Start The New Year Off Right- Elevate 7 Day Free Challenge

Hello, Darlings! I want to invite you to Start The New Year Off Right-Elevate 7 Day Free Challenge. It is so easy to get into a rut, the same old thing over and over again. Sometimes I need to “kick-start” things to break that rut. So I am going to invite you to join me in Kelly Snyder of Adore Your Wardrobe’s New Year Challenge.

Elevate is a free 7 Day Challenge designed to help you break current ruts, take control, and be the best you can be

Start The New Year Off Right- Elevate 7 Day Free Challenge

Elevate 7-Day Free Wardrobe Challenge

I Love A Good Challenge

Challenge may be a harsh word, but I need to be motivated. 2020 has been nothing but a dumpster fire, I need something to look forward too. I need encouragement, support, and direction to get focused and “back on track”.

Elevate 7-Day Challenge- End the problem of having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear
Make This Year The Year You Get Control Over Your Wardrobe

Meet Kelly Snyder From Adore Your Wardrobe

Meet Kelly Snyder of Adore Your Wardrobe, a program that helps women find joy and fun in fashion
I can’t begin to say enough about how inspiring Kelly Snyder has been. I now have a better knowledge of my body, style, and wardrobe. No more crying in my closet because I have nothing to wear.

It was a true blessing the day I found Kelly Snyder’s Adore Your Wardrobe program. Kelly teaches women how to find joy and fun in fashion and their wardrobes. She is fun, quirky, but very knowledgable on fashion. Using the principles of math and science, she help women dress for “their own unique body type”.

Kelly Snyder of Adore Your Wardrobe, a fashion course that helps women learn how to look and feel good in their own wardrobe
Kelly’s Adore Your Wardrobe program literally changed my life!

I have taken several of the Adore Your Wardrobe courses. They have changed the way I look at fashion. Now I have control of my wardrobe and my life. It seems kinda petty, but when you look good and feel good about yourself the world opens up. You have self-respect and confidence.

Start With Elevate- 7 Day Free Challenge

Elevate Challenge- 7-Day Free Challenge to help you jump start the new year and break your wardrobe rut
I have already signed up for the challenge and the private Facebook group. Join me in jump starting the new year.

Join me in Kelly’s Elevate- 7 Day Free Challenge.

Don’t let the word challenge fool you. This is less of a “do a ton of work” and more creating a space where we can… 

  • get up and get dressed;
  • get a few more things done; 
  • feel more in control when things feel out of control; and
  • feel connected – where everyone is working on goals together.

I realize there are times when we need a little help to get motivated and break out of current cycles! This challenge is about just that … helping women break current ruts, take control, and be the best they can.

What Can I Expect From 7 Day Challenge

Adore Your Wardrobe- Learning how to make fashion fun

The challenge starts on Monday, January 4, and ends on Sunday, January 10th. Each day you will receive an email from Kelly with 3 daily challenges. Also, at 9 am CST, each day of the 7 Day Challenge, Kelly will be live on the Adore Your Wardrobe Facebook page sharing her thoughts on the challenges. **Replay will be available to watch if you can’t join the Facebook Lives at 9am.

You can also join the private 7-Day Elevate Challenge Facebook Group, only open to those participating in the challenge. This is where you will meet others and get additional support and encouragement. I have already signed up and in the Facebook group.

Don’t Have A Lot Of Time

Make time for the 7-Day Free Elevate Challenge.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of time. These challenges are work at your own pace. Most of the challenges will take about an hour and you can break this down into smaller chunks. January is a great time to do this!

How Do I Sign Up For Elevate- 7 Day Free Challenge?

To sign up for the challenge, click on the link here. It will take you to the sign-up page. On the page, scroll to the bottom to sign up, or click any of the Get Started Now boxes.

Elevate 7-Day Challege

Once you signed up, you will receive an email from Kelly with additional information on how to sign up for the private Facebook group. Remember, this is free and a great way to start the year off right.

Ready, Set, Go!

Enjoy this holiday weekend. I am at the beach and the weather has been FANTASTIC!!! Long naps, bike rides, reading my books, and I have heated the pool up to 90 degrees. Yes, I have been swimming in the pool (air temp is in 55-65 range, but sunny).

I am ready to start the new year off right. Jumping back into my Keto Diet and the 7-Day Elevate Challenge.

Learn more about Keto Diet here

Happy New Year!

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