Start Christmas Shopping NOW!

Hello, Darlings! Today we are talking about Christmas- Start Christmas Shopping NOW! Many retailers bought for Christmas inventory during COVID lockdowns. With so much uncertainty, they chose to limit inventory. Not only that, but many factories that produce merchandise have been closed or limit capacity. I already see that in the stores.

Start Christmas Shopping NOW!

Big Push From Retailers To Shop Early

You are about to see a big push from retailers to shop early. Just this week I have received 3 emails from companies warning of possible inventory problems, shipping delays, and fear of future COVID related shut downs.

I have ventured out to several stores and found low inventories and expectations of future inventories up in the air. This is usually when you will find stores stocking for the holidays.

Start Christmas shopping now for best inventory

Veteran’s Day Sales in the past have been the BEST sales with the BEST inventory. I am not seeing anything “new”. Even the merchandise that is on the floor, I am not seeing great prices. Mostly heavily marked up and then put on sale. The worst is toys!

Everyone Will Be Shopping Online

Everyone will be done some shopping online for Christmas.

COVID restrictions have made traditional shoppers, now online shoppers. I don’t expect to see great online sales and bargains like in the past. Don’t expect to see any great deals on shipping either. Everyone will be trying to get their list completed and merchandise shipped. The last-minute shoppers will be expected to “pay up” for shipping.

Good news is store such as Walmart are partnering with companies such as Door Dash to provide home delivery of in-stock items from you local store that you ordered online. Saturday morning I ordered merchandise from Walmart and it was delivered to my door that evening at no additional cost to me.

Think Thanksgiving Too

Even food such as can pumpkin are in short supply for the holidays

Many stores are having a pumpkin shortage. Yes, can pumpkin to make pumpkin pies. You might want to plan ahead and buy non-perishables you need for Thanksgiving. Or even rethink the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Keeping it simple, and lowering expectations.

Keep It Simple

Keep it simple and set expectations low.  Enjoy the break from the hustle and bustle fo the holidays

This year for Christmas we are going to keep it very simple. Lower the expectations and enjoy a slower holiday season. The Christmas List is extremely paired down. No stress or hustle and bustle, because “it is what it is”. Find joy in putting up the tree and decoration, versus it being a chore to rush thru.

Shop Local

Christmas Shopping- Shop local and support your local community

PLEASE take the time to support your local businesses. If you spend your Christmas dollars anywhere, try to spend it locally. Many of the smaller retailers are really struggling and many not make it to the new year. Try to show them some love by purchasing locally.

Fair Warning About Gift Cards

Warning about gift cards.  Make sure you choose a business that will not be bankrupt in the new year

I love gift cards, my favorite is to my local spa. If COVID restrictions start back again, I don’t think my spa will make it. My gift cards will be useless. If you buy gift cards, make sure that business will be there. Even some of the larger retailers, especially those with huge brick and mortar stores are close to bankrupt.

Some of restaurants that have adjusted well for take out, are good choices for gift cards. Again, try to think local and support your communities.

Consider Donations To Locally Charities Instead of Gifts

Instead of Christmas Shopping- Donate to your local community charities such as food banks and churches.

Many local charities and churches are also struggling. Need is greater than the budget. Local food banks, homeless shelters, women’s shelters, animal shelters, and churches are all good choices. You could even have your family member choose the charity of their choice.

To find a local food bank, search

Yes, I Know It Is Only Halloween

Scary times ahead with elections and possible second round of COVID restrictions.  Plan ahead.

Yes, I know it is only Halloween. In a normal year, I would be mad to have to start thinking about the holidays now. I usually dig my heels in and refused to be pushed into the holidays too early. But this year is scary, with uncertainty about the elections, more COVID restrictions, and plain supply chain struggles. It is best to get a plan early, even if that plan is to keep it real simple.

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