Turn Off Social Media And Grab A Book: Book Recommendations

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Between COVID, riots, protest, and just plain negativity, I have made it my goal to Turn Off Social Media And Grab A Book. I need an escape or it will pull me down into that black hole known as depression.

Turn Off Social Media And Grab A Book

Turn Off The Social Media Grab A Book

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Before I give you a wonderful list of the books that I have read, I need to tell you that my attention span is … zip. With everything going on in the world and in my private life, my head is just spinning. So I do not need a book to inspire me or teach me. I need books to keep me entertained and not think about anything else.

With those perimeters, I chose books that are short, easy reads, with happy endings. My taste goes from light romances to simple mysteries/suspense. The length of the book means I can usually finish it in a day/two at the most. They are very predictable, and in a very unpredictable world, this is comforting.

Old Favorites

In looking for authors to read, I return to some of my all time favorites. Many of these authors have written for Harlequin Romance/Mysteries under many names. I can find them on Amazon or used bookstore/library. On Amazon, several of them were $2 on Kindle Books.

Sharon Sala

Sharon Sala has written over 50 books since the early ’90s. She writes under her name and also Dinah McCall. What I like about her is that she writes in series. Many times with short reads you do not have time to “get to know” the characters or their story.

In series, many time trilogies, you have more time to develop characters and plot lines. Some you need to read in order, but many are stand-alone stories.

Blessings, Georgia Series

This series is best read in order. A 10 book series (#10 due out in August) will keep you busy and off social media for a long time. Short, easy reads with mostly happy endings. Escapism at it’s BEST! This whole series could be Hallmark Movies.

Sharon Sala – Romance/Suspense

Next from Sharon Sala is her romance/suspense series. I have not read through all of them, so I am going to list the ones I have read.

Storm Front Series- Serial Killer finds his victims in the aftermath of natural disasters.

My family history is rooted in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, so this trilogy, Rebel Ridge is my next pick

What happens when you find out your parents are not your parent, you are not even related to your siblings. Searchers series deals with the aftermath of a will reading and 3 young women have to find their history.

Sharon Sala has tons of stand-alone books. Check out the author to see if anything interests you. Simple, quick, easy reads. Here is a list of all her books.

Mary Kay Andrews

I have featured this author before. This author is known for beach reads that have a combination of mystery, history, and light-hearted romance She just came out with her 2020 Beach Read, Hello Summer.

Weezie and Bebe Mystery

Mary Kay Andrews also wrote the Weezie and Bebe Mystery Series. I have truly enjoyed reading it as it is a combination of comedy, action, and romance with a huge dose of Southern Belle

Callahan Garrity Mystery Series

Continuing with mysteries, Mary Kay Andrews created the Callahan Garrity series. Meet ex-Atlanta cop, private investigator, and house cleaners. Callahan and her gang of characters are thrown into some odd, and dangerous situations. With 8 books in this series, you will not be bored. It is best to read them in order to get a better feel for the characters.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I love this author. This is one of those authors that you wait anxiously for her new book. I have read, and re-read all her stories. Her newest book, Dance Away with Me, just came out. It will be my weekend read.

Chicago Stars Series

This series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips revolves around the players/owners of the fictional Chicago Stars football team. Best to read this series in order to better understand the characters.

Wynette, Texas Series

The reason I love series is you get to see characters develop and grow. That is true with Susan Elizabeth Philips (SEP) Wynette, Texas series. With 7 books in this series, you will not be bored. **All the characters come back together in book #6 Call Me Irresistible, you will want to know their backstories before you read this book. Read this one in order!!!

Now, Go Turn Of The Social Media And Grab A Book

I hope this list gives you some escapism from all the negativity. I have so many more book recommendations to give you but I hear my book calling me. Happy Reading!

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