Tips To Ease Pain And Heal From Plantar Fasciitis

Hello, Darlings! Today we are talking about Tips To Ease Pain And Heal From Plantar Fasciitis. The first time it happened, the cause was poor shoe selection when I was traveling to Italy. Days of constant walking on flat sandals caused plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot.

It took over a year for it to heal properly. During that time I was in constant pain, especially first thing in the morning. This time it was my own fault, I knew better. Wearing worn-out shoes and going on long walks have led to another case of plantar fasciitis. I hope to heal quicker with the lessons I learned the first time.

Tips To Ease Pain And Heal From Plantar Fasciitis

Tips To Ease Pain And Heal From Plantar Fasciitis

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis typically starts gradually with mild pain at the heel bone often referred to as a stone bruise. You’re more likely to feel it after (not during) exercise. The pain usually occurs right after getting up in the morning and after a period of sitting.

Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation of the tissues of the foot. It can be extremely painful to walk, especially first thing in the morning.
Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation of the tissues of the foot. It can be extremely painful to walk, especially first thing in the morning.

Causes Of Plantar Fasciitis

You’re more likely to develop the condition if you’re female, overweight, or have a job that requires a lot of walking or standing on hard surfaces. You’re also at risk if you walk or run for exercise, especially if you have tight calf muscles that limit how far you can flex your ankles. People with very flat feet or very high arches also are more prone to plantar fasciitis.

Most Plantar Fasciitis is caused by

  • Poor shoe selection
  • Tight calf muscles due to the body being out of alignment or overuse
  • Lack of arch support in shoes
  • Excess pronation of feet
  • Overuse and microtears without healing properly
  • Obesity

Plantar Fasciitis Can Become Chronic Condition

Plantar Fasciitis can be painful. Need to take time to heal or condition can become chronic
If you don’t give the feet proper time to heal, the condition can become chronic.

If you don’t treat plantar fasciitis, it may become a chronic condition. You may not be able to keep up your level of activity, and you may develop symptoms of foot, knee, hip, and back problems because the pain from plantar fasciitis can change the way you walk.

Ice, Rest, And Advil

Plantar Fasciitis will take some time to go away. Resting and keeping your weight off your feet until the initial inflammation gets better. This is the first step but will not solve the problem. For the pain try anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen or naproxen.

Ease Pain From Plantar Fasciitis- Best tricks to icing feet is to freeze a water bottle and roll it on your feet to help reduce inflammation
Freeze a water bottle and roll it on the ball and heels of your feet to help reduce inflammation

Next, you need to apply ice to the sore area for 20 minutes 3-4 times a day to relieve your symptoms. You can use an ice pack but the best and easiest method is to roll a frozen water bottle on the bottom of your foot.

Do not skip these methods to reduce inflammation and go straight to stretching. Your foot needs time to heal. Even after you foot is healed, you will have flare ups, and icing after a walk, run, or exercise session can keep the symptoms in check.

Stretching Is Very Important

You need to stretch the fascia and Achilles tendon. Three of the easiest stretching exercises are Calf Stretches, Ball Rolling, and Toe Stretch

Calf Stretches

Calf Stretches are great for loosing up your calf muscles.  Too tight calf muscles can be a cause of plantar fasciitis.
Tight calf muscles are one of the causes of Plantar Fasciitis. You can stretch your calf muscles easily by doing wall calf stretches.

Muscle tightness in the feet and calves can make the pain of plantar fasciitis worse. Loosening the calf muscles can relieve the pain. Try the following stretch:

  • lean your hands against a wall
  • straighten the knee of the affected leg and bend the other knee in front
  • keep both feet flat on the ground
  • there should be a stretching sensation in the heel and calf of the extended leg
  • hold for 10 seconds
  • repeat two to three times

Foot Ball Rolling

Ease Pain From Plantar Fasciitis -Foot rollers are an excellent tool to stretch out and massage the feet.
Feet rollers can be an excellent tool to work out and stretch the fascia area. It feels like a mini massage on your feet

Use a tennis ball or foot roller under the foot and rolling back and forth can help loosen up the foot muscles. The idea is to stretch out the fascia tendons and ligaments.** Do not do this until you have treated the initial pain with rest and ice.

  • sit tall on a chair
  • roll a round object under the arch of the foot
  • roll for 2 minutes

Toe Stretch

One of the easiest exercise in treating Plantar Fasciitis is Toes Curls.  Simply lay flat and grab your toes, stretching the tendons and calf muscles at the same time.
One of the easiest exercise in treating Plantar Fasciitis is Toes Curls. Simply lay flat and grab your toes, stretching the tendons and calf muscles at the same time.

Because the fascia is connective tissue that run the entire length of your foot, you need to stretch your toes. Simply grab your toes and pull upward, stretching the foot. Next, do the reverse stretch by doing Toe Curls. Pretend you are picking up marbles with your toes.

For a great stretch, try doing Foot Flexes using an elastic stretch band for a greater stretch.
For a great stretch, try doing Foot Flexes using an elastic stretch band for a greater stretch.

Do these stretches multiple times a day. You can also do Foot Flexes using elastic stretch bands you can get from Amazon.

