What To Wear For Thanksgiving- Creating A Comfortable Outfit

Hello, Darlings! Today’s topic is What To Wear For Thanksgiving. This year your Thanksgiving holiday may look different. Less large gatherings and more intimate events. Either way, you still want to look stylish but most importantly, comfortable.

What To Wear For Thanksgiving- Creating A Comfortable Outfit

What To Wear For Thanksgiving

Comfort Is Key- Especially If You Are The Cook

Slaving over the hot stove this Thanksgiving? Nothing is worse than putting yourself together only to “sweat it out” running around cooking. Another pitfall is spilling. I have ruined an outfit by spilling food while transferring it to the table last minute-that darn gravy! How about an apron?

Grab a cute graphic apron, Queen In The Kitchen from Amazon to protect your outfit while you cook. Several other sayings to choose from.

Also, consider dressing in layers. Short or sleeveless top to cook in comfort and add a lightweight cardigan or sweater for meal/pictures.

Basic Formula For Outfit For Thanksgiving

Start with comfortable elastic pants. This way if you “overindulge” you will have plenty of room to expand and breathe. Jeans/pants with buttons may not be your best bet. I confess, many times I have gone to the restroom to loosen my jeans/pants after a Thanksgiving meal.

Cozy like sweatpants but a more presentable look, these Woman’s High Rise Elastic Pants from Land’s End are a great option for comfort.
Slimmer look with a wide waistband, the Starfish Mid Rise Straight Leg Pull-On Pants are super comfortable, coming in sizes Regular/Petite/Tall.

Try to “Level UP” yoga pants by choosing knit pants in boot cut/trouser cut. Still have the comfort factor. Many yoga pants have seam lines running down the side which look much more “athletic”.

What To Wear For Thanksgiving- Tops For Layering

Layers are a great way to stay comfortable for Thanksgiving. I start with a shell layers that is sleeveless.

Micro Fiber Tank From Chicos is a great choice for sleeveless layer.
Talbots has a Sleeveless Cotton Blend Tank Top for Thanksgiving Layering
For a dressier, very flattering look, try a wrap front sleeveless top. This is the Wrap Effect top from the Banana Republic, which comes in 6 different colors. (also Petites)
For a dressier, very flattering look, try a wrap front sleeveless top. This is the Wrap Effect top from the Banana Republic, which comes in 6 different colors. (also Petites)

What To Wear For Thanksgiving- Add A Lightweight Cardigan

For a quick grab, check your local Target for the New Day Open Front Cardigan to add to sleeveless base layers. Comes in rust, black, orange, and purple.

I have added several of these Shawl Wrap Cardigans from Kettlewell Colours to my wardrobe. A lightweight cardigan is perfect for layering.

My Thanksgiving Outfit Looks

I have been collecting pieces for just this occasion. Now I have a nice selection of individual base layers and cardigans to create easy outfits. I have choices now! Not just one outfit I hope will work. #nocryingincloset

My Thanksgiving Outfit consists of sleeveless V neck from Kettlewell Colours, Beyond Proper Travel Pants(I got them in Short), and cardigan/wrap from Kettlewell Colours.

Simple outfit with fall color such as Chocolate is great for Thanksgiving dinner.

Level Up On Jewelry And Accessories

Deep/bluer Red- Rumba Red is another take on fall colors

What To Wear For Thanksgiving- Level Up A Simple Outfit With Jewelry

Because the outfit is so simple, you need to “level UP” with a statement necklace and earrings. Remember the “rules of three” you need to try to add 3 points of interest with jewelry and/or accessories to complete an outfit. This can be a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or much more. Check out my post Wardrobe Basics- Time To Look At Jewelry.

Also, spend a little extra time on your makeup. If pictures are being taken, go heavier than you normally would and add lipstick. Darker fall colors can wash you out if you don’t. A great blogger tip: if it looks good, add a bit more blush.

Avoid Bulky Scarves

My Thanksgiving outfit last year was… trouble. Great formula with the sleeveless base layer, knit pants, and lightweight cardigan but I blew it with a scarf. The scarf was not only bulky and hot, it occasionally got dipped in my food- YUCK! A better choice would have been a statement necklace.

Sweater Are Good Choice- As Long As They Are NOT Bulky And HOT

This is a sweater/fleece that I have worn for several “cooler” Thanksgivings at the lake. Lightweight fleece and non fussy cowl neck makes this top a great choice to pair with black bootcut ponte knit pants.

Our Thanksgiving At The Lake

It will be a quiet celebration this year, sons and their wives will be with the in-laws. So Thanksgiving at the lake will be Dan, Anna, and I with all the furry girls (Emma, Gracie, and Nora).

Growing up, there was so much stress around the food, family, and the event. Literally, it would make me nauseated. So now, my family’s Thanksgiving is very laid back. Most all the food is pre-made, so all I have to do pop it in the oven or warm-up over the stove. Even the turkey is already cooked, I pick up a smoked turkey from our favorite bbq place- no turkey disasters!

In a year where COVID has changed our perspective, I am so blessed, so thankful.

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  1. Thank you for your blog…. I really do enjoy it! Its a nice break from reality. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Our Canadian Thanksgiving is in mid October (colder climate, sooner harvest) and between Thanksgiving celebrations and Halloween parties, our COVD cases are skyrocketing in Canada like crazy….. So you are very wise to keep your Thanksgiving gathering small. This too shall pass! My hubbie agrees with yours: there is nothing like a SEC game live in person….. But at least we have football to enjoy. Something is better than nothing. Enjoy your time up at the lake. Sounds lovely!

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