Vacation Fashions- Enjoying Sunsets in Style

Hello, Darlings! Today I am sharing Vacation Fashions- Enjoying Sunsets In Style. I am back from the beach after a FABULOUS 3 weeks stay. The weather could not have been any better and I did not want to come home. I am going back in late June but for now, I am looking back on my pictures with fond memories.

As COVID restriction ease and more people begin traveling again, it is time to assess our travel wardrobe. Summer casual is an area that I needed some work on so my vacation at the beach was a great time to test out some of my looks. We are going to start with “beach casual”.

Vacation Fashions - Enjoying Sunsets in Style

Vacation Fashions- Beach Sunset Style

My vacation house is in Watercolor, Florida and we get these amazing sunsets all year long. At the resort, evening time is a time of relaxation as families enjoy dinner out, adults partake in a glass of wine or an evening cocktail. But all tend to gravitate towards the beach to watch the sunset. This is also the time of year that families will get that all too important “family beach pic”. Many hire professional photographers while others wing it with their iPhones.

Family Vacation Pictures On The Beach.

Many families plan their beach pic fashions to coordinate or go with khaki/white. This time of day has the best light, called “sweet light” and is perfect for pic. Of course now days you can re-create that light using a filter while editing.

Vacation Fashions With White And Blue. Beach style is relaxed and comfortable
We are coordinating our beach style with white and blues. Simple, relaxed, beach style

My Vacation Fashion Starts With Halter Top

I really love the halter top. You will be seeing me in it a lot and up til this year, I only had it in black/navy. But Kettlewell Colours came out with their Ruched Halter Top this season and I bought it in all my Winter Seasonal Colors- Blue Jewel, True Red, Sapphire plus Lime. For my beach-style outfit, I decided to wear my Sapphire Blue Halter Top.

A staple in for vacation fashion is a halter top. Colorful and comfortable top is perfect for beach style
Ruched Halter Top In Sapphire and white shorts are bases for this outfit

I love the sapphire color and decided to pair it with white for a great clean contrast. In my previous post, How To Wear White Shorts For A Pear Body Shape, I talk about some helpful hints on how to balance your body with color. One of those tips includes choosing a top that brings attention UP and OUT towards your face. The halter-style does that perfectly. Attention is drawn towards my upwards towards my shoulders, and I really like my shoulders. (except for the whole bra straps falling off constantly thing).

Vacation Fashions- The Bra Problem

Speaking of bras, many people have asked me what do you wear with a halter-style top. I have been “playing around” with different solutions. You can wear a strapless bra with it, my favorite is the Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra and it is the best for staying in place. But, like any bra, it is not comfortable for long periods of time. I use it for an event when I must have the support.

Finding the right bra is tricky for many vacation fashion tops.  Strapless bras are not always the most comfortable
Here I have the same halter top but I am wearing the strapless underwire bra. I don’t like the look as I can see the shape of the bra beneath the fabrics. Plus it is not all that comfortable for vacation style.

Another option to the bra dilemma is my favorite, Silicone Nipple Covers. The halter top from Kettlewell has a built-in shelf bra but does not have any padding. I could re-use the padding inserts from my swimsuits, but those too would show thru the fabric. The Silicone Nipple Covers just cover the nipples and I let the built-in shelf bra give me a little bit of support. In the end, it is super comfortable which is perfect for beach life.

Vacation Fashion- Enjoying Sunsets in Beach Style. Try Silicone Nipple Covers instead of strapless bra for a more relaxed and comfortable beach style
Here is the same top but with the Silicone Nipple Covers versus a strapless bra. Very comfortable, not as much support but still gives me the look I am after. I could wear them all day long and use them all the time for my tennis attire instead of a sports bra.

Vacation Fashions-Adding White Up Top To Create Balance

Because it is so hard for Pears to wear white shorts/pants, we need to balance our look with an extra bit of white up top. I do that with the addition of white beaded hoop earrings and my simple silver necklaces. Silver acts like white bringing attention up. If you were a warmer tone, you could achieve this with gold/yellow.

Vacation Fashion staple includes white summer cardigan and white earrings help balance white shorts.
White hoop earrings and white summer weight cardigan help balance white shorts, creating an outfit that look proportional.

I further balance the look by adding a simple white cardigan. This is the Short Cascade Wrap in White from Kettlewell Colours, a staple in my wardrobe for summer. Not only does it give me a wee bit of warmth for those cooler evenings when the breeze is kicking up, but it also helps bring attention UP and OUT away from hips/thighs. White earrings and a white cardigan/jacket are Pears best friends for balance

Vacations Fashions-Think About The Outfit In Totality

When planning your Vacation Style, think about each outfit in totality, or the total look head to toe. Using your accessories and color to create balanced looks will make you feel more leveled up and put together. Oh, don’t forget your shoes, even sandals. Nude/tan/or even metallics will help to create the illusion of longer legs and height. Even at the beach, I wear my nude/bronze Iqushion FlipFlop from FitFlop for comfort but also as a part of a well-planned outfit.

Vacation Fashions- Enjoying Sunsets In Beach Style
Full outfit look includes sandals that make my legs and feet look longer. I chose the Iqushion Flip Flops from FitFlops for wearing to the beach.

No More Excuse

For years I would make excuses not to do activities or be in the pictures, mostly because I did not like what I was wearing and it did not make me look good. Now put the whole formula together- clothes that fit my body, pieces in colors that are best for my skin tone, outfits that match my personal style and are comfortable to wear. My fashion journey has taken several years, with each step I learned more about myself and feeling more bold and confident.

Instead of being the photographer, I am now the model. Plus, you don’t want to miss these sunsets, memories of a lifetime.

Watercolor Beach Club at sunset has an amazing view.
Mother Nature does not disappoint, a gorgeous evening with a light breeze and a spectacular show of light. The perfect way to end a day on vacation.

Finding Your Vacation Style

Summer Vacation Style is an area I will continue to work on this season. As we learned early on Shorts are HARD and one of the first steps in creating your wardrobe. Check out my posts on Capsule Wardrobe For Summer- Bottoms and Buying Shorts For Spring/Summer for some guidelines and helpful hints. I mostly gear my post towards Petite Pears but if you are taller and a Pear Body Shape, these hints and buying guides can help you too.

After being gone for 3 weeks, my list of things to do is very long. I am already packing for the weekend as I will be heading to Nashville to see my son graduate from law school. You can follow me on Instagram to keep up with my travels. I try to post regularly on stories- Nifty50Fabulous.

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