Spring Cleaning Part 4- Around The House

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Today we tackle the rest Spring Cleaning Part 4- Around The House. I have been working hard this week using this colder/rainy weather to keep ahead on my spring cleaning.  I am LOVING the way my house smells.  It justs gives me an extra “pep in my step”.  So today is the last of our four-part series on Spring Cleaning.  Today we will be looking at other areas around the house.

Spring Cleaning Part 4- Around The House

Spring Cleaning Around The House Checklist

Clean Windows Inside and Out

I am not going to lie, hiring this one out. With large palladium style windows in the foyer, I am hiring a local company to clean my windows.  If you are in the Birmingham, Alabama area I recommend Superior Cleaning Service. Having used these guys for years, I have scheduled them to pressure wash my pool deck and patio.  Locally owned and operated.

Now if you have a smaller project here is the BEST product for cleaning mirrors and windows, Sprayway Glass Cleaner. 

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Spring Cleaning The Windows I use Sprayway Glass Cleaner

For cleaning outside windows, here is the magic formula that helps make windows streak-free

Cleaning Outside Windows

Formula For Cleaning Windows Around The House especially outside

Change Batteries In Smoke Detectors

Now is a good time to change out your batteries

If you have not done so, now is the perfect time to change out batteries in your smoke detectors.  Many people do this task in the fall, but I like to do it in the Spring as part of my Spring Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Around The House-Dust Blinds Or Shutters

With so many windows in my house, this is a daunting project.  I divide it up into a room a day, put on some music and dance.  The Swifter Duster is the best for getting into blind and shutters.  Some of my shutters are a bit grimy and I wash them down instead with warm water and Pine Sol.

Dust Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Swifter 360 is the perfect tool for cleaning ceiling fans and cob webs during Spring Cleaning Around The House

Using the handy Swifter Duster 360 with the extendable arm is the easiest way to remove dust from ceiling fans.  Make sure you have some extra duster pads as those ceiling fans get really dusty during the winter months. This year I gave my light fixtures some extra TLC. 

Because it was almost impossible to get all the dust and grime from my bathroom fixtures, I removed the glass shades in the bathrooms and ran them through the dishwasher on a Crystal Cycle.  Clean as a whistle and shining too.  I swear it is brighter in the bathroom. 

Change your bulbs to a Daylight LED  bulb for a brighter looks to your room

Also this year I changed out bulbs in the bathroom to DAYLIGHT bulbs.  I did this in the kitchen and it makes everything brighter.

Change ceiling indoor floodlights to Daylight bulbs to brighten up a room
Make sure you look for the words DAYLIGHT for a brighter look to your room.

Changing A/C Air Filters and Cleaning Condensation Line

Finally, let’s give your A/C unity a little love. If it is really dusty in your house, chances are you need to change your air filters.  I do this regularly because a dirty filter will cause your A/C unit to not work properly.  The first thing the A/C repairman will ask you, do you have clean air filters? Go to your local Home Depot or Lowes, they have a wide variety of filters.  Know your size before you go. 

If you have an odd size, you can order them online. Pick up extra so it will be easier for you to change those filters regularly.  Now, the final step is to add 1/2 cup of bleach to your unit condensation line dissolve mold and mildew that might build up.  This is a helpful hint given to me by my A/C repairman to help keep your unit running smoothly

Video How To Clean A/C Condensation Line

You are DONE!!!!  Give yourself a pat on the back or better yet, go get a pedicure.  You deserve it!  Now you are ready to enjoy those FABULOUS Spring days.  If you are just getting started, check out the other Spring Cleaning post

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Here is the Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

This Week On The Home Front

I have the painters here hard at work priming and painting the office renovation project. Today looks like the only sunny day for a while, so I am going to sneak off and play some tennis this morning. This weekend I am off to the lakehouse, doing a little inside spring cleaning and decluttering. Preparation for spring now means playtime when the weather turns warm and pretty. Also, I have looked ahead on my calendar-lots of fun activities are coming up.

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