Seaglass and Starfish, Leather and Pearls

Okay, I am boring.  I wear a monochromatic (one color-no design) tankini and skirt to beach.  Hey, it is SLIMMING!!!!  But I have learned to take my beach game to a whole new level by adding ACCESORIES !!!! In the previous post Beach Sun Hats, we learned that hats are the IT thing this year. Now, lets take our “beach dressing game” to a whole new level by adding JEWELRY. Don’t break out the diamonds, but there are lots of… Read More

10 Reasons Why Life After 50 is Fabulous

I find it quite funny how my attitude about age has changed.  When I was 15 I thought 30 was ancient.  When I was 30 I thought 50 was just plain old. Now that I am 50 I think the 15 & 30 year olds of past were just stupid.  They did not know ….Life after 50 is FABULOUS. Why do I love Life after 50? Let me count the ways. 10 Reasons Why Life After 50 is Fabulous You… Read More

Tomato & Turquoise

collage of turquoise top

What to wear on a Sunday morning in June?  I work as a greeter at my church.  I am outside during the first hour and inside during second.  In the summer it is HOT and HUMID.  I try to look cute and welcoming.  My church is more contemporary and laid back which makes it easier to find clothes that are comfortable.  My go to Sunday Look is bright colored capri jeans with a fun top and accessories. Tomato & Turquoise… Read More