12 Days Of Christmas Outfit Challenge

Hello, Darlings! Today I am going to share with you my entries into the 12 Days Of Christmas Outfit Challenge from Kettlewell Colours. This year is my “Year Of Color” I have been participating in the Kettlewell Colours Club Facebook group, looking for color inspiration.

The group has many “challenges” usually on pairing colors, getting out of your comfort zone, and exploring your seasonal color palette. So when Jo, the color expert from Kettlewell issued this fun 12 Days Of Christmas Outfit Challenge, I had to participate. Winners get a $250 gift card to use for Spring merchandise ( I have a long WANT list).

12 Days Of Christmas Outfit Challenge

Lessons Learned- Know Your Body Type, Seasonal Color Palette, And Style Personality

All my Christmas parties have been cancelled, my tennis has stopped, and the last thing I want to do is get out with any crowds and shop. So I have been organizing and cleaning out my closet.

I feel I have really learned a lot in the past couple of years, honing into a better understanding of body types thanks to Kelly Snyder’s Adore Your Wardrobe Class. This year I have been studying all about Seasonal Color Analysis And Style Personality.

Winter, Petite Pear, KW Pixie, 12/14 US

My body type is a Petite Pear. Meaning I have smaller shoulders and larger hips. To dress my best, I want to bring attention UP and Out and away from my hips and thighs.

My seasonal color palette is Winter. Winters can wear true white and black. Some of my best colors are Fuchsia, Cerise Pink, Cobalt, Sapphire, Emerald Green, and Chinese Blue. Check out the Winter color palette.

My Style Personality (found after taking the Style Personality Quiz)is PIXIE. Pixie’s are a mini minimalist who likes neatly fitted clothing, not too much bulk or texture, and add a bit of quirkiness or interest to an outfit to keep it fresh. Learn more about the Style Personality Types.

Knowing all three, Body Type, Seasonal Color Palette, and Style Personality can help you make good choices on what items will look good on your unique body. But most importantly, take your body measurements. A size 12 from one manufacturer may be a size 8 from another or vise versa. Reading the measurement guidelines online for each item you might purchase can help you make better buying decisions.

12 Days Of Christmas Outfit Challenge

The challenge is held in the Kettlewell Colours Club Facebook Group which is open to anyone. Since Kettlewell is a UK company, you will see people from all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the US. It is a great way to get color and style inspiration from REAL PEOPLE. In the group, we usually tell our Seasonal Color Palette, Body Type and height, Style Personality Type, and the size we wear. This helps others when shopping.

Day 1- Partridge In A Pear Tree- Wear Your Green

Day 2- Two Turtle Doves- Wear Your Grey With A POP Of Color

This year I have really worked to embrace more of my neutrals. I have added more charcoal grey, great option to mix with the deeper darker winter colors for fall/winter time.

Day 3- Three French Hen- Wear Stripes

As a Petite, Pear and Pixie patterns are hard. I do not have many pattern tops or jackets. The ones I do have are all black & white.

This was my inspiration from Pinterest fashion article How To Dress Like The French

Day 4- Four Colly/Calling Birds- Which Are Blackbirds so “Wear Black Or Seasonal Neutral”

***Not everyone can or should wear black, especially against their face. It can wash you out. Learn about other options for neutrals in my post-Best Neutrals Colors For Each Seasonal Color Palette

Day 5- Five Golden Rings- Show Sparkle With Metallics

My olive skin allows me to wear both gold and silver. Gold especially looks good on me during the summer with my golden tan.

Day 6- Six Geese A Laying- Think Goose Feathers And Down Comforter, Today Is About Cozy Outfit

My casual wardrobe consists of mainly tennis outfits and athleisure clothes. This year I have added some soft sweaters in bold colors to wear for a more casual look.

Day 7- Seven Swans A Swimming- Today Is All About White

White is the combination of all colors. It is also the first color on the Color Attractiveness Scale, meaning your eye goes to white first. So, playing the game “where does your eye go?”I have to make sure that I never wear white on my bottoms. This top definitely brings attention up. If I wanted to bring more attention out, I would wear white as a jacket.

Day 8- Eight Ladies Dancing- Show Dress Or Skirt

My style journey started with mental breakdown in the dressing room at Saks Fifth Avenue. From there, I was determined to learn how to dress my body. For me, it is all about necklines, fabric, and color. Also embracing alterations, my best length is 2 inches above my knee.

Day 9- Nine Drummers Drumming- It Is Red Day, The Color Of The Month

Red is a hard color for me. Many reds are so warm that I just can’t wear them. Also, when I do wear red, I have to wear red lipstick to balance the color. For me, I look for a bluish red instead of a tomato red.

Day 10 – Ten Pipers Pipping- Show Your Pixie Style

I have a closet full of some unique items that I can add to a plain all-black base layer to create a fun look. Statement jewelry, scarves, shoes, sweaters, shawls, and jackets are just some of the choices.

Day 11- Eleven Ladies Dancing- Show Off Your Favorite Kettlewell Outfit

I LOVE the color Sapphire and need more of it in my wardrobe. Also, v neck tops, cowl necks, and wrap tops are all “pear friendly”. Added an additional statement necklace to help bring attention up and balance my hips and thighs. Many of the Kettlewell tops are shorter with material that ruches at the waist. This helps to emphasize my waist and create an hourglass shape.

A great purchase and capsule wardrobe favorite is my sleeveless v necks. These tops have been “outfit builder” in my wardrobe. Perfect for layering, I usually start my outfit with one either in a neutral or color in my Winter Seasonal Color Palette. Because of the weather here in Alabama, lightweight jersey material jackets/cardigans are perfect for layering.

Day 12- Twelve Lords A Leaping- Show Off A Glamourous Holiday Look

Here in Alabama, Christmas Day can be cold and dry, warm and rainy, or even bring TORNADOES (no snow). Having choices that I can layer is my best bet for creating a holiday look I will be comfortable in. No Christmas sweaters are needed.

How Much Fun Can You Have In Your Closet?

I never liked taking pictures of myself. For years I was never in the family photo, but the photographer. Now I am learning that taking pics of outfits really helps me evaluate the outfit. Deciding whether to keep, return, toss, or make small changes such as alteration.

One of the takeaways from the Adore Your Wardrobe course which forces you to take a selfie is Mirrors Lie, Selfies Don’t.

With all my new-found knowledge, I can now play/shop my closet, putting together outfits, and evaluating them with a new eye to style. All of a sudden, something that used to throw me into a panic attack with tears (the thought of going out or photos) now is something fun.

Unfortunately this year, I am all dressed up, with no where to go….

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2 thoughts on “12 Days Of Christmas Outfit Challenge

  1. Wasn’t the challenge fun? I commend you for getting in an outfit each day. And they were all delightful. I, too, did AYW, but really need to review. My body has gone through big changes this year, so it won’t hurt to run through the lessons. By the way, I am a 5’4” pear, light winter, minimalist. Might have a touch of romantic (I think that’s a category).

    1. I batched my outfits in one photoshoot. Mostly so I could remember which day was what and take advantage of good outdoor light. It was fun planning out the outfits. I looking forward to more challenges. It makes me really think out my wardrobe. I wore several of the outfits on my Nashville weekend trip. LOVE the 5’4 Pear, Light Winter, Minimalist with a touch of romantic. The lighter winter colors would be great for a romantic!!!! That is a side of the palette I have not really had time to discover. The Ice Colors are beautiful!!!

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