CABI Spring/Summer Favorites

Cabi Clothing for 50 and Over

  I am always looking for new lines that work with my body type.  I am basically a Pear, but really I am a PETITE PEAR.  That means I am larger in the hip area and smaller up top. It makes it difficult to buy clothes.  Most junior sizing does not work.  This year I have given Cabi a try.  Cabi is a clothing line out of California that is sold in the hostess/party format.  This is good in that… Read More

Over 50 Guide to Online Shopping- 10 Rules for Online Shopping

50 and over guide to online shopping

Hello, Darlings! With the holiday shopping season close at hand, now is a great time to go over my 10 Rules For Online Shopping. It can be an easy, and safe way to shop if you are prepared. I have created some helpful tips to save you hassle and money. Many 50 and Over women are still unsure of the whole “online shopping world”. Online shopping is one of the greatest things ever invented.  No seriously, it has thrown the… Read More

Bobbi Brown Beach

bobbi brown beach

I LOVE the Beach.  Some of my best memories growing up are from the beach. I remember going to the beaches of Jacksonville, Fl. Back then Jacksonville Beach had a boardwalk with souvenir shops. I would play in the waves and search for sand dollar, starfish, and the perfect sea shell until I was exhausted. As an adult, the feeling and the memories linger on.  Now it is the beaches of 30A and Watercolor.  Still playing in the waves. No… Read More