How To Pick Clothes According To Your Seasonal Color Palette

Hello, Darlings! Today we are going to talk about How To Pick Clothes According To Your Seasonal Color Palette.

Not every color looks good on me. If I wear peach, everyone will think I am sick. The color makes my skin tone look shallow. Yellow is not a happy color on me. And if I wear cream, everyone will ask me “what is wrong- are you okay?”

How To Pick Clothes According To Your Seasonal Color Palette

How To Pick Clothes According To Your Seasonal Color Palette

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COVID has been a huge eye-opener in terms of wardrobe. First, so many of my pieces are only used for certain functions (church, entertaining, special events). The rest were casual clothes, but many of those I did not wear. My favorites all have the same thing in common- color

Do You Know Your Seasonal Color Palette.

During the 80s’ the “rage” was all about getting your “colors done”. A color analysis started with someone holding up large color swatches against your face to determine if you were a warm or cool tone. After that, they continued to hold up different swatches to determine your season – Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter.

Check out Style Yourself Confident for great information on seasonal color analysis

Winter Season Color Palette
Winter Season Color Palette
Spring Seasonal Color Palette
Spring Seasonal Color Palette
Summer Seasonal Color Palette
Summer Seasonal Color Palette
Autumn Seasonal Color Palette
Autumn Seasonal Color Palette

Getting Even Deeper In Color Analysis

After your color seasonal palette was established, you could dive deeper and discover your tonal direction. This breaks down the seasonal palettes even deeper into tones such as Clear Dominant, Deep Dominant, Light Dominant, Soft Dominant, Warm Dominant, and Cool Dominant. Knowing your tonal directions gives you a deeper analysis and can open up more color choices.

But for now, let’s keep it simple

Why Knowing Your Color Palette Is Important

Knowing your color palette is knowing what looks good on you. The colors that will work best with your natural features and skin tones. This knowledge can help you be a better shopper, and make sure that everything you do buy looks good on you.

Importance Of A Color Shield

Can I wear a color outside my seasonal color palette? The answer is yes if you have a color shield. A color shield is a color in your palette or palette neutral that you wear next to your face. For most people, a color shield would be a white (cool) or cream (warm) shirt or dark neutral such as black/navy/grey/brown. In fall I love the color orange but it is NOT in my color palette. I can wear it in a sweater if I wear a black/navy top underneath.

Creating A Closet That Is Color Friendly

After years of hating clothes and my wardrobe, I took the Adore Your Wardrobe Class and learned a very basic rule. When shopping for clothes, the item needs to be appropriate for your body type, fit correctly, and be in your color palette. If it doesn’t fit these criteria, don’t buy it cause you will not wear it.

Using these rules I have become a more conscientious shopper. That means less returning and more clothes that I adore and wear. This makes it easier for me to chose an outfit on a moment’s notice for an outing or event, and know I will like it and look good in it.

Introducing Kettlewell Colours

I stumbled across this UK company, Kettlewell Colours while shopping for sweaters. Kettlewell is a British brand selling stylish, high-quality wardrobe essentials in more than 300 colors. The concept is that consumers should not have to wait for their color palette to come out, they should have seasonal colors available all year round.

Kettlewell Colour's Short Cascade Wrap Sweater is figure flattering and your can get it in your seasonal colors
Perfect figure flattering light weight sweater for pear shaped body. Great for petites!
Darcey Scoop neck top with 3/4 sleeves is figure flattering for all and a wardrobe staple
Scoop neck and 3/4 sleeves makes this top a wardrobe staple. Made of jersey knit fabric
The Mid Cascade Long Sleeve sweater is great for taller women or those who like a longer sweater.  Very figure flattering
Another figure flattering sweater, especially if you are taller or want a longer sweater
The Roxy Shirt Jacket is made from faux suede and is perfect cropped jacket for layering
Made from faux suede, this cropped jacket is perfect for layering
The Chloe Jacket is a moto style jacket that is light weight
The Chloe Jacket is a moto style jacket that is light weight
The Florence Infinity Scarf is light weight and easy way to create color shield or accent
The Florence Infinity Scarf is light weight and easy way to create color shield or accent

Kettlewell Colours is adding new fall merchandise including longer/thicker sweaters and jackets. The new online catalog is expected to hit sometime in early October. In the next couple of weeks, I will be styling some of my most recent purchases.

How Do I Shop If I live In US?

It is very easy to shop even if you don’t live in the UK. Kettlewell has a US portal so everything is US currency. It ships from the UK but once it arrives in the US it is delivered by USPS. The company is quick to “dispatch” or ship the items. The time from ordering to delivery is on average one week. Similar to other US companies. Can I return items? Yes, they have a US return portal and the procedure is simple and free.

***You UK purchase can get “stuck” in customs. I have a package right now I am waiting for. This can take up to 30 days. Bummer…

Not Sure Of Your Seasonal Color Palette- Take The Quiz

Kettlewell has a simple Color & Style Quiz to get you started. They have 3 quizzes, one on color, another for style, and third is body shape. The answers will help you get started on analyzing your wardrobe.

Time To For Closet Check!

As we transition into fall is a great time for a closet cleanout and to do a wardrobe check. Make sure you have the basics that fit well and you love. Then add color to your wardrobe using your seasonal palette of colors.

Lucky for me, companies such as Kettlewell are making items I can purchase and not have to wait until my color palette becomes available. I can have colors in my wardrobe all year long that look good on me and make me feel FABULOUS!

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