How To Wear White Short If You Are A Pear

Hello, Darlings! Today I am going to show you How To Wear White Shorts If You Are A Pear. Shorts are HARD and white shorts are even harder, especially if you are a Pear Body Type. This is because on the color attractiveness scale white is the most attractive. This means your eye is drawn immediately to whatever is white, before anything else. For A Pear Body Type, we want attention drawn UP and OUT away from hips and thighs. So white on our bottoms is a huge arrow that says “Look Here!”.

How To Wear White Shorts If You Are A Pear

How To Wear White Shorts For A Pear Body Type

Can A Pear Really Wear White Shorts?

The answer is YES! But it takes a little bit of forethought and some outfit planning. The whole idea is to look balanced and proportional. We can trick the eye with carefully selected tops, accessories, and shoes. But first, we need to find the perfect pair of white shorts, this in itself is not an easy task.

Picking The Perfect Pair Of White Shorts

I have already told you the major problem with wearing white on your bottom, attention drawn to your hips, thighs, bottom before anything else. But it is summer and we WANT to wear white shorts. So let’s get honest here, if we are a Pear, chances are very high we have added weight, fat, cellulite in our bottom area. So we need to select shorts that will hide that because the color is not going to do it. Let’s look at fabric material. To help hide, as best as we can, we need a thicker fabric for our white shorts. The answer is DENIM.

Picking The Perfect Pair Of White Shorts For Pears
High Waisted Curvy Boyfriend Shorts From New York & Company with 5 Inch Inseam

Material Matters In Choosing White Shorts.

When choosing a white short for your Pear Body Type, look for stretch denim. The good news is that major strides have been made in denim and which makes them more comfortable. You can choose other fabrics, just make sure they are thick enough to hide the lumps and bumps. Fair warning, many white shorts are see-thru. This is a trial and error process to find the best ones.

Inseam Matters In Choosing White Shorts

Shorts are hard and if you get them too long you will look way out of proportion. Especially for Petite Pears, look for inseam lengths that are between 5-7 inches. We want to create the look of long legs to balance out our size.

Shop For White Shorts

Picking The Best Top To Go With White Shorts

You have to think about your outfit in totality, not just in pieces. To create an outfit with white shorts that does not make you look bigger, you need balance. To create balance, we need to draw the eye back UP towards the face. Which means we need more white. You can choose a top with a print that has white on it. It is important that the top is not too baggy. Even better if it has a defined waistband that will emphasize your waist.

Try Layering To Create Balanced Look

Layering is a great trick to help create a balanced look with white shorts. I created a balanced look using a wrap top and adding a camisole (or in this case a white sports bra as a camisole). The white in the camisole draws the eyes back up towards the face.

Creating A Balanced Outfit With White Shorts For A Pear
Creating a balanced outfit by drawing the eye UP. My 3/4 Faux-Wrap Top from Kettlewell Colors in Chinese Blue and my White Sports Bra From Target create a layered look.

You can also create a balanced look by wearing a white sweater or printed sweater with white in it. The more interest and color up (lighter/brighter the better) the more balanced the outfit will be.

Achieving Balance With Accessories

Accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and scarves are your essential weapons to achieve a balanced look with white shorts. Most times a top with a white print or even a camisole is just not quite enough. You have to pull out the big guns. Silver jewelry will attract the eye the same as the color white. So wearing silver statement necklaces or bold earrings will draw attention Up towards your face and away from your hips/thigh/bottom.

Start A Collection Of White Jewelry

It can be hard to find, but be on the lookout for white jewelry pieces. Specifically, you want to look for white earrings and statement necklaces. Summer is a great time to start shopping for those pieces. A silver necklace with a white medallion, beaded necklace, or even stone. For earrings, I have found beaded hoops, white enamel drop earrings/hoops, and tassels. You just need to be on the lookout because the window to find these pieces is quite small.

To balance white shorts, add accessories such as white hoop earrings or white camisole.
White beaded and hooped earrings (similar earrings from Banana Republic) help bring attention up towards the face.
Think of the white shorts outfit in totality.  Head to toe to create a balanced look
Don’t forget to think about your shoes. Nude or metallic sandals will create an illusion of a longer leg. Also, if you don’t tan, try sunless tanning lotions (I use Jergen’s Natural Glow). Darker legs look slimmer and help hide those lumps and bumps.

White shorts are HARD, but if you think of the outfit in totality- head to toe, you can create a balanced look you will feel comfortable and confident in.

At the beach for the next 2 weeks. The weather has been a perfect 10 out of 10. Eating lots of seafood and soaking up the sun.

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