How To Wear The Color Navy- Expanding Your Neutrals

How To Wear The Color Navy

Hello, Darlings! Today’s topic is How To Wear The Color Navy. Navy is actually a color, a neutral, that is in everyone’s seasonal color palette. There are so many shades of Navy, knowing your shade can help you when shopping. How To Wear The Color Navy Introducing The Many Shades Of Navy Blue is the ultimate “cool” color, but different variations of the color Navy can be a great substitute for black. Black is such a harsh color on many.… Read More

Check Out Fashion Over 50- Introducing Kettlewell Colours

Fashion Over 50- Kettlewell Colours

Hello, Darlings! Today is Fashion Over 50 – Introducing Kettlewell Colours. I talked about this company earlier this year, Pear-Shaped Body: Transitioning Into Fall. Kettlewell Colours a UK clothing company that specialized in fashion in a variety of colors according to the 4 main seasonal color palettes. We want to look our best all year round. Not just when “our colors” are in season. My goal this year has been to re vamp my wardrobe to make sure that all… Read More

Tips And Tricks For Shopping Online & Holiday Gift Guide

Tips and Tricks To Shopping Online For Holidays

Hello, Darlings! Today I am going to share my Tips and Tricks For Shopping Online & Holiday Gift Guide. This year I am keeping everything simple, not buying as much, and trying to shop local. For many retailers, especially smaller business owners, this time of year makes up half their revenue. It is make or break for them. Also remember, that those business had to buy for the holidays during COVID restricitions, many via zoom like meetings with vendors. Most… Read More