My Top 10 Rules For Shopping The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Your email, Instagram, and Facebook are about to be inundated with posts about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This year before you buy, I want you to shop with a purpose. So I have created My Top 10 Rules For Shopping The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

My Top 10 Rules For Shopping The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Top 10 Rules For Shopping The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Rule #1- Know The Rules For The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Yes, it seems the sale has “rules”. First off not everyone can shop at the same time. Priority is given to those who have a Nordstrom Credit Card and how much you shop with Nordstrom. Everyone can shop the sale starting August 19th -30th. Prices will go back up August 31st.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale prioritized Nordstrom Credit Card holders and spending levels.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale prioritized Nordstrom Credit Card holders and spending levels.

If you are shopping the Nsale, my advice is to go thru the preview now and add those items you are interested in buying to your Anniversary Sale Wish List. If you find your items are out of stock when your time comes to shop the sale, don’t panic. Nordstrom will restock, plus you might see more items come back into inventory as people return those purchases they did not want. The rule is to check back often.

Use the preview guide to pre-shop and add items you are interested in to your wish list.

Also throughout the Nsale, Nordstrom will be adding items and having promotions such as “deal of the day”. Following your favorite fashion influencers help you see these promotions. Some of my favorite for fashion over 50 : Tanya Foster, She She Show, Adore Your Wardrobe, Empty Nest Blessed. These women are really into the sale, so you can check out their picks. I will have some items I shop for, but I will not continually keep shopping.

Next, one of my big rules for online shopping is- an online shopper needs to be an online returner. Nordstrom makes it easy to return items so if you are not sure about something, buy it , and you can return it later.

Rule #2- Do A Quick Closet Inventory

Hopefully you have taken some time and organized your closets. If not, I totally recommend it. Not only is it “liberating” but it gives you a snapshot of where you might have holes in your wardrobe.

Check out my series on Wardrobe Basics for help in organizing your wardrobe

Wardrobe Basics Checklist Part 1
Pants & Jeans/Tops & Sweaters/ Dresses & Skirts/Undergarments
Wardrobe Basics Checklist Part 2
Outerwear/Shoes/ Jewelry/Bags/Other

Rule #3- Make A List

make a list so you will know what you need to shop for during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sae

Just like Santa Clause, I want you to make your list and check it twice. This year the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale seems to be all about basics. So this is a good time to try on those jean/pants and make sure they fit. I have added the COVID 19 (almost 20 pounds) since Covid started so I need to check my jeans.

Now, I am doing the Keto Diet and hope (fingers crossed) to lose the weight before “jean season”. If I do, the good thing about Nordstrom is they have a very liberal return policy. Just keep the tags on and return!

Rule # 4- Know Your Color Palette

know your seasonal color palette before you shop
Know your seasonal color palette before you shop

This has been a HUGE help to me in NOT buying clothes that do not look good on me. During COVID I found I only wore a couple of things over and over again. What those pieces had in common, they were good for my body type, and in my color palette, most of all- they were ALL comfortable. Comfort #1

Remember “having your colors done”? Are you a Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn Color Palette? Lots of free color analysis quizzes online. Many of you may still have the book, Color Me Beautiful from the ’80s. The book might be outdated, but the science behind it is still true today.

Color Me Beautiful book popular during the 80's still is relevant today for helping discover colors that look best with your skin.

Knowing your colors makes shopping even easier. DO NOT BUY ANY TOP THAT IS NOT IN YOUR COLOR PALETTE. I am a Winter, and this year NOTHING has been in my color palette. So, I have purchased… nothing!

Rule #5 – Know Your Body Type

There are basically 5 body types. Your body type is determined by measurements. You are basically born with your body type, you may add some weight and lose, but your basic body type stays the same.

Body Type definitions
Know your Body Type!

Shopping according to body type rules has been a game changer for me. I no longer make mistakes by buying clothes that will not work with my body type.

