Summer Outfit To Run Errands

Hello, Darlings! Today I am going to show you my Summer Outfit To Run Errands. Since everyone is emerging from COVID isolating this summer, it is time to make an extra effort on dressing when you go out and about. Now since the mask mandates are dropping, we see smiles again. Did you know that makeup sales are up? People are ready to get out, dress up, and meet and greet again.

Running errands may seem like a small task, not worthy of making an effort to dress nicely. But, I am going to share a secret- if you take your casual dress up a notch, you will get better service. It doesn’t take much, fixing your hair, putting on makeup, selecting a well planned outfit complete with accessories.

Summer Outfit To Run Errands

Summer Outfit To Run Errands-Start With A Colorful T-Shirt

We are starting to see a trend this season and that is color. People are realizing the impact that color can make. A brightly colored top can give you a “happy” feeling. Seeing others in color can make you smile. You can find inspiration in color. It will also get you noticed, which is good if you need help while out shopping or running errands.

Purple Cotton V Neck Tee And Athleta Skort make a comfortable and casual look for running errands

It doesn’t have to be some fancy blouse, think color with a simple t-shirt. This is the Cotton V Neck Top From Kettlewell Colours. The color is called Ganzi Purple and it is a WOW color in my Winter Seasonal Color Palette. A color I had not even thought to wear until I got my colors analyzed this year.

When selecting a colorful t-shirt, look for V Neck or Scoop Neck tops with sleeves that are slightly capped. This style is flattering on all body types. The typical crew neck t-shirt whose sleeve hits right about the breast line is very unflattering. If you have one of these t-shirts, consider rolling up the sleeve and adding a necklace to break the crew neckline and create a more flattering scoop or v.

Great Summer Bra To Wear With Summer T-Shirts

I will be honest, one reason I don’t wear lots of t-shirts is that I don’t like all the “bra lines”. One of my fellow “Over 50” influencers introduced me to this great bra, super comfortable, that is great to wear with t-shirts.

Bali Women's Comfort Easy Lite Wireless Bra is perfect to wear under tshirts

The Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Easy Lite Wireless Bra is a huge WIN for me. Very comfortable and light, it is padded with wide shoulder straps (great for Pears with small shoulders). With regular bras, I spend lots of time adjusting my falling shoulder straps with a t-shirt, but the Bali bra straps stay in place all day long. The fabric creates a smooth look in both front and back. It is so lightweight that it feels like you are wearing nothing at all. Plus, for under $20 ($16.99 on Amazon) it is a bargain for comfort.

Summer Outfit For Running Errands- Try a Flirty Skort

For summer outfit for running errands, consider a flirty skort like  the All Day Skort from Athleta

Pants are too hot, my shorts keep riding up, so how about a skort. It is amazing how much technology has slipped into the fashion industry. We are seeing these super light weight fabrics which are perfect for the hot and humid summers in the South. The problem is that once you try them, you will not want to go back to traditional fabrics.

All Day Skort from Athleta is make of super light weight material and a little longer in length
The All-Day Skort from Athleta has a flirty style and is super lightweight making it great for everyday use. Currently, Out Of Stock, keep an eye for this one to restock and grab for your summer wardrobe. It is on Online Only Exclusive and they keep them all year round.

Athleta and Lulemon are leaders in the Athleisure movement. Creating a whole generation of young women who wear nothing but yoga pants (because they are so darn comfortable). You are seeing this technology in fabrics branching out into dresses, jackets, skirts, pants, shorts, and the skort for everyday wear.

Summer Outfit For Running-Comfortable Shoe & Summer Handbag

Think of your summer outfit as a whole. Choose jewelry, handbag, shoes, and sunglasses to make a complete look

Leveling Up a casual look is all about accessories and shoes. Tennis shoes will take the look down, but a great pair of sandals can bring an outfit up a notch. The Comfort/Orthotic shoes and sandals have come a long way to being stylish as well as keeping your feet happy. I like the FitFlop Sandals for summertime, with lots of colors and styles to choose from along with some glitter and bling. They have sandals with toe post and style without, plus you can get them on Amazon.

Great Addition To Summer Wardrobe- A Woven Bag

I heard a really good lesson on choosing handbags. When looking for an “investment piece” which is code word for expensive, match the color of the handbag to your hair. That way it will go with everything you wear. For example, blondes, light browns will want to choose a handbag that is more of a brown color. While darker color hairs such as dark brown and black might want to select a black bag.

My summer bag this season is the Sak Sequoia Hobo Crochet Handbag.
The Sak Sequoia Hobo Crochet Handbag

Using this strategy and knowing wovens such as rattan, raffia, straw, crochet are in style for summer bags, I chose the Sak Sequoia Crochet Hobo for my summer handbag. I love the size and the shape of the bag, it has interior pockets for keys and cell phones so I don’t have to dig for them. This bag also comes in a lighter Bamboo color from Amazon.

Protect Your Eyes With Stylish Polarized Sunglasses

If you have round face, look for summer sunglasses that are slightly squared off. These are the Jackie Oh from Ray Ban

Another style tip I learned is that if you have a more “rounded” face shape, look for sunglasses that are slightly squared to help create balance. Ray-Ban has a super stylish icon style called the Jackie Ohh that comes in several different shades and is polarized for better vision.

Jewelry Can Level UP or Down a Summer Outfit

When you think of summer, you think light comfortable, and casual. It really isn’t the time for big statement necklaces. Think smaller and layered. The trend that is really hot right now is faith-based statement necklaces, bar necklaces, disc necklaces all layered with chokers. If you are a cooler tone, look for silver. While warmer tones can explore the golds and rose gold.

For earrings, I like the simple silver hoops that I wear all the time. But a huge trend in summer earrings is rattan, beaded, stone, and acrylics. So many options to chose from. Jewelry is the finishing touches to an outfit.

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  1. I discovered skorts last year and love their versatility. I feel casual and dressed at the same time. You look lovely in the Ganzi purple and I’m sure it is striking with white pants, too. Hope the humidity there is better. We had a week of stifling humidity and it slows me down.

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