Tens Machine- Electric Impulse Healing

Ease Pain From Plantar Fasciitis using a Ten's Machine. It helps with pain and promotes healing
The iReliev Tens machines send electrical impulses to parts of your body that can reduce pain and stimulate healing

I have found using a Tens machine to be effective. The Tens machines is a small device with electrode pads that you can attach to varies areas of your body. It sends small electrical impulses (feels tingling) that can reduce pain and promote healing. Start with 10 minutes and you can work up to an hour. I also use this machine for my back pains. It comes with a handy traveling case and various electrode pad sizes.

Wear Shoes At All Times

From the moment you get up in the morning till you go to bed, make sure you are wearing shoes/sandals that have arch support. This can help elevate some of the pain and reduce stress on the fascia area.

To ease the pain of plantar fasciitis, I recommend wear sandal, such as the FitFlop at all times during the healing process.
These are the shoes that saved my feet, The Fitflop. It comes in many styles and many colors. This shoe, The Lulu comes in 13 colors

Shoe Selection During The Healing Process

During the healing process, and really afterward too, you need to be aware of your shoe selection. Heels, boots, and flat sandals are a no. You will want to wear shoes that have support, especially arch support. Look for “Comfort Shoes”. The good news is that the market is full of these types of shoes. Some of my favorites include Fit Flop and Vionic.

***When buying FitFlops, measure your foot and use their official sizing guide according to foot size in centimeters. I found I had to size down in most of the styles.

Vionic makes a great sandal for arch support to help ease pain and give support during healing process
Vionic is a company that specializes in footwear for treating and relieving Plantar Fasciitis. I recently purchased the Tide II Vionic Sandal to add to my wardrobe.
Vionic makes a very stylish espadrille that also has comfort/arch support
Vionic also carries cute espadrille styles both open and closed-toe. These are the Vionic Brooks and come in 3 colors including Cork
Vionic's new line includes a stylish casual sneaker. This shoe comes in several colors
The newest addition to the Vionic line is a stylish canvas casual shoe. I have ordered this one in black. They come in an array of spring colors, perfect to wear with all the spring/summer outfits.
You can look stylish while you heal. Try this FitFlop style with an extra does of Bling!
Need a little bling? The FitFlop Rumba comes in 6 different colors
Don’t like toe straps? FitFlop has Leather Cross Slides
Fitflop just came out with this cute espadrille style, The Eloise, in 3 different spring suede colors.
New for Spring, the FitFlop Eloise style in a soft suede.
The FitFlop Platform Eloise Espadrille comes in black and tan, perfect for support and style
FitFlop Eloise Platform Espadrille also comes in black leather available at Nordstrom. I have ordered these, will let you know how I like them. They also come in tan but are out of stock in all sizes

Have Your Foot Arch Evaluated

You might want to consider having your walk evaluated for pronation and your feet for arch support. Comfort shoe stores such as Walking Cradle can evaluate and recommend shoe styles according to the results. Also, specialized stores that cater to runners also have staff that can evaluate and recommend athletic-style shoes that will best work for you. In the Birmingham area, I recommend the Trak Shack.

Have your arches and feet evaluated by a specialist to help you find the correct shoe.
Get a foot evaluation at local running store or store that specializes in comfort shoes. They can evaluate you for pronation and arch support.

Helpful Hint! Immediately after you get out of bed, start wearing your Comfort shoes, even in the house. These types of shoes have arch support and can take the pressure off the inflamed fascia.

Choosing Shoe Insert For Stability And Healing

I use the Power Step Pinnacle Insoles to help elevate pain and pressure while I heal from Plantar Fasciitis
Power Step Insoles come in a variety of colors and styles. I have the Power Step Pinnacle Performance Insoles for normal arch support

Consider removing the current inserts in your shoes, especially athletic style shoes, and replacing them with an insole with proper arch support and cushioning. These were recommended to me by a physical therapist and immediately provided my feet better support and less pain.

Because they are removable, I am able to move them from shoe to shoe. I also put them in my boots.

Consider Pilates For Full Body Stretching And Alignment

One of the biggest consequences of Plantar Fasciitis is that you start walking or holding your body out of alignment to help reduce the pain. What this does in gets EVERYTHING out of wack. Your calve muscles will get tight, next thing you know your back is sore.

Pilates is a great way to stretch the entire body. I have created my own home gym dedicated to Pilates.
I converted a spare bedroom to a At Home Pilates Studio. So now I have easy access to Pilates equipment.

Because everything is connected, I personally recommend adding Pilates to your workout. Pilates incorporates stretching and alignment exercises. I love it so much that I built my own personal Pilates studio in my home.

To see more pics/check out my blog post of my At Home Pilates Studio

The Foot Corrector is a great Pilates tool to help strengthen and life the arches of your feet.
The Pilates Foot Corrector is designed to strengthen and lift the arches of your foot, improving balance.

I even have specific exercises and stretching that focuses on the feet. It is important to have a “Happy Feet”. When your feet are angry, it can throw the whole body out of balance.

Heading To The Beach

I am heading to the beach for my annual Girl’s Tennis Beach Weekend. In preparation for my trip, I have been icing my foot every day, using the Ten’s electro-impulse machine, wearing FitFlops around the house, and using my new insoles in my sneakers. But mostly, I have been resting it.

I have packed my arsenal of tools to help me elevate the pain while I am at the beach. The tennis weekend is intense, with 3 full days of continual activity. I will be stretching every morning, and icing every night.

I can’t let foot pain slow me down. Tennis is my favorite sport and I look forward to the beach trip every year and the spring tennis season.

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