Think Pink! Pink Winter Coat And Kate Spade Purse

Pink Winter Coat From Macy's INC And Kate Spade Purse

Hello, Darlings! It is time for me to get my “decorator” hat on. I am running around looking for fabric to help with new curtains, bedding, and redo of cushions at the beach house.  My new beach house came furnished (great furnishings) and some very expensive drapes so I don’t have much to do. I do like a pop of color so I am trying to add my personality by updating some of the bedrooms and adding color to the… Read More

Black Shawl With A Punch Of Red

Red Gloves Add Fun To All Black Outfit

Hello, Darlings! I am telling you, this winter is already getting me down. Being from the South, we are not used to cold weather.  So much so that I really don’t have anything to compare it to.  My only hope is that all this cold this week will kill the bugs.  Trying my hardest not to get down in the dumps.  I have trouble with “seasonal affect disorder” anyway.  Must have the sun! When the temps get above freezing, I… Read More

Wrapped Up In Leopard- Leopard Print Ruana

Leopard Print Ruana From Chicos

Hello, Darlings! I have finally emerged from hibernation. When I did, it was in a Leopard Print Ruana from Chicos.  It has been so cold here I haven’t wanted to get out of sweatpants and leave my cozy spot by the fire.  But, the new year is here and ready to make fabulous plans (no resolutions here).  One of the first things I am going to do in my “January Projects List” is to clean out my closet and make… Read More