How To Wear White Jeans For Pears

Hello, Darlings! Today I am going to talk about How To Wear White Jeans For Pears. Summer is here and we want to pull out all the light, bright tops. I get rather bored pairing them with black all the time so I thought I would experiment with white. White jeans are HARD for Pears to wear because all the attention is drawn down towards the bottom half. This is because white is the top of the color attractiveness scale.

It is Spring/Summer and everyone is wearing them, can’t I wear them too? The answer is yes, you can wear whatever you want, but it might not be the best look. Let’s experiment with some tips and tricks.

How To Wear White Jeans For Pears

Which Pair Of White Jeans To Buy?

Here is where it gets tricky. You need to find a pair of white jeans that are thick enough to cover any cellulite, lumps, bumps because white will only accentuate them. Plus, white jeans/pants are notoriously see-thru. Next, you have the shape of the jeans to consider. Look for higher-waisted jeans, even boot cut, or flared because this is a more flattering shape for Pears.

I decided to go the “cropped” road and found some that hit all the marks and were cheap, that way if my experiment did not work, I did not have a lot of money invested. I chose 2 pairs to work with this summer.

Gloria Vanderbilt Cropped Kick Jeans From Belk

I got these on sale at Belk for under $20. I liked the kick, cropped look of them. They were not quite high waisted but sit on the waist with a cotton/elastane fabric that curved enough to my bottom to keep me from having “muffin top”. The fabric was thick enough to hide my lumps and bumps so it works.

Gloria Vanderbilt Cropped White Jeans For Summer

Crown & Ivy Women’s Raw Hemmed Cropped Bootcut Jeans

Raw Hem, fringe, and deconstruction are all the rage in jeans this summer. Don’t really know how I feel about that because it seems rather lazy on the manufacturer’s part for me, but it gives a more laid-back, casual feel to denim (which is already a casual fabric). Not as high-waisted as I would have liked, these sit similar to the others and were less than $30 on sale.

Crown & Ivy Raw Hemmed Cropped White Jeans For Summer

Chose A Top That Will Grab Attention

For styling white jeans it is really all about the top, choosing a top that will bring attention up towards the face. It is going to be nearly impossible to balance an outfit for Pears with white jeans. But we can implore our “tips and tricks” to try the best we can. The first tip is to choose a top with a low cut, v-neck, or cowl neck to bring attention up. The Betty Cowl Neck from Kettlewell Colours does the trick, creating a low cut V. And, the fact that it is sleeveless brings attention towards the shoulder area.

Betty Cowl Neck Top From Kettlewell Colours Brings Attention Up towards the face

Color is another area where we can implore some tricks. Chose a lighter color, pastel, or even white will help bring attention up. This tops, the Betty Cowl Neck is in a color called Bubbblegum Pink which has a fair amount of white in in.

Next, Bring On The Accessories

The best way to balance white jeans for a Pear is to have white accessories such as a white necklace or earrings. But you can also use silver to create the same illusion. Metallics are great for bringing attention up towards the face. For this outfit, I used my new silver Ross Simon Personalized Silver Italian Paper Link Toggle Necklace. This was my Mother’s Day gift from my husband, a great lightweight summer necklace you can dress up or down.

Ross Simon Personalized Silver Italian Paper Link Toggle Necklace great for everyday wear

The Betty Cowl Neck Top didn’t really need a necklace to go with it, but any additional attention Up is helpful in trying to balance white jeans. I also added my everyday hoop earrings from Chicos and a silver beaded multi-strand bracelet.

How To Wear White Jeans for Pears- Use neckline and accessories to bring attention Up towards your face

Add Fun Shoes In Metallic

As we think of the outfit in totality, we need to not forget our feet. There are a couple of “schools of thought” here. One you “could” wear white shoes to make the legs look elongated, or you could go metallic. I chose to go for platform metallic shoes. These are the OTBT Bushnell platform sandals in Pewter.

How To Wear White Jeans For Pears- Look for bootcut or flared jeans

For this outfit, I wore the Gloria Vanderbilt Cropped Jeans and you can see that as a Petite, they are not all that cropped. I did not like that the belt loops and jeans button showed thru the top, would have liked a pair of jeans that were “pull-on”. I have tried some pull-on white pants but they were too see-thru. Even with the thickness of these jeans, you could still see panty lines so I had to go with my Hankie Panky Breathe High Waisted Thong in Taupe.

Final Thoughts

I will continue to “play” with the white jeans this summer. Loving the bright white contrasting with my bright, bold Winter Seasonal Colors but as the weather gets hot, jeans are not comfortable. I definitely have some holes in my summer wardrobe. Might consider a white skirt or even white pants in linen, it is a journey of trial and error.

Overall thoughts on the outfit are that with my tips and tricks I balanced this look as good as possible. I really like the shape of the white jeans, would like a longer inseam and a higher rise with no loops or buttons. The Betty Cowl Neck Top does the trick on bring attention Up. I could also try a “column of color” with all white and add POP of color with light weight sweater or accessory. Lots to think about.

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