Grocery Shopping And Supply List For The Keto Diet

Hello, Darlings! While you are working on your Sugar Detox, let’s look at the Grocery Shopping And Supply List For Keto Diet.

Remember the Keto Diet is all about Less Than 20 Carbs/ No Sugar/High Fat. Your goal in the first couple of weeks of the Keto Diet is to get used to eating high fat. So your fridge will need to be full of things that are higher fat. Things you have been told not to eat. Remember it is all about fat adaption.

Grocery Shopping And Supply List For Keto Diet

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Hopefully, you have done the Sugar Detox where you learned about foods that have carbs and hidden sugar. You have cleaned out your cabinets/pantry/fridge of all those “forbidden items” so you will not be tempted to fall off the wagon.

To help you get through the first weeks, lets go shopping for a few basics

Grocery Shopping And Supply List For Keto Diet

Watch Dr. Bosworth’s Grocery Shopping And Supply List For Beginner Keto Diet

Supply List For Keto Diet

  • Ketone Strips– should be able to find at a local pharmacy or order online
  • Blood Pressure Monitor- especially for those who have issues with blood pressure
  • Frother- If you are a coffee drinker you might one
  • Epson Salts Soaks- I love Dr. Teals. Any brand or nonbrand will do, need a large bag (or two). This will help with leg cramps
  • Electrolyte you can add to water- I recommend Dr. Berg’s Raspberry and Lemon Powder. HUGE for keeping Keto Flu under control
  • MCT Oil- You can get it in liquid, powder or capsules. Look for MCT Oil with C8:C10
  • Good Quality Scale- I like Fit Track Dara Scale. It gives you lots of information on your body’s make up. This can be helpful along the way to see how your body is adjusting to the Keto Diet
  • Tape Measure
  • Don’t forget to download the Carb Manager App on your phone.

Learn about MCT Oil and how it will help you get into Ketosis (produce Ketones)

This is diet is about changing your body’s chemistry so that you will burn fat as fuel instead of glucose. It takes time. Once you begin the diet, you will be concentrating on eating lots of fats. If you are still eating sugar, it will not work and you are wasting your time.

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