The Problem With Valentine’s Day

Hello, Darlings! The Problem With Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day to celebrate love. But, let’s get real, it’s another excuse to spend money. Americans are expected to spend $20.7 billion on Valentine’s Day this year. At the same time, they are still paying off the holidays and all those “first of the year” expenses. Okay, I am happily married for more than 30 years, and I do love a good holiday. But, I do have a problem with Valentine’s Day The… Read More

Dealing With Seasonal Depression-Permission To Hibernate

Hello, Darlings! Today we are going to talk about seasonal depression-permission to hibernate. It happens every year no matter how hard I plan for it or try to prevent it, Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD). After a wonderful holiday season and great expectations going into the new year, I am hit with it. This year doesn’t help due to the number of gray days. Damp, cold, depressing weather that makes you want to do nothing but hibernate. I truly understand why… Read More

What To Do For Sinus Problems- Guide To OTC Medicines And Home Remedies

Hello, Darlings! Today is all about What To Do For Sinus Problems. We are still a month away from pollen season, but my sinuses have been acting up. I am not the only one. Between the spring cleaning, decluttering, and rainy weather, It is a wonder my sinuses have lastest this long. What To Do For Sinus Problems I really try to stay on top of my sinus issues. Most of my issues are actually in the fall with seasonal… Read More