Training Your Eye To Shop Online “Where Does My Eye Go?”

Hello, Darlings! Today we are going to talk about Training Your Eye To Shop Online “Where Does Your Eye Go?”. With online shopping becoming the norm, it is helpful at a glance to know whether an item will look good on you or not. Playing this little game will help you quickly disregard items that will not work on your body.

Before we start, you need to know your body type. If you do not, then download the My Shape Stylist app or go straight to their website, My Shape Stylist. You will need a friend and a tape measure to do this correctly. Save your measurements to help you make better choices when shopping.

Training Your Eye To Shop Online- “Where Does My Eye Go?”

Let’s Train Your Eye To Shop Online- Ask The Question-Where Does Your Eye Go?

We all have features we want to accentuate, and those we want to hide. So let’s play the game, where does you eye go? Does it go to an area you want people looking at, or not.

These pictures are some current styles of clothing you might see when you are shopping online. For some people, these are wins, others, they are not good choices.

Shop Online For Tops- Where Does Your Eye Go?

Huge trend this season with tie front tops, but really, where does you eye go to?

Front tie can bring attention to hips and crotch area.
In this picture, my eye goes straight to the crotch/ hips area. Most people this in NOT where you want attention drawn.

Side Tie Top – Where Does Your Eye Go?

Slide ties bring attention to the hip area
This is a top from Karen Kane. Your eye is drawn right at the hip. If you are a pear or apple-shaped body type, this is NOT where you want your eye to go.

Figure Flattering Tie Top Styles

Details such a v neck and flutter sleeves bring attention up. Small tie on slide accentuates the waist
This top from the Banana Republic is very flattering. Why? Because the v-neckline and flutter sleeves draw your attention up towards her face. There is still attention at the hips, but not as much because the banding draws your eye to the waist. Pear and apple-shaped women would still want to avoid a side tie top.

Where Does Your Eye Go? Higher Waisted Tie Top

Belted details can help define a waist
This top from Boden is a great example of how you can wear tie tops. Your eye is drawn to the v-neck and not the tie. The tie located high on the waist and the print almost camouflages the tie altogether.

Puff Sleeves- Where Does Your Eye Go?

Puff sleeves are going to be a huge trend for the fall. I love puff sleeves, but it is not good for everyone. Puff sleeves draw attention out towards the shoulders. For someone who is a more of a carrot/inverted triangle-shaped body, wider shoulders, narrow hips, and waist, this top is a no.

Puff sleeves will help bring attention up towards your face and make your shoulders look broader
Puff sleeve top from White House Black Market draws your eye to the shoulder area, making it appear wider.

Pleated Cuff Blouse- Where Does Your Eye Go?

As we get into long sleeve weather, you will see more styles such as this. This top has a great v-neck which is flattering to all women. But the questions is, does this top draw too much attention to my waist and hips?

Even details on cuffs can bring attention to your waist and hip
Pleated cuff top has balance of v-neck to draw attention up and detail in cuff area to draw your eye down to waist and hips.

Online Shopping For Necklaces-Where Does Your Eye Go?

Accessories and jewelry are a great way to level up an outfit. But, you need to be aware of where your eye is drawn to. Longer pendant style necklaces will draw attention downward to your waist and hips. Shorter statement necklaces will draw attention up to your face and chest.

Longer pendant style necklaces will bring attention down towards your waist
Gorgeous Long Ombre Link Necklace from Chicos. But where does the eye go? For pear/apple-shaped women, this is a no as the eye is drawn downward to waist and hips.
Use statement jewerly and details such as color and large labels to bring attention up and out
This Green Bib Necklace from Chicos is a perfect example of statement jewelry bringing attention up to your face. The moto jacket with its wide lapels also accentuates the top half of your body. This look is perfect for a pear-shaped body.

Shop Online For Pants/Jeans- Where Does Your Eye Go?

Because so many women struggle with weight, visually hiding waist and hips is important. To help you make quick decisions while shopping online, play the game- where does you eye go?

Prints such as camo and animal can work great to bring attention down
Belted Camo/Flora Ankle pants draw your eyes down. All the visual attention is on your lower half. This look would be good for a carrot/inverted triangle shaped body. A straight body- shape could also wear this if they emphasized the belt area.

Torn/Ripped Jeans- Where Does Your Eye Go?

Huge trend for past couple of years. Is this a look that works for you? Ask the question, where does your eye go?

Ripped jeans is a huge trend.  Do you want to bring attention to that area?
Because of the white stitching, my eyes are drawn down to the knees and thighs instead of up at the face. Someone tall and slim could get away with this look.

Embroidered Jeans- Where Does Your Eye Go?

We have seen this trend around for many years. Some with simple embrodiery on the pockets, others with elaborate designs down the side.

trying to decide of embroidered jeans are for you? Ask the question, where does your eye go?
There is a lot going here. White top draws and necklace draw my eye up. Next my eye is drawn straight to the hip with the elaborate design. Finally, my eye is drawn down towards feet with cuffed jeans and white shoes.

Simple Rules For Body Types- Where Do You WANT Your Eye To Go?

Learning your body type can help you shop online

Body types are called many things whether it is by shape or fruit. The most important to know about body types is – where do you want your eye to go?

Learn out what looks good on your specific body type will help you shop online successfully

Drawing your eye to different locations on your body by using color, accessories, or visual accents, you can create a more proportional look. You can use color to make you look taller or slimmer (column of color).

So when you are shopping, it is helpful to know where you want attention drawn, and pick pieces accordingly.

Apple or Round Body Shape

  • Want to bring attention up and down and avoid the middle.

Pear or Triangle Shape

  • Bring attention up and out and avoid hip area.

Carrot or Inverted Triangle

  • Attention needs to be drawn down.

Straight Or Rectangle Shape

  • Need to draw attention to waist and define

Curvy Or Hourglass Shape

  • Is considered the “ideal” shape for women
  • Need to keep all areas balanced.

Before You Buy- Where Does My Eye Go?

Have fun this weekend looking online and starting to train your eye to find items that will work with your body type. Mentally discard items that will not. You can also use this game as you try on clothes in your wardrobe and start putting together outfit. Have fun!

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