I thoroughly recommend everyone follow Kelly Snyder and Adore Your Wardrobe on Facebook And Instagram. When her class opens back up in September, take her Signature Adore Your Wardrobe Class. I have done all her classes and I have a newfound respect for my body. At the least, sign up for her emails! She sends them out on Fridays and they have links to her weekly Facebook Lives and to some of her freebies. Right now, everyone on her email list gets access to her Nordstrom Anniversary Sale recommendations by body type!.

Rule # 6- Check Your Beauty Needs?

Check your beauty needs and condition of your make up. Make up does have an expiration.
Check your beauty needs and condition of your make up. Make up does have an expiration

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will have some beauty special buys. But remember, they are only good buys if you need them. Now is a good time to do a Bathroom Clean/ Makeup Evaluation. Most makeup does have expirations to it. Also, know your skin undertone and what colors look best for your skin coloring. Nordstrom will have some good beauty buys, but if the product color is wrong for your skin tone, you will not wear it. #wasteofmoney

Buy makeup according to your skin coloring. Just like clothes, makeup has a seasonal palette. Not sure what looks good on your skin? Take a fun afternoon and have your makeup done at a MAC counter.

Rule # 7- Don’t Forget To Get Your Husband/ Grands To Check Their Closets

Don't Forget To Get Your Husband/ Grands To Check Their Closets

As my husband makes the transition to retirement, we are having to make some big changes in his wardrobe. Still have to fill some holes to make our more laid back lifestyle. Nordstrom carries some great lines for men and kids. Now is a great time to have them evaluate holes in their wardrobe or get ahead on shopping for grandchildren for Christmas. Which brings us to Rule #8.

Rule #8- Start A Christmas Shopping List

No time like the present, to start making a Christmas List.  I found some great gifts during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It is NEVER to early to start a Christmas Shopping List. Fall and the holiday season will be here before you know it. Early Christmas shopping=less money spent + less stress around holidays. I have found some great gift ideas from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. My absolute favorite gift to give is the Barefoot Dreams Cozy Circle Cardigan. Perfect for all adult women/teenagers, it is the one thing I wore all winter long.

Rule #9 – Do NOT Get Caught Up In The Frenzy

Don't get caught up in the frenzy of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  If you don't need it, don't buy
Don’t get caught up in the frenzy of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you don’t need it, don’t buy

With all the posts you are going to see a FRENZY starting. I am going to tell you now that the sale this year is not that great from what I see on the preview. The good news is you can preview it now too – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview. It is a lot of basics- jeans, coats, underwear, bras, boots. This is good for stocking up if you like the brand and need the products.

If you do find something you want, buy it quickly. These things will go out of stock fast because many of the influencers will buy them to post about them and then…. return!!!! Look for them to go back in stock- don’t panic or go into a frenzy about the sale.

Now, my one advice in buying is if you are not sure of the size, buy both sizes and return the one that does not fit. Nordstrom’s return process is so easy.

Finally, Rule # 10 For Shopping The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- You Do NOT Have To Shop!!!

If you have no wardrobe needs, your beauty is up to date, Christmas List is not ready, you don’t see anything in the Nordstrom Preview that you want or need- DO NOT SHOP! See that was easy.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a good sale. With COVID 19 and all the problems it has caused in the retail markets, you are going to see two things: low inventory or great sales. Many stores are going bankrupt so you many find some really good deals (only a good deal if you need it). Store that have a great online presence will make it. Either way, you don’t have to shop.

I am a HUGE fan of shopping local and helping out smaller business and local economies. Many local municipalites depend on sales tax revenue for to off set the cost of services to the communities.

What I Am Shopping For

Right now I am doing just what I told you to do, evaluating my closet for holes and making a list. I have done a pretty good job the last couple of years of adapting my wardrobe to my REAL lifestyle. My biggest need right now is new underwear and a super comfortable sports bra.

My next post will show you some of my favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

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