My Favorite Lilly Pulitzer Top For Summer

Hello, Darlings! Today I am showing my favorite Lilly Pulitzer Top For Summer. I love the bright and bold prints of Lilly Pulitzer. The style just screams summer. I used to go crazy each year buying tons of “Lilly” and not wearing it as I should. Now with the knowledge, I have gained thru my fashion and color journey, I am a little more particular in what I buy.

Lilly Pulitzer does not carry Petites so I need to be extra selective in the pieces I choose. Also, many of the pieces tend to be more of a junior cut (especially the pants) which does not work with my body due to the rise. So I concentrate on tops for my “Lilly Obsession”.

My Favorite Lilly Pulitzer Top For Summer

My Problem With Prints

I seem to have a “print phobia”. Most prints do not look good on me but now I have discovered why. I need to have “high contrast” for a print to work on me. This usually means a print needs to have a black or white background and bold colors. Many of Lilly Pulitzer’s prints will fit the bill perfectly, especially if they have lots of white in the print. Lilly puts out many prints all year round so if I don’t find something that will work, I can always come back in a month or so and check again.

Also, with my knowledge from my color journey, I have realized that I look best (and will wear) the Winter Seasonal Palette colors or print that are cool and clear in color. The good news is that Lilly Pulitzer usually has several prints that will work for me.

Rule Of Thumb For Choosing A Print

The current selection of Lilly Pulitzer Prints. Lilly Pulitzer adds additional prints several times a year so it if you don’t find one that works for you, check back later in the season.

A good rule of thumb for choosing a print is that the print needs to have a majority of your best colors in it. It doesn’t have to be “all” your best but the majority. So for me, I look for a white, black, or even a navy background with a majority of the colors in my winter palette. Also for me, white backgrounds tend to be best.

Remembering My Body Type Rules

I could go crazy shopping at Lilly Pulitzer. Lilly Pulitzer is the equivalent of a candy shop for me, with lots of bright pretty colors. But I need to be smart when I shop and remember my body type rules. I am a Pear so I need to focus my attention UP and OUT bring the eye to my face and away from my hips and thighs. So that rules out pretty much all the print pants. This is okay because the rise is too short anyway.

I also need tops that will hit above my widest point. This is where the problem lies, most Lilly Pulitzer tops are longer for a taller person. So I would need to have them altered to fit properly.

Focusing On Necklines For Tops

This top from Lilly Pulitzer the colors are cool and clear, many in my Winter Seasonal Colors. The print also has a good bit of white in it.

Now I need to narrow down the search and focus on necklines. So tops that are V necks, off the shoulder, halter, and scoop are my favorites. The good news is that Lilly Pulitzer has a good selection of these necklines.

Looking At Style Details To Narrow Down The Choices

Here is where I am at now in my fashion journey, learning what style details work with my own personal style. I do not like a bunch of fuss, nor anything that is not comfortable and requires ironing. I don’t like ruffles, heavy embroidery, and details such as eyelet. These details are more of a “romantic/youthful style” that does not work for me. I am somewhat of a minimalist who loves bright/bold colors.

Now, My Favorite Lilly Pulitzer Top For Summer

My favorite Lilly Pulitzer top for summer is the Bowen Halter Top. I am a huge fan of the halter top and this one checks all the boxes. First, the material is Rayon/Spandex so it has stretch and drape. The styling of the top is a halter top with blouson style and banded bottom that will hit above my hips. It also has a unique chain detail at the neckline which makes it look “classic”.

How To Wear Lilly Pulitzer Top For Pears

The Lilly Pulitzer Bowen Top With White Nic & Zoe Wonderpants. Add white earrings, a gold bracelet, and comfortable Fitflops for a summer look that is perfect for Date Night.

I have talked about it before in my How Pears Can Wear White Pants blog, but there are a few “tips and tricks” you can do to help make you look balanced when you wear white pants. Lilly Pulitzer prints are so “summery” that it is hard not to wear them with white. First, make sure you have a great pair of white earrings that will draw attention up towards your face. Next, your Lilly print needs to have white in it, the more the better. But finally, your top must stop above your hips and have details that draw your eye up.

White Pants Are Hard, But Not Impossible

Nic & Zoe White Stretch Pants From Nordstrom

White pants are HARD for Pears but no impossible. I could also wear this top with my black pants or even a color pant such as pink. But this summer I am experimenting with white pants/jeans. These white pants are Nic & Zoe Wonderpants from Nordstrom, pull-on pants with higher rise, wide waistband, and Rayon/Spandex material. Not as see-thru as many others and they come in regular and petite.

Important Things To Note About Lilly Pulitzer

It is important to note that all styles of tops do not come in all prints (insert sad face). Some styles, such as the Bowen Top may only come in one or two prints per season (insert another sad face). So checking back on a regular basis is a good idea if you are a Lilly fan like me.

Also stock can be an issue, Lilly Pulitzer has corporate stores and independent store owners. Many times if you walk into a store you can find merchandise that was sold out online. Another place to try is Zappos. Lilly Pulitzer has “sales” thru out the year but they tend to be “gift with purchase” sales and not necessarily discount. They do have a huge discount sale once a year but it is no returns so you need to know what looks good on you and the size you need.

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  1. Regan,

    Great Lilly post. And you look awesome in that top.

    I’d love your feedback: I bought my first ever Lilly product from Poshmark. It was a skort and I ordered a size 8 which is what I wear in pants, shorts. Usually I’m in the middle of being a size 6 to 8.

    When it came the color was great, everything was fine. When I tried it on I could barely zip up the skort. All I could think was, WTH?

    Have you found that pants, shorts, and skorts fit you at a different size?

    I just read your “about” page. I have twin boys too: Matt and Josh, they’re 18. Plus I’m a dog-aholic too. You sound so fun. Any chance you live in Atlanta? 🙂



    1. Lilly’s sizing seems to have gone to a “junior” cut to appeal to the younger girls. This is especially true in pants and shorts (slimmer cut/short-waisted/lower rise). Because of this, I tend to buy tops/accessories and an occasional dress. I live in Birmingham, Alabama but lived in Atlanta during the ’80s. I still have family in Kennesaw and Sugar Hills.
      Hoping you have a wonderful weekend,

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