Buying Shorts For Spring/Summer- Petite Pear Over 50

Hello, Darlings! Today we are going to talk about Buying Shorts For Spring/Summer- Petite Pear Over 50. Shorts are HARD. I live in Alabama where the summer is hot and humid, and shorts are a necessity. But in general, shorts are not flattering and it is hard to find shorts that fit correctly and are comfortable. So today we are going to dive into the great quest to find the best shorts to fit my petite pear body.

Buying Shorts For Spring/Summer

Formula For Buying Shorts For Spring/Summer

Buying Shorts For Spring/Summer-Write a Short Buying Statement to help you while shopping online

Okay, first it is important to note that shorts in general are not flattering. Why is this? It is because they create a horizontal line, basically cutting you off mid-thigh and drawing attention to that area. A Pear Body Shape wants to draw attention UP and Out away from hips and thighs (which is usually our largest area). Not only that, shorts can make Petite women look even shorter, especially the longer shorts. So there is a lot of work to do to try to find shorts that fit correctly, are comfortable, make you look as proportional as possible. Not impossible, just hard.

Buying Shorts For Spring/Summer-Start With The Inseam

Most people who start off buying shorts are absolutely clueless. Now, I am a little ahead on that game in that I took Kelly Snyder’s Adore Your Wardrobe course and have a general direction when shopping for shorts. With COVID restriction still in place in many areas, stores are reluctant to carry lots of stock in their brick and mortar stores so online shopping is still your best bet for finding shorts. You can try on shorts and evaluate them in the privacy of your own home, taking your time, keep what you love, and return what you don’t like.

Buying Shorts For Spring/Summer Start by measuring the inseam of your favorite short to give you a starting point when shopping for shorts

Do you have a favorite pair of shorts right now? If so, you want to measure the INSEAM, this is the area from the crotch to the bottom of the short. When shopping online, most all stores will give you a description section that will list the inseam measurement. The most universally flattering shorts (as best as they can be) are going to be about “one hand’s width above the knee” or mid-thigh. Petite women will find that the most flattering will be slightly above that.

Comfort Is Key When Buying Shorts For Spring/Summer

Buying Shorts For Spring/Summer- Look for short that are not too long.  5 to 7 inch inseam is most flattering. Petites can go shorter
Many of Chico’s shorts are too long for me. But these are from Chico’s Off The Rack, The Perfect Stretch Josie Slim Short 7 inch. The fabric is rayon/poly/spandex blend which makes it ultra stretchy, perfect for molding to my bottom and preventing “gaps” in the back. Plus they are pull-on with a wide waistband and no front zipper. They also come in a Josie 10 inch. Many colors are available in both.

Most stores will carry shorts with inseams in 3″, 5″, 7″, 9″, 12″ lengths. The universally flattering length will be around 5″ to 7″ for most people. But remember, you have to be comfortable in them. We are women over 50 and have stretch marks, cellulite, and loose skin, may not feel comfortable enough wearing a shorter pair of shorts, and that is OKAY. Don’t buy anything you don’t feel comfortable in, you will not wear it and it is wasting money.

Next, Let’s Look At The Rise

Buying Shorts For Summer- Look for rise.  High rise shorts will cover your tummy area.
These are the HIgh-Rise Matte Jersey Shorts from WHBM. They are high-rise with a removable belt and 4 1/2 inch inseam. These shorts can be dressed up or down.

The next piece of the formula is the RISE. This is where it sits on your waist. Just like jeans you have low rise, mid rise, and high rise shorts. This is important if you are curvy and don’t want those little gaps in the back. Also, it can matter on how you are going to wear your shirt, tucked in or out. Finally, rise can be a comfort factor. Higher rise can hold in the stomach, while a lower rise can create that “muffin top” effect. It is all about your own personal body.

Think About Material, And Stretch

Good news here! Most manufacturers have discovered elastane (also known as Spandex) and are adding to their fabrics. Most all the shorts I am finding have some percentage (about 2%) elastane to give cotton/denim/polyester a bit more stretch. This is exciting if you are curvy on the bottom. Especially in the denim shorts, you are seeing a lighter weight fabric with more elastane. Not only are these more comfortable, but mold better to the body.

Picking Your Style Of Shorts- Where Am I Going To Wear Them

Land's End 5 Pocket Active Shorts are great choice for exercise, running errands, and sports

When looking for shorts, think about how and where you are going to wear them. Are they just for Athleisure wear and exercise or do you need them for casual outfits? Maybe you want a dressier pair to wear with wedge sandals for a Date Night Look? With that in mind, you might have realized you will be looking for multiple short styles. Here are some things to think about. Look for shorts with the least amount of details, such as pockets and stitching. Pull-up shorts with little to no detail are great options as well as elastic band ones. The “paper bag style” shorts are hot right now, but that is like drawing a huge arrow straight to your stomach/waist when you want attention towards your face.

Color Is Important To Pears

It is hard for pear shaped body to wear white shorts, but not impossible.
It is hard for Pears to wear white jeans. But maybe a pair of white shorts? These are the NY & CO High Waisted Curvy Boyfriend 5 Inch Shorts. They are made to “contour” your bottom and reduce the gapping many curvy women have with jeans. These are made of a lightweight jean material with cotton/poly/modal/spandex mix.

