Colorful Outfits For Spring- How To Add Color To Your Wardrobe

Hello, Darlings! Today I am going to show you all the Colorful Outfits For Springs- How To Add Color To Your Wardrobe. As many of my long-time readers know, I have been on a journey, a fashion journey to discover what looks best on me. This journey has been in three parts.

The first part is how to dress my body shape, a Petite Pear. Next, was adding color into my wardrobe and my discovery of the company Kettlewell Colours and their array of colorful, clothing pieces that I can add to my closet year-round. Now, I am on the third leg of the journey, discovering my personal style and how to make it all come together.

Colorful Outfits For Spring

Adore Your Wardrobe– Learning How To Dress Your Shape

Creating a balanced and proportional outfit using color
Learning to put together an outfit that will look balanced has been a fun journey. Now when I shop online, I can quickly decide whether a garment will work or not. I have added several of these V-neck camisoles, so flattering to my body type.

Adore Your Wardrobe is a program that teaches women about the principles of fashion that are based on math and science. Every woman’s body is unique and each one of us struggles with things we would like to change. I struggled for years, having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Avoiding going out to events, or running out last minute to the stores, hoping they would have something that looked good on me, but eventually crying in my dressing room because nothing work. This leads to a lack of confidence, self-doubt, and depression.

Colorful Outfits For Spring- Choosing pieces that work with my Petite Pear Body Type- Dark on bottom, bright bold on top
This is a great Petite Pear outfit. Dark pants draw attention away from my hips and thighs, while the v neckline and silver accessories draw attention towards my face. Bright color top and cardigan hit slightly above my largest point, my rear, helping to create a balanced outfit that is colorful and fun.

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

Four years ago I made the decision to take matters into my own hands and learn. I started with Kelly Snyder’s Signature Adore Your Wardrobe Online Class. This is where you learn the basic principles of fashion, how to dress my body type, and how to start rebuilding my wardrobe. I continued on and took 2 more of her classes- Advanced and Academy where I learned color theory and how it relates to putting together balanced outfits.

Learn about how to dress your body! How To Dress Your Shape Master Class
On Thursday, April, 15th at 8 pm, check out Kelly Snyder’s Master Class on Facebook Called Dress Your Shape. She will teach you “some” of the principles I learned from her Signature Class. Her Signature Adore Your Wardrobe Class is only offered a couple of times a year. Sign Up starts this week, and the online course will begin on April 21st.

Now each time I dress, I have a formula I can work with. This formula allows me to put together outfits quickly and easily that will not only work with my body but will look good. The hardest part of the problem was to find pieces that fit and were colors that I liked.

Kettlewell Colours- Adding Color Into My Wardrobe

Having a color analysis help you learn the best colors, your WOW colors.
I recently had my colors analyzed at House of Colour in Cummings, Ga. Read all about my experience on my Trip To Atlanta- House Of Colour. You can check out the House Of Colour website for color analysts near you.

First Learn Your Best Colors

For the last three years, I have been slowly purging my closet of items that do not work. They either don’t fit my body shape, are in poor condition, or the color is all wrong. I learned in the Adore Your Wardrobe Class that I look best in the cooler colors. These colors create harmony with my skin tone. Back in the late 80’s I had a color analysis with Color Me Beautiful and was declared a Winter. Just recently I was re-accessed with a company called House Of Colour, where I was draped, analyzed, and discovered that I was a Jewel Winter. A Jewel Winter can wear all the Winter colors, but look BEST in the clear, cool, deep jewel tones. These are my WOW colors.

Colorful Outfits For Spring- I added both Chinese Blue and Emerald Green to my wardrobe this season
Chinese Blue and Emerald Green are two of the colors I was draped for in my color analysis session. Chinese Blue rated 100% and Emerald Green rated 75%, both considered WOW colors, my best colors.

