Lesson I Learned During COVID 19 -Quarantine The Media

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I am back! Here in Alabama, many of the restrictions with “Safer-At-Home” are being lifted. Before I venture back out, I want to talk about the Lessons I learned During COVID 19 Safer-At-Home Time. Starting with the first-Quarantine The Media!

Lesson # 1- Quarantine The Media

Lesson # 1- Quarantine The Media

Lessons Learned During Coronavirus Quarantine Time

I will be honest, when I all this started, I got depressed. It wasn’t about the social distancing, the loss of my planned activities, or the restrictions on travel, shopping, or the fear of catching the virus. The media was causing my depression. The constant negativity was causing me sleepless nights, high anxiety, and my gastritis was back full force.

So for my mental, as well as my physical health, I decided to turn off all media, including social media. After I quarantined the media, amazing things happened.

Starting The Day With A Positive Attitude

At the end of the day, it is what it is

Instead of being bombarded with death tolls, job losses, stock losses, so-called experts doom and gloom predictions, I greeted each day with positive anticipation.

One of my mother’s favorite sayings was, “It is what it is”. I can’t change it or make it go away. So, let us make the best of it.

Using Quarantine Time To Catch Up On Projects

Catching Up On My To Do List During Covid 19

I started my list of “Things To Do” and went to work full force. How many times have I said, “if I could just have a month to catch up”? Well, I have it now so I need to make the most of it.

I completed my Spring Cleaning Checklist in record time. My closet went through a seasonal Closet Organizing And Purging. I continued my Decluttering Of The Nest and more Organizing My Kitchen. Finally, I made it outside (it has been a very rainy Spring) for some Sprucing Up The Outside. I was a mad, crazy cleaning and organizing machine!

Stop, Change Of Plan

Change Of Plan

With my mother’s health deteriorating, I needed to be closer in case her healthcare workers were unable to come to her home. So I moved down to the beach. At the beach, I didn’t have my “To-Do List” to lean on. So I made the mistake of going back to look at the media.

NO- Don’t Do It!

Time For Digital Detox

Oh, it was worse than a sugar fix. I couldn’t get enough of it, “talking heads”, “conspiracy theorist”, “the social media, now turned medical experts”. It felt like I was getting dragged down a deep dark hole, worrying about everybody and everything.

So I turned to the one person I knew could give me peace- God. I prayed hard that he would give me the strength to turn away from this evil. Yes, it is evil.

New Start- Media Free Take Two

Let's Try This Again- Take 2 On Media Quarantine

I did it, I went cold turkey with a total media detox. With that, I needed to fill my time, so I looked towards nature. The beaches were closed, but my neighborhood has lots of great walking trails. I started daily walks, the fresh air and sunshine were healing. Added some “social distancing” bike rides, and daily swims in my heated pool for exercise. But mostly, quiet time, time to pray and just be still.

My afternoons were filled with books. I love reading and have visited many of my old favorites and check out a few new authors. Anything to keep my mind and body busy so I would not turn to the media or social media.

Back At Home

Many of you may know, my mother passed away. I am now back at home in Birmingham trying to build a routine and dealing with the business of dying. Due to Covid 19 restriction, social media was the only tool I could use to get information about her death, and provide some kind of memorial. This turned out to be a very positive thing. Many kind words, condolences, and memories were shared.

Here is a link to the Memorial Album I shared on Facebook.


Warning- Remember The Lessons Learned

Yes, my recent social media experience has been positive, but I am not going to forget the lessons learned. The tv media and social media are very powerful tools. They can influence your thoughts, feelings, and physical/mental health.

I Chose Happy

I Choose Happy

Happiness is a choice. You can chose to be happy or not. Instead of dwelling on all the negative during this pandemic time, I chose to focus on the opportunities I have. Small as they may seem, the opportunity to slow down, enjoy quiet time, experience nature, or even knock off that “to do list” are important to me and give me joy.

I can’t control the stock market, job market, or a virus… it is what it is. But I can control what outside influences I allow in my life. By learning from Lesson #1- Quarantine the Media, I chose to be happy instead of stressed out and miserable.

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Embracing and loving the life of an empty nester, I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger currently living in Birmingham, Al. I enjoy spending my time with friends and family including my sweet miniature schnauzers Gracie and Emma.

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  1. Oh Regan, I so appreciated this post! Sometimes it takes courage to step away like you did. I am watching and learning from you. I am so sorry about the loss of your mom, and in such a time as this. My heartfelt condolences, and prayers for you an your precious family. Thank you for sharing. This is so timely and so very helpful to me.

  2. Regan, welcome back! You were missed. So sorry to hear about losing your Mom. It sounds like the media break was a welcome respite during a difficult time.

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