collection. Soma has a rewards program, coupons, sales all the time so check out their website for other colors and prints.  I have a hard time shopping for sleepwear.  I want to look cute but be comfortable at the same time. Thank you, Soma, for creating such a good product, keep the bright colors coming!

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