Lemons are HOT !!!

cool and comfy sleepwear

If you like yellow you are in luck this season.  Lemons are HOT.  Not just for making lemonade but for a good night sleep. HUH??? I have trouble finding sleepwear that I like and is comfortable. For years I have been trolling Soma’s Cool Nights Collections.  Until now the colors have been pretty muted. BORING!!!  I need color!!! Even at bedtime, I need to have a color that makes me feel good. Soma hit a HOME RUN this year. I… Read More

Bobbi Brown Beach

bobbi brown beach

I LOVE the Beach.  Some of my best memories growing up are from the beach. I remember going to the beaches of Jacksonville, Fl. Back then Jacksonville Beach had a boardwalk with souvenir shops. I would play in the waves and search for sand dollar, starfish, and the perfect sea shell until I was exhausted. As an adult, the feeling and the memories linger on.  Now it is the beaches of 30A and Watercolor.  Still playing in the waves. No… Read More

Best Sunscreen for Over 50

favorite sunscreen for over 50

50 and over and not sure what sunscreen is the best. At this stage in the game of life, sunscreen is extremely important. As s child in the 70’s Coppertone was not sunscreen. No, it was dark tanning lotion that smelled incredible.  You knew you were in Florida when you saw the billboard with the Coppertone baby, dog pulling at bathing suit bottoms to reveal a white rear end.  I actually have a copy of that billboard in my beach… Read More