How To Set Goals For Keto Diet- Know Your Why

Hello, Darlings! Thinking about starting the Ketogenic Diet? Today we are going to talk about How To Set Goals For Keto Diet. First, know your why.

Realistic expectations and goals are important if you want to be successful on any diet plan. Too many people get fail on this diet because they expect immediate weight loss. This diet really messes with everything you ever thought about what is healthy. It takes time to adapt both mentally and physically.

How To Set Goals For Keto Diet- Know Your Why

How To Set Goals For Keto Diet- Know Your Why

Throughout my series on the Keto Diet, you will see me refer to Dr. Boz. Dr. Boz is Dr. Annette Bosworth, a practicing Internal Medicine doctor from South Dakota. She has some of the BEST Keto education available online. I encourage you to read her book, Anyway You Can. Dr. Boz shares how she uses the Ketogenics Diet to heal her Mother (Grandma Rose) from cancer.

She also walks you thru the diet, explaining the science behind the Ketogenic Diet. Dr. Boz approaches it from the eyes of a doctor who spent years treating patients who suffer from chronic inflammation. This approach is best for those over 50. Dr. Boz is currently living the Keto Diet and encourages others to make this a permanent life change.

Keto Diet Success-Know Your Why?

Why am I doing this diet? Easy to lose weight. Let’s look deeper…

More Than Weight Loss

I have gained and lost that same 30 pounds for years. That yo-yo syndrome has damaged my body. Year of using sugar/carbs/alcohol has created high levels of insulin resistance. On top of that, I deal with low energy, stress, low sex drive, inflammation of my stomach, low thyroid function, and the list goes on…

The Ketogenic Diet has a history of reducing inflammation and insulin resistance, with the side effect of weight loss.

What Is My Why

Here is the My Why List

  • Lose fat to enable me to fit into my clothes
  • Have more for energy to travel and participate in activities I enjoy
  • Get control of my health, I am currently Obese on the BMI index which can lead to major health problems as I age.
  • Weight loss goal of 50 lb to reach a healthy weight for BMI
  • Get control of inflammation associated with GERD (acid redux, poor digestion, chronic gas and digestion issues
  • Reduce all over body inflammation (joint pain, skin rashes, bloating)
  • Reduce problems of Sleep Apnea
  • Decrease my A1C and risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Get control of my cravings for sugar
  • Stop dependence on sugar/carbs/ and alcohol to manage my stress
  • Heal my body in hopes of reducing my depression
  • Increase my energy
  • Increase my mental function (get rid of brain fog)
  • Reduce adrenal fatigue and help my thyroid function better.
  • Increase my stamina for tennis and other physical activities
  • Create a lifestyle diet plan to enable me to live a healthy, active lifestyle in my senior years.

So You See…

So you see, weight loss is an important factor, but so many others things are equally, if not more important. I can go to Weight Watchers and loss 30 lbs in about 6 months to a year. But, I have not addressed any of the underlying problems with my body and chance are VERY HIGH I will gain it back and more.

Problems With The Standard American Diet

The problem with the Standard American Diet, (known as SAD) is the emphasis on highly processed foods for nutrients and an overabundance of carbohydrates for energy. The SAD diet leads to an epidemic of obesity in this country, along with all the other problems associated with insulin resistance.

Before You Start The Keto Diet- Write Your Why Statement

Ready to set goals for keto diet- write your WHY Statement

I thought this was a little stupid when I was asked at the beginning. But as I am progressing thru the diet, (slow progress) I find myself referring back to my answers. On those struggle days when I want to quit or are tempted to go back to my sugar/carb/alcohol-filled lifestyle, I refer back to my Why Statement. Why am I putting myself through this? It is not all about weight loss.

I am at the crossroads. My mother just died from the ramification of year unhealthy living. She never weighed more than 115 lbs. It isn’t just about weight loss. It is about chronic inflammation that can lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.

In February I will turn 55. I have time NOW to turn the corner and repair the damage I have done to my body.

Now It Is Time To Write Your Why Statement.

Each person is different and our issues are unique. For me it is a journey, it took years to get here. I have to do some healing, body chemistry adjustments, and lifestyle adjustments.

At the one month point in this diet, I have found success (not so much in weight loss) but in other areas. I am sleeping better, have more energy, better mental clarity, better able to handle stress, less stomach inflamation.

The weight will continue to come off as I make better progress on Keto Adaption. Today as I review my Why Statement, I excited to see how I continue progressing to better health.

Learn more about the keto diet in my post. What Is The Keto Diet?

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