How To Wear A Poncho-Great Way To Add Color To Wardrobe

Hello, Darlings! Today we are talking fashion, How To Wear A Poncho-Great Way To Add Color To Wardrobe. Originating out of South American, ponchos are fabric with slits in the middle for your head. Early ponchos were worn as raincoats, but today they are a great way to get add some fun style and color.

How To Wear A Poncho- Great Way To Add Color To Wardrobe

How To Wear A Poncho

How To Wear A Poncho?

Basically, a poncho is one large piece of material with a slit for your head, so at first, you may be confused as to how to wear it. Ponchos are overgarments worn for warmth and/or protection from the elements, think jacket or cardigan. So step one is what to wear underneath your poncho.

I like to wear a long sleeve turtleneck or a long sleeve crew or boat neck top. These provide warm on your arms. For warmer weather you can wear a shorter sleeve.

You need to wear under garment beneath the poncho.  I like to wear a long sleeve turtleneck.
I have styled the City Poncho from Kettlewell Colours with a black Silky Roll Neck Turtleneck and black Wit & Wisdom Boot Cut Jeans are my under garments.

How To Style A Poncho?

Most ponchos are asymmetric in style. Meaning, one side is longer than the other. This creates a unique look. You will want to “arrange” the poncho so the garment is slightly “off” center. If not, the longer point will be sitting directly in the crotch area. Remember, “Where does the eye go? And do you want everyone looking there?”.

Bright and bold acid yellow poncho is a fun garment to wear on a nasty rainy day.
Bold neon yellow poncho with fringe is a fun way to add color on a rainy dreary day.

Some ponchos may be longer, some are short. Many are just fabric with an asymmetrical point or some can have fringe. The fabrics can also vary in weight from heavier wool to thin sheer polyester material.

As for the neckline, arrange the neckline in a boatneck style, with slits on both sides. Your undershirt will show so choose either a neutral, same color as the poncho or a complimentary color.

Wear a poncho with the slits on both sides.  The fabric is suppose to drape.  Your undergarment will show at neckline.
Wear the poncho with slits on both sides. Some of the fabric may drape in the front or on the slide. This is a part of the poncho style. You will see your under shirt. Here I have chosen a black neutral top for my under shirt.

Accessorizing A Poncho

Especially for pear body shaped women, the poncho is a great garment to bring attention up. Most ponchos are colorful, so chose a poncho in a color that will compliment your undertone.

Add additional statement necklace to a poncho to bring attention up towards the face.
Bold pink poncho with a statement necklace brings lots of attention to my face.

The poncho is a blank slate waiting for accessorizing. Chose a statement necklace or add additional color with a scarf

Scarves are a great way to accessorize a poncho.
Here I styled my poncho with a plaid scarf to bring additional attention to my face.
Adding an infinity scarf in coordinating color is a great way to accessorize a poncho
My cobalt blue poncho styled with an acid yellow infinity scarf

Ponchos As Transitional Season Garment

Ponchos bring both warmth and color. The amount of warmth is totally dependant on the fabric. I personally do not like wool fabric as it is scratchy. I like cotton or wool/polyester blends. These fabrics are not great for warmth, but since I live in the south, that is not as important.

I have found I wear my ponchos mostly during “transitional” times. Late fall as the weather is getting cooler, early spring as the weather is getting warmer. Both these times the weather can be cooler, rainy, and dreary, the POP of color with a poncho can lift the spirits immediately.

Can Petites Wear Ponchos?

This is actually a good questions, and the answer is YES. Because the fabric in many ponchos may be longer, a petite will want to make some minor wardrobe adjustments. For me, wearing black pants and black booties will make my legs “appear” longer, thus making me look taller.

Petites and pears will want to add additional accessories such a scarves and statement necklaces to draw the eye UP towards the face. Some people will belt their poncho, I think this takes away from the free flowing style of the garment.

Final Thoughts On Ponchos

I LOVE ponchos. They add such a POP of color to an outfit. Some people will find the added layers a little messy or heavy and may not match with your style personality. Ponchos can also hide tummy lumps and bumps in the tummy and hip area, but at the same time, make you look heavier with the additional layers. Ponchos are not really a “slimming” look, mostly a fun look .

A poncho is an excellent choice for transitional wear.  My favorite time of year to wear ponchos is late fall and early spring.
Love wearing ponchos in the late fall and early spring.

Ponchos give you a color boost and a wee bit of warmth thru layering during those transitional days. Remembering that it will not “lay” perfectly, it can be a fun and quirky addition to your wardrobe.

For additional ideas on how to wear ponchos or styling ponchos, check out my blog post How To Wear Ponchos, Shawls, And Ruanas for Fall

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