Building A Capsule Wardrobe For Spring/Summer

Hello, Darlings! Today I am going to talk about Building A Capsule Wardrobe For Spring/Summer. My fashion journey taught me that I do not need a big closet full of clothes. I needed a closet with clothes I can mix and match. But to mix and match outfits, you need some key basics, some may call a “capsule wardrobe”.

Today I am going to show you the key pieces that make up my capsule wardrobe. Specifically, I am going to show you bottoms and a dress. These pieces are for spring/summer and most of the fall in the south.

Building A Capsule Wardrobe For Spring/Summer

For Pear Body Shape- Select A Dark Neutral

Once you come to realize that you need that dark neutral to help balance your pear-shaped body, it is much easier to shop. My dark neutral is black, but you can choose navy, brown, or any other dark color. The key is that your bottoms need to be darker than your tops.

Relaxed Shorts For Athleisure, Exercise, Or Sports

Building A Capsule Wardrobe For Summer- Relaxed Shorts For Exercise And Athleisure
For everyday life, I live in my Lands End 5 Pocket Active Shorts and my Kettlewell Colours Cara V tops

This is a key piece in my wardrobe, a piece I wear almost every day so it needs to be of good quality and comfortable. Shorts are hard, by the nature of the cut, they are not flattering and hard to balance. With that knowledge, comfort is key. My relaxed style of shorts is the 5 Pocket Active Shorts From Lands End. I have about 5 pairs of them, all in black.

Land's End 5 Pocket Active Shorts

These shorts I can throw on for hanging out on the couch, exercising, or running errands. They have a 6 1/2 inch inseam, not too long or short, with a wide waistband. Most importantly they are not too tight on my thighs. I get asked all the time where I got them. These shorts I wear with tennis shoes, casual canvas shoes, or sandals.

Casual To Dressy Casual Shorts

Building A Capsule Wardrobe For Summer- Dressy/Casual Shorts
One of my summer basics for casual wear is the Chicos Off The Rack Perfect Stretch Josie Slim Short 7 inch inseam

When I want to “level up” my look, I wear my casual to dressy casual shorts. The ones I chose are from Chico’s Off The Rack- Perfect Stretch Josie Slim Shorts 7 Inch. Again, not too long or too short, they are perfect for Petites. The material is a rayon/poly/spandex mix that allows them to keep their shape and give them a slightly dressier look. I can easily dress them up or down according to my shoes and accessories. Shoes I would wear with these shorts include sandals, casual canvas shoes, or wedge-style sandals.

Dressy/Casual Shorts From Chicos Off The Rack

The Skort- My New Favorite Wardrobe Basic

My newest addition to my spring/summer capsule wardrobe- the skort
One of my new faves for summer- SKORTS

Let’s be honest, wearing shorts can be uncomfortable. I have stretch marks, cellulite, and spider veins. But a longer pair of shorts just make my legs look shorter. So I have embraced the skort. A skort is a combined skirt and short. I wear them all the time for tennis so I am very comfortable wearing them for everyday casual wear.

Athleta Soho Skort is perfect for summer

I have 2 black skorts, one is the Soho Skort from Athleta, the other is the Women’s Active Knit Skort from Lands End. Both are made of a polyester/spandex mix and have UPF 50 sun protection. I can dress them up or down according to my shoe choices and accessories.

Lands Ends has a Women's Active Knit Skort that is a great addition to the wardrobe
Lands End Women’s Active Knit Skort

Cropped Or Ankle Pants- NO Capris Allowed

Cropped pants for Spring/Summer with bright bold tops are my go-to for date night and church
Black cropped or ankle pants help bridge the gap between spring and summer. My go-to pants are the Beyond Proper Cropped Travel Pant.

I like to wear a dressier ankle or cropped pant for evenings out in the spring/summer months. One thing that was beaten into my head when I took the Adore Your Wardrobe Course was that no one looks good in capris pants. So I have found a cropped/ankle pant that works for my body. It hits just above my ankle and below my calf muscle.

Beyond Proper Cropped Travel Pants
These Beyond Proper Travel Cropped Pants are made of nylon/spandex which makes them perfect for travel.

Summer Dress Is A Must

Another important piece in my capsule wardrobe is my sleeveless black dresses.
When it gets too hot, I turn to sleeveless dresses for summer.

For me, it is a little black dress, but you could choose any of your neutrals or even a favorite color. When I get really hot, I love to just throw on my summer dress to run errands instead of shorts. I can easily throw on a lightweight cardigan for the “A/C Season” when the air conditioning is blasting and it is freezing inside but 100 degrees outside.

Karen Kane Travel Half Zip Shift Dress

I have two black summer dresses, both from Karen Kane. The first is a great travel dress, it is the Karen Kane Travel Half Zip Shift Dress. This dress comes in both black and navy. It is sleeveless with a stand collar made from poly/rayon/spandex mix which makes it wrinkle resistant.

Karen Kane Brigitte Double V Dress comes in both navy and black

The other dress is the Karen Kane Brigitte Double V Dress. This dress is a sleeveless double V neck (one in front and one in back). Made of rayon/ spandex it is unlined which makes it cooler. I actually have this dress in both navy and black. They are perfect to wear for warmer weather, and I have the navy for early Auburn Football games in September/October. I can dress both of these dresses up or down according to shoes and accessories.

Building A Wardrobe Take Time

I basically trashed out most of my old wardrobe that was filled with tons of clothes and none that worked for my body or looked good on me. It was a hard task both mentally and emotionally. Now, with the knowledge I have gained in that last couple of years I feel confident with investing in clothes and creating a new wardrobe. The first step was finding my basics. It took some time, trial and error, buying and returning, but I feel like I have a really good basis for my Spring/Summer wardrobe.

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