Mother of Groom: What To Wear To Bridal Shower

Hello, Darlings! Today let’s talk about Mother Of Groom: What To Wear To Bridal Shower. With the bridal season fast approaching, what to wear for the bridal shower was my first problem.  I am petite and curvy so about 90% of dresses don’t fit me or are too boxy.   I lost almost 20 pounds since my hysterectomy and want something special for the out of town bridal shower in Little Rock, Arkansas. So, I turned to my favorite designer,… Read More

You Had Me At Diva: Review Of Diva Scented Glamorous Wash by Tyler

Review Diva scented Glamorous Wash by Tyler

Hello Darlings! This is a personal review of Diva scented Glamorous Wash by Tyler Candle Company. Have you ever had a person walk by you and said, “What is that scent, it smells wonderful!” Well, it happened to me, in all places, on the tennis court. The weather was hot and humid, we were “glistening at maximum intensity” (translated: sweating like pigs) and not even the best deodorant could keep up. Our opponent walked past us and we had to stop the… Read More

50 and Over: What To Wear To A Summer Afternoon Wedding

50 and over what to wear to afternoon summer wedding

 Hello Darlings! It is that time of year, Summer Wedding Season.  My kids are at the age where their friends are getting married left and right.  I have one getting married in late September. I have been to more weddings in the past year than I have my entire life.  It is not slowing down anytime soon.  So I have to UP my wedding attire game.  I have such a hard time finding dresses. Thanks to several manufacturers starting to… Read More