Remember the rule for pears, attention UP and Out and away from hips and thighs. The color is our friend when picking out pants/jeans because darker wash and black were the go-tos for pears. Now we are in short weather and the same rules apply. Picking a darker color pair of shorts will minimize the attention. This can be black, navy, brown, or any other color. But, what about white? White shorts are hard to balance because white draws your eye immediately to that area. If you do decide to buy white shorts, just make sure you have a top that has white in it too, to help draw the eye up.

Creating An Entire Outfit With Shorts

Okay, you have found shorts that are comfortable, as flattering as they can be and now it is time to create an outfit look. Here is where we are going to try (as best as we can) to create a balanced and proportional look. It is called the Rule Of Thirds, 2/3 to 1/3. Thinking of your outfit as a whole, try to make the top 2/3 or the look and the bottom 1/3, or vise versa. This is a hard concept to work with and takes some time to master ( I am still trying). Basically, you don’t want your top to be too long or too short.

Creating a dressy casual outfit from shorts.  Wedge style sandals levels up an outfit
Here I have created a “column of color” with black top and black shorts add extra POP of color in purple and matching accessories. A wedge shoe “levels UP” and outfit.

We already talked about having our tops in a lighter color than our shorts, looking for flattering necklines such as v neck, halter, off shoulder, scoop, even boat neckline. Adding additional attention up with jewelry such as necklaces/earrings also helps balance an outfit. Look for layered necklaces for a more casual style for summer. You can even add a lighter color straw hat to add attention UP. Avoid huge handbags and cross body purses as they will not be flattering to your outfit.

Choosing Shoes Can Make You Look Taller

Chose nude/tan shoes to help you look taller when wearing shorts. These are the Lulu from Fit Flop
To help you look taller and more balanced in shorts, look for sandals in a nude, taupe, or brown color to match your skin. These are my favorites for color and comfort, the Fit Flop Lulu in Light Tan

Again as Pear Body Type, we want to look taller and slimmer. If you chose shoes/sandals that are neutral or metallic it will “help” you look taller by making your legs look longer. Darker color shoes draw “less” attention down than lighter ones. As always, I like to play the game “Where Does My Eye Go?”. It should go first to my face not my shoes.

My Favorite Choices For Summer Shorts For Petite Pears

My everyday look includes the Lands End 5 Pocket Active Shorts and a bright color top
My everyday hanging around house look includes the Lands End 5 Active Shorts and Kettlewell Colours Cara V tops ( I have them in many colors). Throw on my Fit Flop Lulu in Light Tan
Basic white and black is easy to dress up using accessories and changing shoes styles
Simple basics in black and white. White sleeveless V neck top from Kettlewell Colours paired with black Chico’s Off The Rack Perfect Stretch Josie 7 Inch Shorts. I can easily dress this outfit up or down with accessories
Yes, Pears can wear white shorts. Look to add additional attention up towards your face with white jewelry and white camisole
Yes! Pears can wear white shorts. Here are the New York and Company High Waisted Curvy Boyfriend Shorts 5 Inch. These shorts are lightweight stretch denim that will hide the lumps and bumps. To make it “pear-friendly” I have added the Faux Wrap 3/4 Sleeve Top from Kettlewell Colours in Chinese Blue. Underneath the top I am wearing a white sports bra, allowing the bra to act as a camisole. Your eye is drawn up to the white in the sports bra as well as my white hoop earrings. For my shoes, I kept them neutral with my Light Tan Lulu Fit Flops.

Shorts Are Hard- Comfort Is Key

You will not wear them if you are not comfortable in them. Total waste of money. But when you find your comfortable shorts, buy them in all the colors you will wear and multiple pairs. I live in the South where shorts are a necessity but I can wear items such as skorts, skirts, or even dresses if I don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts. Shorts that are too long will make your legs look too shorts, totally out of balance. Bermuda shorts are very hard for Petite Pears to wear, just too long. 7 inch seems to be the “magic number” for Petites, but you can go shorter if you feel comfortable with it.

The best thing is to order many and try in the comfort of your own home and return those you don’t like. Use a buying statement to keep from ordering shorts you know will not work for you. You don’t need many, just a few comfortable shorts for different activities will get you thru the spring and long hot summer.

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  1. . I am really enjoying your blog and insta as I am petite and curvy also. You look fabulous in your recent spring wardrobe and I think similar styles would work for me. I have already ordered the Nordstrom dress snd Boston Proper slacks. Would you mind telling me your height? I’m 5’1/2” and it would help me to decide on the shorts etc… to see if they would work for me.
    Thank you again – it us so helpful to find a blog that is pertinent to my size, shape and style! You have classy taste and look amazing!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am 5’1 inches on a good day with big hair. Size-wise I have recently lost a good deal of weight. In shorts and pants, I am wearing a size 12/14 or Larges. Tops I usually wear a medium but if it is fitted I will take a large. Bust size I am a 38D. Hope that helps.

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