Nordstrom Anniversary Sale-Check Out My Favorites And Wish List

Today’s topic is all about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Check out my favorites and wish list.

Hello, Darlings!

Let’s get real, I’ve only worn 4 outfits since COVID started. I just rotate them around, so why do I need to shop Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. GOOD QUESTION! I looked at the preview for the sale… muh. Nothing really fabulous, but some good stock-up items.

So, let’s look at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- Check out my favorites and wish list.

2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - What Is On My Wish List

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My Favorites And Wish List

The NSale is Nordstrom’s big Anniversary Sale. I am usually pretty picky about what I buy, but the things I buy are usually some of my favorite pieces. Since I just dropped a ton of money on A/C units, I am going to be very conscience what I buy this year. Plus, I have put on extra 20 lbs (yikes!) and need to lose weight before I invest in clothes

Information On The NSale

Right now everyone can preview the NSale. Nordstrom credit card holders have pre-assigned dates they can have “early access” to shop the sale. Everyone can shop for the sale starting on August 19th thru August 30th. The next day everything goes back up in price. This doesn’t mean it will not go on sale again, and some do. But for the most part, this is the best price and inventory you will get.

My Favorites in Jeans

According to my body type rules (know your body type-I am a PEAR) I should buy jeans and pants that are dark/black wash and bootcut. Easy! My favorite brand of jeans is a Nordstrom brand, Wit and Wisdom. After years of trying to find jeans I like, I feel in love with the Wit and Wisdom Itty-Bitty Absolution jeans.

Nsale favorite pick-Wit and Wisdom Black Bootcut Jeans in black
Wit and Wisdom Itty Bitty Absolution Jeans In Black

These are the only jeans I wore all fall/winter. I have them in petite (I am 5’1) to wear with flats and sneakers, regular length to wear with heels and booties. Both sizes I have in black and dark denim. The good news is off sale they are not one of the more expensive lines.

My Favorite Pick -Wit and Wisdom Bootcut Jeans. Not on sale, but still a great purchase
Wit and Wisdom Itty Bitty Absolution Jeans in dark denim. Currently not on the Nsale, but a good price for jeans.

JEAN CHECK TIME! Go try on your jeans. Are they too stretched out, do they still fit (extra pounds do to COVID stress eating)? May need to replace or get another size. Great time to grab some, if you don’t need them, return them. Nordstrom has the BEST return policy. Remember- an online shopper must also be an online returner.

A Favorite Pick- Booties

Waterproof booties are a MUST HAVE! I have been extremely pleased with my black booties from Blondo. I wore them with my jeans all the time. At the end of last year, my zipper broke, so I am going to be bootie shopping. On my list is the Blondo Emelia Waterproof Chelsea Booties in black. These look to be slip-on with no zipper.

Nsale favorite pic in booties- Blondo Emelia Waterproof bootie in black
My favorite bootie in black with no zipper

Body type rule, wear dark shoes with dark denim and black jeans to create a longer, leaner line. It will make you look taller and slimmer.

A Favorite Pick- Slip-On Sneakers

Last year I wore my slip-on sneakers out. This is on my buy list for fall. I am looking for slip-on sneakers that are waterproof and comfortable. Not on the Nsale, but in my shopping cart are the Blondo Karen Waterproof Sneakers.

Nsale favorite pick -slip-on sneakers. This pair is the Blondo Karen Waterproof sneaker.  It is not a part of the Nsale but is on my needs list
Not a part of the Nsale but the Blondo Waterproof Sneaker is on my list


One thing the Nsale is known for is good prices on name brands that do not usually go on sale. There are sales on some brands they are not allowed to advertise.

Nsale Favorite Pick in undies- Treat yourself to some new undies.  These are the Chantelle Lingerie Soft Stretch High Waisted Panties.
Treat yourself to some new undies- Chantelle Lingerie Soft Stretch High Waisted Briefs
This brand has a french cut and hipster

It is a good time to shop for some quality items, socks/bras/ underwear. On my needs list is some quality underwear. Many of my panties are stretched out and worn out. I also have on my list a super comfortable sports bra (that is all I have been wearing for the last 6 months).

