Transitioning Into Fall With Black And White

Hello, Darlings! Today’s topic is Transitioning Into Fall With Black And White. The last couple of weeks I have spent my time at the beach enjoying some of the benefits of fewer crowds and warm temperatures. I am back at home and the weather has been wet and humid. Usually this time of the year it is hot and dry. Either way, it is not fall-like weather with cooler days, but hoping to get a taste of it this weekend.

As we get into the fall months, I don’t feel like wearing my bold bright colors as much and want to create fall outfits but know that the “fall colors” do not look good on me. I am a Winter and the clear cooler colors are my best while fashion colors tend to be warm.

Transitioning Into Fall With Black And White

Too Hot For Fall Colors- Try Black And White Zebra Print

I love black and white outfits. The bold contrast gives me energy. For some people, this may be too much but you can use the same concept, just change out the colors. Zebra has been a print I have been experimenting with this year.

Black and White Zebra print halter top from Boston Proper is great date night look for early fall
Black and White Zebra print halter top from Boston Proper/Beyond Proper. Still available on clearance in several sizes. This top makes a great party/date night outfit look.

Think Black And White Stripes For Fall Transitional Look

As I am “playing with pattern” on my style discovery journey, I have gone back to a tried and true favorite of mine- black and white stripes. A very classic pattern that is popular, especially during those transitional times such as summer to fall or winter to spring. On my shopping list, this fall is to find a v-neck top in the black/white stripe. I like a white background as opposed to a black background for maximum contrast.

Black and White stripes are classic look. I shopped my closet for this cold shoulder top from Chicos
Shopping my closet, I found this black and white cold-shoulder top from Chicos (several years old) that I have kept after the great closet purge. I love the 3/4 sleeves and off the shoulder is a very flattering look for pear-shaped women. Is off the shoulder “out of style”? I wear what I like and what looks good on my body, regardless of the trends of the season.

Black And White Transition Style With Print Cardigan

We are deep into the A/C season where it is hot and humid outside but the temperature inside is set to freezing. Lightweight cardigans are perfect for this time of year (really all year round in my area).

Weather is hot and humid outside and  freezing cold inside. Black and White floral print light weight cardigan is a great option for early fall transitional piece.
Another shop my closet find is this black and white floral print lightweight cardigan from Chico’s Off The Rack (several years old).

White Jeans/Pants After Labor Day- Go For It!

Use to be a steadfast rule about white shoes and pants after Labor Day. Here in the South, some of our hottest days are in September and the first week in October. It is hard to pull out those dark denim jeans when it is 95 degrees outside, so keep your whites and wear them.

White pants after Labor Day- Go ahead and break the rules! This outfit features a black faux wrap top from Kettlewell Colours and a Black/White necklace from Chicos Off The Rack
Still too hot for fall clothes? I really like to transition with black and white. My black 3/4 sleeve faux wrap top is from Kettlewell Colours. I am using a white sports bra as a camisole. This helps bring the white color up to help with balance. A new addition to my accessory collection is the black and white necklace from Chico’s Off The Rack. This necklace is sold out but I do love Chico’s Off The Rack for inexpensive fashion jewelry.

A Workhorse In My Wardrobe- The Little Black Dress

For my climate, the Sleeveless Little Black Dress can take me from Spring till freezing weather sets in (late Dec-Jan). Pick one that is slimming and comfortable, and all you have to do is add a cardigan, jacket, or sweater to make it thru A/C season. Easy to dress up or down, the LBD is great for those days when humidity is high and the though of wearing pants just makes your skin crawl (chaffing my friends). For the best look, make sure you invest in comfortable shapewear.

One of the best pieces in my wardrobe is my LBD from Karen Kane. Perfect piece to wear by itself of those hot days or add a cardigan to help transition into fall.
I am huge fan of the LBD- Little Black Dress. This one is from Karen Kane-the Travel Half-Zip Dress and it comes in both Black and Navy ( I have both colors!!) Easy to pack and travel and the perfect dress to just throw on to run errands or go to appointments when you want to level up your look. For Petites, you will want to shorten the dress to get the best balance. (mine are at the alterations shop right now). Without alterations, it is just below the knee. I am having mine altered to just above so it makes me look taller and more balanced.

More Fall Fashions To Come

I am expecting some new colors from Kettlewell Colour to come in the mail today. In the next couple of weeks, we are going to dive into the concept of style.

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