Bridal Brunch

Hello,  Darlings! I am slowly but surely catching up with life and wanted to share with you the Bridal Brunch.  I really love the concept of a Bridal Brunch/Luncheon on the day of the Rehearsal.  It is a wonderful time for the girls to get together and laugh/share/take pics and just enjoy.  I truly enjoyed meeting the women of Little Rock at the Bridal Shower back in August so it was like a reunion when I got to see them… Read More

Fall Fashions

Cheetah Scarf from Old Navy

Hello, Darlings! Fall is FINALLY in the air.  The first part of October was as hot as July/August here in Alabama.  We had a nice cold front make its way through and the air feels like fall.  You can feel the change not only in the temperature but in the people.  People are happier, smiling, laughing. Pumpkin spice is flowing everywhere.  Fall and Halloween decor went up overnight, change is good. Now I can FINALLY wear all those cute fall fashions.… Read More

Mother Of The Groom: Rehearsal Dinner

mother of groom outfit for rehearsal dinner

Hello, Darlings! After looking fabulous at the wedding, the next responsibility of the groom’s family is to host the Rehearsal Dinner.  This can be especially difficult if you live out of town. Word of advice set a budget and research on the internet!  That is exactly what I did and my experience turned out easy and stress-free (for the most part).  I was lucky in the fact that the bride and bride’s mom scoped out a possible location for me. … Read More