Why Should I Care- Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It is HOT as Hades…. really.   I can’t think of fall.  I can’t think at all. Why should I care about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Which opens to the public tomorrow July 21 and ends August 6th. We don’t even have one. Birmingham, Al was supposed to get a Nordstrom but that whole market collapse thing happened. We do have a Nordstrom Rack. All I have seen on the internet this week is bloggers and their great Nordstrom Anniversary… Read More

Over 50 Guide to Online Shopping- 10 Rules for Online Shopping

50 and over guide to online shopping

Hello, Darlings! With the holiday shopping season close at hand, now is a great time to go over my 10 Rules For Online Shopping. It can be an easy, and safe way to shop if you are prepared. I have created some helpful tips to save you hassle and money. Many 50 and Over women are still unsure of the whole “online shopping world”. Online shopping is one of the greatest things ever invented.  No seriously, it has thrown the… Read More

My Favorite Picks For The Best Sunscreen For Women Over 50

My Favorite Picks For The Best Sunscreen For Women Over 50

Hello, Darlings Today we are going to talk about the best sunscreen for women over 50. Years of sun worship is OVER. The damage is done and now we need to protect our skin and prevent any more. Also, changes in our bodies and medications can make us more susceptible to damage from the sun. Remembering Life Before Sunscreen  At this stage in the game of life, sunscreen is extremely important. As s child in the 70’s Coppertone was not… Read More