Nordstrom Anniversary Sale-Shop It Or Not

Hello, Darlings! Today’s post is Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- Shop It Or Not. I got to admit when I got the “catalog” for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I was very disappointed. Historically, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has been a preview of fall fashions just in time for back-to-school shopping, but now it seems to be a stock-up sale on basics.

So this year, more than ever, if you are going to shop the sale, do not get caught up in the frenzy. You are going to see lots of posts and IG stories about the sale ( it is a big moneymaker for the influencers) but it is not a great sale at all.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale-Shop It Or Not

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- Shop It Or Not

Rules For The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Years ago it use to be Nordstrom Credit Cardholders got into the sale early and others just a few days afterward. Now they have created this tiered approach with names according to how much you spend on your credit card. They also use social media “influencers” to hype the sale creating almost a frenzy.

Your Shopping Day Depends On Your “Status”

Status Levels For Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Is Everything On Sale?- Is It A Good Deal?

My rule of thumb for shopping, if you don’t need it….. don’t buy it! For the Nsale not everything is on sale (important to note) and some of the items will go on sale again around the holidays. Now, there are some good deals on some great brands. So, if you are a fan of a certain brand you may get a deal (only if you need it). Also, some items will be restocked before the sale ends, others will not. Nordstrom brand items are usually restocked.

If you are still looking for some summer items, many of those will be reduced, just not listed under the Anniversary Sale. Also to note, once the sale ends, the Nsale items will go back up to the regular price.

Historically, the sale has been a great way to shop ahead for Christmas or birthdays along with back to school. The problem this year is simply- there doesn’t seem to be anything NEW. Many of the items were on sale last year and the year before. I think this is a trend with many retailers this year. Whether it is a function of COVID shutdowns from last year and not being able to meet demand or department store buyers being cautious.

Everyone Can Preview The NSale And Make A Wish List

Now, I do like the opportunity to carefully and thoughtfully scan the sale online and make a “Wish List”. This is a button option giving to you on Nordstrom’s website to create a list so when your “status” date opens you can easily just go to your list, click, and be done.

Preview the Anniversary Sale Here

Nordstrom Is A Great Store

I do not have a Norstrom anywhere around me and wish I did. Department Stores are going away (many in bankruptcy)due to the fact that they no longer are “special” and easy online options. Nordstrom is one of the few stores that still values customer service and works hard to make shopping an experience. They have a great return policy, free shipping, and free returns. Their online website is easy to use with great pictures and many have videos discussing the items and how they would style them.

Check It Out And Make Your Own Decision

As I have been pairing down my closet and really concentrating on items that I “NEED”, I am very careful what I shop for and where I spend my money. During the “Lazy Days Of Summer”, it is an opportunity for you to do a closet check on some of your basics including – jeans, underwear, bras, activewear, coats, boots. These are some of the best items on the Nsale and a great time to restock.

To Shop Or Not To Shop- That Is The Question!

I am going to be shopping at the Nsale. There are a few items on my list and some birthday/Christmas gifts for others. Next week I will be sharing those with you, along with some of my personal favorites from the Nsale (that are back again this year).

For now….. check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and see if there is anything you want to put on your Wish List

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