How To Host A Wine & Cheese Tasting

Hello, Darlings! Today let’s talk about How To Host A Wine & Cheese Tasting. I am not a big partier at all, especially on New Year’s Eve. This year the weather at the beach was stormy so a night at home was just perfect. But we wanted to do something different, so my daughter-in-law Ashley, who is working on her sommelier certification hosted a Wine & Cheese Tasting.

I feel quite ignorant when it comes to wine and cheese. This was a great opportunity not only to learn about the wines but learn what I like so I can easily order from a menu.

How To Host A Wine And Cheese Tasting

How To Host A Wine And Cheese Tasting

Supplies You Will Need To Host A Wine & Cheese Tasting

Lucky I have done this before and already had all the supplies on hand. I am thinking about hosting a tasting for my Girl’s Tennis Beach Trip this Spring. This summer with the new knowledge, I can easily pick out wines and cheese for charcuterie boards all summer long

Supplies You Need For Wine & Cheese Tasting

You will need a cheese board, cheese knives, spreaders, and couple of ramkens. All my cheese supplies came from Target and my cheese from Trader Joes or Publix.

Smaller more intimate gatherings use a shorter, wider board
Serving cheese buffet style of a longer table, look for more narrow and long cheese boards.
This kit from Picnic At Ascot has all the supplies for a simple cheese tray
I got mine as a gift, but you can find unique cheese knives and spreaders

Wine Glasses For Wine Tasting

To get the full wine tasting experience, you will need both red and white wine glasses

It seems the shape of the glass does make a difference when “experiencing” wines. Reds have a bolder smell and you need to be able to get your nose into the glass to sniff out the different “notes”. White wine glasses do not need a larger opening. Fluted glasses are for your bubbly drinks such as champagne and Prosecco, but only to be able to enjoy “seeing” the bubbles and color.

Enjoy A Simple Lesson In Wine Tasting From Host Happy

Choosing Wine For Your Wine Tasting

The basic person can not distinguish between a bottle of expensive wine and a cheap one. All our wines, but one, came from Trader Joe’s and had a cost less than $20 a bottle. We chose to do both red and white wines. Two bottles of Red and two bottles of white are plenty for wine tasting.

For our white tasting, we had French wine from Trader Joe’s Sainte Celine Chablis and Oysterman (came from local Wine World)
Our first red was a French Bourgogne from Trader Joe’s
Our second red was an Italian Valpolicella from Trader Joe’s .

Cheese For Wine And Cheese Tasting

 How To Host Wine And Cheese Tasting
Two White Wines And 2 Red Wines With 3 Cheeses, Meats, Nuts And Crackers

Since most wines are acidic, the best cheese pairings are cheese and meats that are salty. Spicy cheese such as pepper jack will taste twice as spicy with a high acid wine. The cheese for our pairing was cranberry goat cheese, pecorino romano cheese, pepper jack cheddar, gouda, and a unique Espresso Bella Vitano.

Fun Trick With Lemon Slices

Fun experiment with lemon slices and how it changes the acid taste of white wine

To help test our palettes, Ashley provide lemon slices. We took a sip of the white wines, then sucked on a small lemon slice. Afterwards we tried the same wine again. Wow, the lemon residue made the white wine taste less acidic giving us an opportunity to taste more of a mineral note. Now I do not have a very refined palette, but that was a fun experiment.

Need Ideas On Instagram Worthy Charcuterie Board?

Check out my post from our Christmas Eve Wine & Cheese Tasting. Ashley did an amazing charcuterie board.

Had a wonderful holiday with good food and family. Although I did not do bad, it is time for me to get back on the wagon. I will be starting a 7-Day Sugar Detox tomorrow where I will not only drop my carbs/sugars back down. I will also do a clean out of my fridge and cabinets. If you have never done a Sugar Detox I recommend you do 21 Days. I have a great series on the 21- Day Sugar Detox and the effects of sugar on your body.

After my 7-Day Sugar Detox, I will be back on the Keto Diet where you are only allowed 20 grams or less of carbs and NO sugar. It is time for me to take off the next 30 lbs for a healthy new year.

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