Color Inspiration For March- Green

Hello, Darlings! Today’s topic is Color Inspiration For March- Green. When you think of March, the first thing that pops into my mind is St. Patrick’s Day. First off, I am not Irish, until this year, I had no green in my wardrobe.

I have nothing against green, I just did not feel confident in wearing it. The color is actually a part of my Winter Seasonal Color Palette. Matter a fact, I have several shades of green to play with.

Color Inspiration For March- Green

Color Inspiration For March - Going Green

Playing With Greens

In my Winter Seasonal Color Palette, I have many shades of green I can play with. Everything from a Deep Forest green, perfect for Fall to the Emerald green that reminds me of summer leaves and grasses.

Color Inspiration For March- Green Different Shades Of Green that work in the Winter Seasonal Color Palette
From the deepest dark pine to the bright emerald, lots to chose when playing with greens

Kiss Me I’m Irish

As a child I always hated St. Patrick’s Day, because you would get teased in school if you didn’t wear anything green on that day. Not this year, I am totally prepared.

March Color Inspiration-Tone on Tone look with two different shades of green
Tone on Tone look with two different shades of green

My St. Patrick’s Day outfits consist of two shades of green, known as a tone-on-tone look. My base layer is the Soft Square Neck Sleeveless Vest in Dark Emerald. The top layer is the Shawl Collar Wrap in Emerald, a bold and bright color. My black pants are the Beyond Proper Travel Pant.

Pink And Green- Feminine And Preppy Vibe

I grew up a child of the ’80s where “preppy” was the hot trend. Bermuda shorts or a short skirt with a pink and green short cardigan and shell top was the uniform of the day.

Preppy look with lots of pink and green
80’s Preppy Style consisted of bold bright colors such as pinks and greens. Plus, the iconic preppy purse which you could change out the covers to match your outfit

For a modern take on the “preppy style, “I have chosen a Shawl Wrap cardigan in Fuchsia and my Dark Emerald Soft Square Sleeveless Vest (they call them vests in the UK, similar to a tank top but with wider straps)

Preppy Style- Pink and green style says, "Fresh, Flirty, and Fun"
Bold Pink And Green combination says “Fresh, Flirty, and Fun”.

Purple And Green-Spirit Of Mardi Gras

Purple and Green- The Sprit of Mardi Gras
Purple and Green makes me think about Mardi Gras, only thing missing is the beads

Purple and Green combination was an inspiration from the Facebook group, Kettlewell Colours Club. Many of the ladies were showing purple and green outfits during February when the color of the month was purple.

This outfit consists of the Shawl Wrap in Ultra Violet and my Soft Square Neck Sleeveless Top in Dark Emerald. I really like the boldness of these colors. Did not know it at the time, but I actually wore this outfit on Fat Tuesday.

Blue And Green- Calm and Fresh

Color Inspiration For March- Blue and Green are both fresh and calming, perfect for Spring
Blue and Green are great color combination that invoke both fresh and calm

Neighbors on the color wheel, blue and green make a great color combination. To create this outfit, I wore my Breton Blue ( almost but not quite Royal Blue)Short Cascade cardigan with my Dark Emerald Soft Square Sleeveless Top.

Calming and fresh are the word used to describe these colors. It has me thinking about the beaches, beautiful blue sky with the emerald green waters. Can you tell I am ready for Spring?

Adding Green To Your Wardrobe

As we have talked about before, each of us is either warm tone or cool tone. You can further divide into seasonal color palettes, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Each of those seasonal color palettes has shades of green that will compliment your skin tone, whether it be the Teal greens of Autumn or the Kelly greens of Spring.

Have fun “Playing In Green” and seeing what color combination you like. Especially as we head into the Spring and Summer months, green is an excellent addition to your wardrobe, invoking the spirit of new growth and freshness.

FYI- Kettlewell Colours drops their Spring Collection on Wednesday, March 3rd. Based in the UK, they have a great selection of basics in various colors according to the seasonal color palettes. It is easy to buy from as the company has a US portal in dollars. Shipping is free when you purchase over $100 (which is very easy to do). Returns are free too.

Are you ready for new Spring collections? Do you know what you are missing in your wardrobe? Check out my post, Ready For Spring- First Evaluate Your Wardrobe

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