Need MORE Drama? Get A Poncho

Need More Drama, Add A Poncho

Hello, Darlings! Last week I showed you my topper and ruana as drama pieces.  Drama pieces are those special clothes that make you feel just a little bit sassy.  Today I give you more drama with the poncho.  Ponchos are great for adding that something special.  Ponchos can be worn all year round and I have a full array of different season ponchos in my closet.  (secret about ponchos- feeling a little bloated… add a poncho, makes a “feeling fat day… Read More

OTBT Shoes!!!

OTBT Shoes

Hello, Darlings! I continue to showcase my new hobby which is buying shoes. For 2 years I only wore FitFlops due to plantar fasciitis. Now my feet are healed but I am still wary of shoes.  Last year my fabulous friends introduced me to OTBT shoes.  I love them…….  Many of the OTBT styles are wedge platform that keeps my feet level and allows for support while being cute and stylish.  I would say that is winning.  I have added 3 pairs… Read More

Shows To Watch On Amazon Prime Video

Shows To Watch On Amazon Prime Video

Hello, Darling!  It has been raining cats and dogs all week and I can’t seem to get into a routine so I just stopped trying, took a break and turned on the tv.  I decided to take a break from my Netflix and go over to Amazon Prime Video and check out the choices there.  Amazon Prime Video comes FREE with your Amazon Prime membership with roughly 18,000 movies and 2,000 tv shows.  Amazon Prime Video has also started to… Read More