Nsale Wish List Pick in bras- True & Co Body Lift Raceback Bralette.
My favorite pick- True & Co. True Body Lift V Neck Racerback Bralette.
Nsale wish list pick in sports bras
Another choice is the Zella Studio Lite Longline Bra

This summer I have been wearing my racerback sports bra with oversized tank tops, the racerback showing.

My Wish List- Barefoot Dreams Socks

Nsale favorite pick for gifts- Barefoot Dreams socks.  I lived in these all winter.  Perfect for gift or stocking stuffer.
Great gift idea or just a “from me to me” gift, these Barefoot Dreams socks are FABULOUS. Lived in them all winter longs. Currently sold out, but watch for them to come back in stock.

My Favorite Picks-Beauty

Confession time! I have barely put on makeup in the last 6 months. With all the social distancing, I have nowhere to go, no one to dress up for. But I have been taking care of my skin. I started to incorporate a skincare routine that has a HUGE emphasis on hydration. One of my favorite brands is Bobbi Brown. The Vitamin Enriched Moisturizer is my go-to for winter

Nsale favorite pick in beauty - Bobbi Brown moisturizer.  I love the way it feels and smells.
This is a good beauty buy, basically 2 for the price of one. It is my go-to moisturizer for the winter.

Time to do that Bathroom Clean Out. Before you even look at beauty products, do a bathroom cleanout of your old and outdated products. Next, know your coloring! I have made mistakes of buying great beauty products on the Nordstrom Nsale (HUGE MAC FAN) only to realize later that the products are not in my color wheel. Yes, you do have a color wheel for makeup too.

My Favorite Picks- Cosmetics

MAC Dream Team Eye Kit In Cool Tones - Perfect for everyday wear and for travel
MAC Dream Team Eye Kit In Cool Tones – Perfect for everyday wear and for travel

When looking for makeup buys, ask your self- Am I A Warm Tone? Or Am I A Cool Tone? Many of the makeup palettes will be listed as warm or cool.

MAC Dream Team Eye Kit In Warm Tones. With a deep tan in the summer, I can wear these colors
MAC Dream Team Eye Kit In Warm Tones. With a deep tan in the summer, I can wear these colors

Finally, check to see if it is even a good deal. I use as my price checker. And remember most of all, if you don’t use it, you don’t need it, so DO NOT BUY IT!!!!

My Wish List- Gifts

Nsale  favorite picks for gifts- The Barefoot Dream Cozy Cardigan
My favorite pick for gifts- The Barefoot Dreams Cozy Cardigan

If you do not have one of these, treat yourself and buy one. I LIVED in it last winter. It is so soft and cozy. Also, this make a great gift for all the women in your family. If you have a mother or grandmother- this is an easy win! Matter a fact, I had to buy another one for my daughter in law who was so upset that she left it on a plane.

Final Thoughts On Nsale

Again, read over my 10 Rules For Shopping The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before you start to buy. This year with the repercussions of COVID 19 and the many store closings/bankrupt, it will be interesting to see how other businesses adjust. Are we going to see good holiday sales? What is the inventory going to be like? We may have to do some big-time adjusting to our spending habits. Huge lifestyle changes as work from home becomes the new norm.

A lot of questions left to be resolved. But ultimately, you are the consumer. You can shop or not. Just because it is a sale, doesn’t mean it is a good sale. Be choosey in what you buy, buy only what you need. Wait for the really good stuff that meets your body type rules, skin coloring, and lifestyle.

And a final reminder, an online shopper must be an online returner. If it doesn’t fit, or work with your lifestyle-return it! Nordstrom has a great return policy and makes it very easy to return. Their model is not a lot of discount sales, in return free shipping and a very liberal return policy.

As my momma use to say, “Make Good Choices”

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