What Is IN And What Is OUT- Home Design Trends For 2020

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Today is all about What Is IN And What Is OUT -Home Design Trends For 2020. While I am busy decluttering my little heart out, I want to share with you this post by my daughter, Anna from Homzie Designs.

Trends are ever-changing and keeping up with the styles can be daunting. In the end, it is all about coming home to a place that you love that gives you rest and restores.

Home Design Trends 2020

Home Design Trends 2020- What is In and What is Out

For me, the biggest thing I want from my homes is simplicity, clutter-free, and meets my empty nest lifestyle. What is that lifestyle? Well, it too is ever-changing. The biggest thing is that I don’t want to come home to piles of projects and stuff. I am ready to travel and enjoy life

Biggest Home Design Trends Of 2020

Check Out Biggest Design Trends For 2020- What is IN and What is OUT.

Some trends you may be surprised about, others might excite you. These design trends will influence what you see in the market place. So if you are hoping to update your home decor or make a total change, you will want to check it out.

Trends I Am Liking

The ones that excite me the most involve simplicity. I really like the idea of getting away from the world of technology in our homes. Some days I swear I spend more time and anxiety on technology issues. I think about how much of it I could really do without.

I am not into yoga, but Dan and I have talked about having a space for Pilates and stretching. Someplace, clutter-free that we can relax.

Let me know what trends you are liking, and which ones you look forward to implementing in your home.

Still Decluttering

While you do that, I am continuing to declutter. My carpenter is coming the latter part of next week (hopefully) to do my office remodel project. After he is finished, I will bring the painters in to brighten the whole space up. Very excited about this.

Check out my post, Updating The Home Office – