Trip To Atlanta- House Of Colour Color Analysis

Hello, Darlings! Today I am going to share with you our trip to Atlanta for a House Of Colour Color Analysis. Last weekend I took my daughter Anna to have her colors analyzed. She is struggling to find clothes that look good on her, and I thought the first place to start was color.

Knowing the colors that look good on you can totally change your perspective. Because shopping gets easier as you focus only on those items in your seasonal color palette knowing they will look the best next to your skin tone.

Trip To Atlanta- House Of Colour Color Analysis

House Of Colour- Color Analysis Session

What Is House Of Colour?

House of Colour is a company out of the UK that analyzes individuals using a draping system to help them discover the best colors for their skin tone. In the 90s I had my colors analyzed by another company, Color Me Beautiful, labeled a Winter and given a list of colors that would look good on me.

House Of Colour Cummings, Georgia
Saturday road trip to Cummings, Georgia for color analysis

House of Colour does the same thing but goes into more depth in their teaching sessions with lessons on color theory, draping for seasonal analysis, draping for WOW colors, makeup/hair discussion, and help choose your 3 best lipsticks.

Meet Barbara Taylor, consultant for House of Colour Cummings
Meet Barbara Taylor of House Of Colour Cummings

House of Colour is fairly new in the US, so there are not many trained consultants. I have been stalking Instagram to find one near me. Meet Barbara Taylor of House of Colour- Cummings. She is a new franchise owner who does color analysis out of her home in Cummings, Ga. I made an appointment with her online for a consultation session for both my daughter Anna and me. Cummings is about 3 hours away, can you say ROAD TRIP.

What Happens In A Color Analysis Session?

After the online appointment is confirmed, you receive a very detailed email with instructions including where to park, what to wear, and COVID protocols. We were instructed to dress comfortably and wear no makeup so that our skin could be analyzed using our natural skin tone.

First, Lesson In Color Theory

After a short “meet and greet” we got down to business with a lesson in color theory. The first lessons are “cool tones” versus “warm tones”, introduction to the color wheel, and seasonal color palettes.

Our HOC Color Analysis started with a lesson in color theory
Lesson on color theory and introduction to the color wheel

The color wheel is divided into seasons, each season having 36 colors. Barbara told us we would get a wallet with color swatches with our season at the end of the session to help us make good color choices while shopping. She also emphasized that the goal was to look for harmony. The 36 colors are only a fraction of the colors we could wear.

Time For Draping Session

Armed with a little bit of color theory knowledge, we moved to the fun part, draping. We were told to come with no makeup so that our skin tone could be correctly analyzed The draping session was held in natural light in front of a mirror. We were first draped in a white covering to hide our clothing, our hair was also covered.

We were asked to come to color analysis session free of makeup.
Draping session starts with white covering over clothing, hair covered, and no make up.

Next, special color-coded drapes are placed over the white covering. First I was analyzed for warm versus cool. I am definitely “cool-toned” so the next step was to decide whether I fit into Winter or Summer which are the cool tone seasons. Each season’s colors were draped against my skin, looking for subtle changes such as skin tone (shallowness) under-eye darkness, face structure (thin or puffy), and eye brightness.

House of Colour uses special precision dyed drapes to analysis color next to your skin
House of Colour uses specialized dyed drapes during the draping process.

It became very apparent that my best colors were the Winter ones. My skin looked even and clear and my eyes brighter with the Winter color drapes verse the Summer ones.

The Winter Seasonal Color Palette includes colors that are cool, bright,and clear
Winter Seasonal Color Palette includes colors that are cool, bright, and clear along with some icy cool colors.

Then I was draped in each one of the 36 Winter colors, analyzing each color, giving it a score to determine my WOW colors, my best colors. During the color scoring part of the session, we also talked about which colors would be best on a dress, top, or accessory. I was given my wallet with the 36 color swatches along with a booklet listing all my colors and how we rated them. The booklet also had instructions on how to use this knowledge while shopping.

I am a Winter, my WOW colors are jewel tones and a few darker sultry colors.
Draped in my WOW colors, I am definitely a Winter

Moving On To Make Up

I love playing in makeup, but makeup is an area that I am struggling in. Our session continued with a discussion on lipstick and how we really only needed 3 lipsticks in our collection, our 3 Points Of Red.

