My Reading List For The New Year

Hello, Darlings! During this downtime, I am trying to do more reading and less social media and tv. So today I am sharing My Reading List For The New Year. I love to read, but I didn’t always. As a matter of fact, I love it so much that I changed my living room into a library to store all my books. My Reading List For The New Year **This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links,… Read More

Rainy Week Ahead- Time For Closet Purge

Hello, Darlings! There is something therapeutic about decluttering, and today is Time For Closet Purge. I try to do this twice a year, once in January and again in late summer. As I am learning more about how to dress my body type and what looks good on me, purging is getting easier. Rainy Week Ahead- Time For Closet Purge Things I am Purging This Year How Many Black Pants Do I Really Wear? The first thing I am purging… Read More

Setting Spiritual Goals In 2020- Keep It Simple

Hello, Darlings! Today’s topic is about setting Spiritual Goals in 2020. Instead of just a list of goals for the new year, I have categorized mine to get a better feel on how I will work on them. As a Christian, Spiritual Goals are high on my priorities list, but many times take a back burner to “life’s clutter”. Setting Spiritual Goals in 2020 Last week in our Sunday morning bible study, our leader asked everyone if they set any… Read More