Spring Fashion- Going Wild In Green

Hello, Darlings! Ready for Spring Fashion-Going Wild In Green. Green has not been a color in my wardrobe. I don’t know why, but I suspect it was because I really need the “right shade” of green, more blue/green than yellow/green. Thanks to Kettlewell Colours, a UK company that specializes in colorful pieces. I can find the correct shade of green to work with all the other pieces in my wardrobe.

Spring Fashion- Going Wild In Green

Green Represents Freshness & Renewal

I am watching each day as the new leaves start to emerge. I love this time of year, new birth, and renewal. After a long cold winter, Mother Nature treats us to a display of beauty. So today I am celebrating by pulling out my greens.

Spring Fashion- Green Cardigan With Zebra Scarf

Here in Alabama, we can have 80 degrees one day and back in the ’50s and a cold rain the next. Especially during the month of March, it seems that Mother Nature is going thru menopause. So I have a nice collection of lightweight cardigans, called Shawl Wraps from Kettlewell Colours in an array of my Winter Seasonal Colors. Perfect for cooler spring evenings or those colder days.

Spring Fashion- Going Wild With Zebra

Light Emerald Shawl Wrap From Kettlewell Colours with Zebra Print Scarf

According to my Winter Seasonal Color Palette, Zebra is my BEST animal print. I need contrast and nothing is better than black/white. Adding a scarf to an outfit, especially during the early Spring days is a great way to add interest and some texture.

As the weather gets warmer, the scarf starts to feel a little bulky. So I decided to let it fly and go wild in the wind.

For a more casual and flowing look, leave the scarf untie

I love the flowiness of the scarf when you just let it drape loose. It gives a bit of drama, and I like drama (in my outfits).

The Entire Going Wild In Green Outfit

Complete outfit includes jewelry and wedge heels.

As a Petite Pear Body Shape, this outfit works because both the scarf and the cardigan create a nice straight line, making my body look slimmer. Black top, black pants, and black shoes create that “column of color” which helps to make me look a wee bit taller.

Hoop earrings and a simple layered necklace help bring attention up to my face. Because the zebra print has white in it, my eye is immediately drawn to it. (remember… Where does your eye go?). This draws attention away from my hips and thighs.

Creating My Look

Light Emerald Shawl Wrap from Kettlewell Colours
Light Emerald Shawl Wrap From Kettlewell Colours
Sleeveless Black V Neck Top from Kettlewell Colours
Sleeveless V Neck Top in Black from Kettlewell Colours. Any black top will work to re-create this look.
Beyond Proper Cropped Travel Pants
Beyond Proper Cropped Travel Pants. I live in these all spring/summer/fall. The thicker Ponte Knit helps hide lumps and bumps.
Zebra Print Oblong Scarf From Amazon
Zebra Print Oblong Scarf From Amazon. Mine came from Macy’s and is no longer available, but this would work great too because of the size and shape.

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