My Amazon Favorites- Amazon Prime Day June 21-22

Hello, Darlings! Today I am going to share My Amazon Favorites-Amazon Prime Day June 21-22. Amazon Prime Day is a major event where Amazon will slash prices and offer deals for a 48 hour period. For 2021, Amazon has already started promoting and reducing items and other major retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Best Buy are matching prices (especially on electronics).

This is a good opportunity to pick up some needed gift items for birthday or early Christmas. This year they have been giving $10 gift cards to use during Prime Day to those who shop with a small business. I have one just waiting to be used on June 21-22nd.

Amazon Prime Day

Do You Have An Amazon Prime Membership?

If you don’t know, Amazon Prime is the membership program from Amazon. It started out free to get you to use do shopping online, but now there is a fee (I think it is $119 or $13 a month). With the membership, you get free Prime shipping on most items (not all) and other perks including Amazon Prime Video service, Prime Music, Prime Wardrobe (7 days free try-on /return before you buy).

You must be an Amazon Prime Member to participate in Prime Day. Good news is that if you are an online shopper, Amazon Prime pretty much pays for itself in shipping fees alone. That is how they got you “hooked” in the first place. Also major retailers and brands sell their products thru their Amazon Stores so you can get their merchandise and use your Prime Delivery. (Neat little trick).

Is Everything On Sale?

No, and not everything will be a great deal. As always when shopping these sales, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Also, price check, Amazon used to be the one to beat on prices but now you can easily check online other major retailers to see if they are going to meet or beat Amazon’s price. This time of year is the “dead time” for retailers so sales like this are meant to boost the bottom line. Think of this sale as Amazon’s version of Black Friday.

Best Deals Are Going To Be On Electronics

This year Amazon’s best deals are going to be on electronics and specifically their own Amazon products. One that I totally recommend is the Eero Home Mesh Wifi Networking System. I recently added this to my home and I will be using it at the beach to “cut the cord” on my cable. This wifi networking system allows you to get better wifi coverage over the entire house ( no more dead zones). This is especially important for streaming on your tv’s as everything is going to app’s instead of the cable boxes.

Eerro Mess Wifi Networking System
Eerro Mesh Wifi Networking System helps can cover up to 5000 sq. ft and works with other Amazon products such as the Amazon Echo (which is your music system) and Alexa ( Amazon’s voice activation system).
Ring Doorbell Security System
Amazon owns the Ring Doorbell Security System. Great for home security ( my daughter has one and loves it)

My Amazon Favorites

Opal Ice Machine
GE Profile Opal Ice Machine. Works like a Keurig. Just fill it up with water and it makes the BEST little pellet ice. I have one at the beach and at the lake.
Air Pod silicone straps
If you have Air Pods, you NEED this. Silicone Air Pod strap keeps your Air Pods safely strapped around your neck. This is especially good for those, like me who have little ears and the Air Pods are bad for falling out. I have it in black but it comes in several colors.
Summer Fedora
Lanzom Wide Brim Straw Fedora comes in several colors is a big favorite among my blogger friends. Great for travel and is adjustable
Zmodo Outdoor Cameras
Great cameras to monitor your home when you are away. The Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Cameras. I have these on all my houses and can easily check the cameras to see if all is well while I am away. Piece of mind!!! They also have an indoor version that you can use a nanny cam or pet cam. Works with Alexa
Rikki Skinny Mirror
I love this mirror!!! It is thin and can easily be packed for travel. One of the things I noticed this year is that I am having a hard time seeing the mirror to put on my makeup. This is the Rikki Skinny Vanity Mirror. I wish I had waited because it is on sale for Prime Day for 20% off.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips When Stars Collide
One of my favorite authors, Susan Elizabeth Phillips has a new book coming out next week. When Stars Collide is another addition to her Chicago Stars series- all are great, fun reads.

Remember A Few Rules When Shopping Online

These sales tend to get people into a frenzy. Yes, there are some good deals but the rule of thumb for online shopping stand firm- If you don’t need it, don’t buy! Also, check Target & Walmart for their sales too. They are price matching or even going for less and you don’t need a membership to buy from them.

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