Decluttering The Nest- How To Dispose Of Unwanted Stuff

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Today post is Decluttering The Nest- How To Dispose Of Unwanted Stuff. Do any of you watch those “hoarding shows”? They actually scare me. How can someone live in all that stuff? I have never been a hoarder. Growing up we moved constantly so unless you wanted to pay someone to move it, you did not have it in the house.

Decluttering The Nest- How To Dispose Of Unwanted Stuff

Decluttering The Nest- How To Dispose Of Unwanted Stuff

Stop Being The Dumping Ground For Everyone’s Stuff

Being “anti-hoarding” has really helped me in keeping the clutter down. But years of kids and their stuff, parents stuff, grandparents stuff, in-laws stuff, the next thing you know I have become a dumping ground for everyone’s stuff. It is easy to find yourself drowning in other people’s stuff.

Reality Check! Nobody Wants Your Stuff

In a recent article entitled, Sorry, Nobody Wants Your Parents Stuff the grim reality becomes clear. You have the boomer generation who are dying and children are having to dispose of their parent’s belongings at the same time they are downsizing. On top of that, the younger generation is the Ikea/Target generation who live minimally and have no emotional connection with stuff. They are more mobile and do not want to luge or pay to move heavy furniture across the country.

On top of that, the value of once collectible items has plummeted. Collectors want mid-century modern, not depression era. The best advice is to prepare to be disappointed in the value. Nobody wants your stuff or your parents’ stuff.

How To Dispose Of Unwanted Stuff- Bring In A Liquidator/Estate Sale

How To Dispose Of Unwanted Stuff- Bring In A Liquidator/Estate Sale

This is a good option if you need a quick sale and you need as much money for the sale of possession as possible. Many companies out there specialize in estate sales, even these companies are picky as to what to sell/trash. Most companies charge a fee or take a commission from the sale. Any leftover items are donated to charity.

How To Dispose Of Unwanted Stuff- Have It Hauled Off

How To Dispose Of  Unwanted Stuff- Have It Hauled Off

A quick and easy way to remove unwanted stuff is just to have a company haul it off. I have been working months decluttering the house and making piles in the garage. I hired Junk King to haul it off. Scheduling was easy and online. I have also used 1-800-Got-Junk – This is a great option if you need extra manpower to move things. Pricing varies, depending on how much of the truck you fill- $99 for a small load to $700 to fill an entire truck full.

How To Dispose Of Unwanted Stuff- Rent A Dumpster

How To Dispose Of Unwanted Stuff- Rent A Dumpster

Another option is to rent a dumpster. We did this with the emptying out of my grandmother’s house. Everything left had to go and it was covered in mold from being closed up for years. With a weekend to do it in, my sister and her husband rented a dumpster and filled it with two days of hard work. Again, the cost depends on the size of the dumpsters, and your city. The average cost is around $200- $500.

I was recently contacted by a company called Bin There Dump That and they shared with me Decluttering Tips From Bin There Dump That. Great blog post with additional information on decluttering and how to rent the right size dumpster for your needs. They have locations in many states including Alabama.

How To Dispose Of Unwanted Stuff- Donate!

Check out local organization to donate your unwanted stuff

This use to be the easy answer to unwanted stuff. More companies such as Goodwill are becoming choosy in what they will accept for donation. This is especially true for furniture. Look to smaller local groups that will come to a haul off your donations. I had one such group scheduled three times and they never showed up. Smaller loads can be taken to drop off sites.

Here is a list of charities in the Birmingham, Al area that will pick up your gently-used donations

How To Dispose Of Unwanted Stuff- Sell It Online

With Facebook and eBay, selling online is a viable option. We have local selling/trading groups that provide a marketplace for selling unwanted goods. For name-brand clothing, companies such as Threds Up, Poshmark are good options if you have the time to devote to this.

Do’s And Don’t Of Disposing Of Unwanted Stuff

Beware of environmental toxic products and dispose of correctly. Paint, solvents, old propane tanks, gasoline, batteries, computers, all are toxic to the environment and need to be disposed of correctly. My community has a Toxic Waste Disposal Day once a year to help the community correctly dispose of toxic items.

Know the rules in your community on dumpsters. Many HOAs have rules concerning dumpsters and locations. Make sure you are aware of any rules before you have one delivered.

Be safe when selling online. This is so important. Many local police stations will offer a “safe spot” for online transactions. When in doubt, make sure you have someone with you if your seller is picking up at your home or at a remote location. Many times a level of trust is required if it doesn’t feel right- don’t do it.

Do not pawn off your discards onto another family member. This is so important. Many of the items I have to discard were pawned on to me through guilt or sentimentality. Don’t do that with your children or family members. If they want it- great, but don’t force it on them.

Know your community rules for trash pick up. Our community trash company has rules for when it will pick up additional items such as mattresses and larger discards. They also have rules for when they will pick up “additional garbage” beyond the can. Many trash trucks are now using automated arms and only have the driver on board. Anything beyond the trash can will be left on the street for another trash day. Some communities even fine for excess trash pick up (not mine-thankfully).

Going Forward-

After you have cleaned out the clutter, going forward be mindful of things you bring into the home. Do not fill it back up. One thing we are seeing is quick trend changes in home decor. Try not to be a slave to the “newest, latest, and greatest”. Be happy with what you have and create a space that is clean and clutter-free. Less is more is a good motto.

A rainy week ahead, painters are finishing up on the library renovation and I am continuing my decluttering and cleaning projects. We missed the big snow last week (I did play tennis in snow flurries). I am more than ready for some sunny days so I can get out and exercise. Dealing with sinus issues right now so I am not doing so hot with my dieting. Hoping to get “back on the wagon” soon.

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