Thinking About Trying Keto Diet – Start With Sugar Detox

Hello, Darlings! If you are Thinking About Trying The Keto Diet- Start With A Sugar Detox.

The Standard American Diet is full of carbohydrates, just like an addict coming off drugs/alcohol, you need to ween yourself off slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Thinking About Trying Keto Diet – Start With Sugar Detox

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It would be great if we could just go to a spa or a detox clinic, but for most, we have to do this process at home. I wrote a very good series on what sugar (carbs) does to your body and how to do a 21 Day Sugar Detox.

21 Day Sugar Detox Series

Part of doing a Sugar Detox is learning about all the hidden sugars/ carbs. You will need this education before you start the Keto Diet.

Install The Carb Manager On Your Phone

Install Carb Manager on your phone to keep track of you carbohydrates as you go thru sugar detox and start Keto Diet
Install Carb Manager on your phone to keep track of you carbohydrates as you go thru sugar detox and start Keto Diet

It is important to learn about the products/produce that has hidden sugars and carbs before you ever start the Keto Diet. I suggest you install the Carb Manager App on your phone and start tracking your carbs while you go thru the Sugar Detox process. BE HONEST!!! You need to know where you are starting from on your journey.

You will be amazed at how many carbohydrates you are still eating. Before going thru the sugar detox, you might be consuming up to 300 carbs a day. On the Keto Diet you have to drop to 20 carbs per day.

Really Focus On Reducing Sugar/Carbohydrates In Your Beverages

Day one of your Sugar Detox, focus on your beverages. You must have this under control before you start the Keto Diet. This includes your morning cup of coffee. Try unsweetened creamers such as almond/Coconut or even heavy cream in your coffee. Remove all diet drinks and sodas. If you must have something carbonated, look to the LaCroix like products.

Your ultimate goal is to retrain your palette on the taste of sugar.

Using a non sugar electrolyte in your water, such as Dr. Berg's,  can help reduce withdrawal symptoms
Using a non sugar electrolyte in your water can help reduce withdrawal symptoms

I really worked on drinking more water and added electrolytes to my drink to help with withdrawal symptoms. My favorite is Dr. Berg’s Rasperry/ Lemonade with Potassium/Magnesium/Sodium. It does have Stevia in it, which is a natural sweetener that does not seem to affect your blood sugar levels, but it can upset your stomach.

Do NOT Go To The Next Step Until You Have Your Carbs Down To 100 or Less

Your Sugar Detox may be 2 weeks or 21 day plus. Don’t continue to the next phase until you have completed the detox. You will know if you are ready to go on if

  • You have control of your beverages (no sugar) including morning coffee
  • Cabinets, refrigerator, and pantry have been cleaned out – no temptations
  • Using your Carb Manager, you are now tracking the food you eat and are able to keep carbs below 100 for at least 1 week.

***If you can not go forward, continue to work on your Sugar Detox. It takes time to break the sugar habit. You will have set backs, especially in stressful situations.

Check Out Dr. Bosworth’s Video On What To Do Before Starting The Keto Diet

Ready To Take The Next Step?

You may find weight loss success during the sugar detox. First time I did it I lost 6 lbs. This is probably water weight as your body adjust to not having all those sugar molecules around. Winning!

Now it is time to take the next step, a change is body chemistry as we adjust our fuel source from burning sugar to fat for energy. This is as much a mental adjustment as physical.

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