During the color analysis session we were given our 3 points of red and chose lipsticks to coordinate.
Knowing your 3 Points Of Red helps you pick out lipstick

I was able to try out several shades of lipstick to find my BEST three red shades. For me, that included pink, a burgundy, and a cool red. Next, a mineral foundation and blush were matched to my skin tone, and a lesson on a 90-second make-over. The idea is that you do not have to spend lots of time or money on makeup, you just need to make wise choices according to your skin tone.

At this point in the session, discussion about hair coloring and how you might want to change or add highlights that works with your skin tone. Having the right hair coloring will only enhance your overall look.

My Daughter’s Color Analysis Session

She actually went first. We have struggled to find what colors look best on her. Before the session we had our minds made up that she was a Summer, cool and muted.

Spring Seasonal Color Palette includes colors that are warm, soft, and some bright and clear.
Spring Seasonal Color Palette includes colors that are warm, soft, and some bright and clear.

Even Barbara, the trained consultant had trouble with her analysis. After lots of draping and re draping, it finally became clear that she was a SPRING. This threw us for a total loop. But as each drape was analyized, you could see how she came alive with the Spring colors, especially the bright clear ones. Totally opposite of what we thought coming into the session.

She is a Spring! Specifically a Blue Spring.
She is a Spring! Specifically a Blue Spring

Anna has a very different skin tone than me, looking just like her dad. Her skin tone has more warmth and her face is almost porcelain. The bright, clear, warm colors of Spring just made her glow. These were colors that she had never considered, going for more of the soft muted, cooler colors of summer or the warmer colors of autumn.

She was rated for her 36 colors, choosing 3 points of red and lipsticks to match. Her lipsticks included warm Brick red, coral color, and warm pink. These lipsticks will go with all the colors in her Spring palette. We were given instructions on how we could order makeup and lipsticks online via the House of Colour website and a discount code.

Discussions On The Way Home

Atlanta traffic is TERRIBLE, even on a Saturday. This allowed for lots of time for us to discuss the color analysis session and how to move forward.

In my “Journey of Fashion”, knowledge of color has been very important. Knowing the colors that look best with your skin tone helps you make good decisions when buying clothes. Many of the clothes hanging in Anna’s closet that she does not wear are not in her seasonal color palette and do not look good against her skin. A couple of her favorite pieces actually are in the Spring color palette. This was very eye-opening.

Cost Was High, But Well Worth It.

A color analysis session is not cheap. The private 2 person session was over $400 for 3 hours of instruction and draping. Individual sessions run for about $240. The cost included a leather wallet with 36 color samples to take home. But I feel that the money saved by buying clothes in the correct colors can offset this cost. Plus, it was fun. If you are interested in booking a session with Barbara Taylor of House Of Cummings contact her via email for openings.

After your color analysis session, you receive a leather wallet with color samples of the 36 colors in your seasonal color palette.
After your color analysis session, you receive a leather wallet with color samples of the 36 colors in your seasonal color palette.

Let’s Go Shopping

With our seasonal color palette wallets in hand, we decided to do some shopping. After a major clean out of Anna’s closet, it was time to replace pieces with colors in her Spring palette. Because this transition seemed so drastic to her, we started slowly adding some of her best neutrals and some POPs of color in things like sleeveless shell tops (camisoles, tank tops) and accessories such as earrings/scarves.

Anna got real bold and purchased several bathing suits from Target in her new color palette. It is amazing how much her face lights up when she wear the correct colors.

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  1. I loved this post! Am going to reach out to my local rep this week. While I’m primarily a neutrals girl, when I do add color I fear that I often fall into the trap of gravitating towards the colors I most enjoy looking at as opposed to those that look best on me. Sounds like a session would be super-helpful. You wear color better than any one I know, Regan!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments. It is amazing how much better you feel when you KNOW you are wearing your BEST colors. It also helps when shopping. My closet is now filled with clothes I love, that fit my body, in colors that look great on me. I have also been introduced to new colors I would never have tried. My next part of the journey is going to be style personality. It has been very interesting.

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