Finding Clothes In Your Favorite Colors Is Not Easy

It is a powerful tool when you know the colors that you look best in. But, now is the hard part, finding clothes in those colors, all year round. The US fashion industry is broke, flooded with a bunch of cheap clothes that are not well made, that only look good on tall skinny influencers. I was having to spend lots of extra money on alterations to get anything to fit. But, I soon discovered Kettlewell Colours, a company out of the UK that makes quality clothing in a full-color spectrum, all year round. That means I could buy my Winter colors in Spring when the US market is only flooded with shades of spring.

Colorful Outfits For Spring- For those cooler days I purchased a faux suede jacket in Pink Raspberry from Kettlewell Colours
A recent addition to my wardrobe is this lightweight faux suede jacket called the Rachel. The motto style jacket fits my Petite Pear body type perfectly. I was able to order it in this fun, bright color- Pink Raspberry.

My Discovery Of Kettlewell Colours Has Been A Game Changer

Not all of the pieces from Kettlewell Colours work for my Petite Pear body type. Most of the pants and skirts are too long, but they have an array of tops and jackets that work perfectly. Over the last year since discovering Kettlewell Colours, I have been adding pieces like mad as they have been getting them in stock. My credit card bill is huge, but my wardrobe is stocked with a selection of items that all look good on my body type, are my best colors, and I can mix and match to create outfits quickly and easily.

Need more blue! I realized I had very little blue in my closet. Two of my best colors are Chinese Blue and Breton Blue
After having my colors re-analyzed, I realized I need to add more blue to my wardrobe. Kettlewell Colours has so many choices of blues from navy to bold blue, to pastel blues. Here is Breton Blue (similar to Royal Blue) and Chinese Blue- Both colors rated 100% and are WOW colors for me. You can shop the Kettlewell Colours website by season, color, and tone.

Ordering from Kettlewell Colours out of the UK is easy. Their online website has a US portal that allows you to purchase items in dollars. Shipping is free over $100 and free returns. Shipping and return times vary according to issues with COVID restriction and US shipping and Customs. Most items I order are delivered within about 2 to 3 weeks and returns can take 4-6 weeks. The good news is that they have a 3-month return policy because almost all their stock is not seasonal. It is pieces they carry all year round, adding extra colors throughout the year.

Colorful Outfits for Spring- Easter Style in Pink and Green
What to wear for Easter? Our church is very casual, so no need for Easter dress. I just looked into my closet and said, what feels like Easter? The answer, Pink and Green.

Buy Quality Fashion- Not Crap Fashion

Because most of their stock is year-round, it makes it easy for me to “fill in the holes” in my wardrobe. Recently I have discovered an additional problem, I am losing weight and sizes I bought a year back are now too big. Not a problem to order a smaller size. I am considering re-selling my larger items, there are Facebook Groups just devoted to the re-sale of Kettlewell clothes. The prices of their clothing are more expensive than you find in the US, this is because it is better made, and better quality. Not the cheap stuff we see flooding Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other US retailers. My Kettlewell pieces are quality basics that will wash well and stand up to time.

Next Part Of The Fashion Journey- Adding Style

Did you know that each of us has a “Style Personality” based on our body structure, coloring, and personality? Knowing and learning about Style Personality is the piece of the puzzle that will help you create outfits that feel like the “real” you. So, during this year, I will be discovering my own unique style personality and how I can make it reflect in my wardrobe. Some of the elements of this, including using accessories to add interest to a very basic outfit.

Finding my sass! Learning how to add color and accessories to express my own personal style.
I need to find my sass! I know I like contrast, bold colors with white and black as neutrals. But at the same time, I don’t like bulk or frills. I like a more classic look with a POP of color and bold accessories.

Who knew fashion was so complexed, now you understand why so many women struggle with fashion. Fashion is not art, it is based on math and science. It is understanding proportion and how to use structure and color to create an “illusion of balance”. Fashion is using color to create harmony and bring out the best features. It is a reflection of your own unique style, one that can change and evolve as we age. Fashion can be fun, with all the right tools and knowing how all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

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