Black Friday Shopping Guide

Black Friday Deals & Shopping Guide

Hello, Darlings! I no longer go to the stores on Black Friday. Years ago I had a bad experience where women were fist fighting and people were shoving to get to sales that, to be honest, were not worth what happened. When I was growing up Black Friday was a fun experience for me, my mother and sister.  The mood was joyful, shopping fun, great deals.  No longer.  I stay home and embrace cyber shopping.  80% of my holiday shopping… Read More

Holiday Gift Guide For Teen Girls

Holiday Gift Guide For Teen Girls All From Target

Hello, Darlings! If you are a Target Red Card shopper you now have early access to Black Friday Deals. From experience, I have found that Black Friday is not always the best deals, but stock get low as the season wears on so make your list, do your research, and shop like a BOSS. Need a gift idea for teen girls.  Here is my “One Stop Shopping Holiday Guide For Teen Girls From Target”. Wow, that is a mouthful, but… Read More

Animal Print Faux Fur Coat Is A Classic

Leopard Print Coat From Fabulous Furs

Hello, Darlings! You know my love for all things animal print. Leopard and Cheetah are considered the new neutral prints.  They go with EVERYTHING.  The animal print is nothing new, it is actually a classic.  Last year for holidays I decided to treat myself to a “me gift”.  I bought this gorgeous animal print coat from Fabulous Furs.  Unfortunately, I did not get to wear it at all last year so when the cold weather rolled in this weekend I… Read More