Time To Update Our Outerwear? Coats And Jackets For All Occasions


Hello, Darlings! Today’s topic is Time To Update Our Outerwear? Coats And Jackets For All Occasions. Here in Alabama, we went from sweltering humidity and a hurricane to brisk cold breeze in the blink of the eye. It will change back, just as fast. I don’t really like coats. They can be bulky and cumbersome. So I will make any excuse not to wear them. But when the weather gets COLD and I am going to be outside, I want… Read More

Does Your Wardrobe Match Your Lifestyle?

Does My Wardrobe Match My Lifestyle

Hello, Darlings! Does Your Wardrobe Match Your Lifestyle? This is a very important question to ask as you are evaluating your closet. Fall is a great time to do a “closet audit” to see where the holes are and make list for Christmas. Many of us have a wardrobe full of clothes for a life we do not live? Say what? Look in your closet, do the clothes hanging there reflect who you are now? Does Your Wardrobe Match Your… Read More

Start Christmas Shopping NOW!

Hello, Darlings! Today we are talking about Christmas- Start Christmas Shopping NOW! Many retailers bought for Christmas inventory during COVID lockdowns. With so much uncertainty, they chose to limit inventory. Not only that, but many factories that produce merchandise have been closed or limit capacity. I already see that in the stores. Start Christmas Shopping NOW! Big Push From Retailers To Shop Early You are about to see a big push from retailers to shop early. Just this week I… Read More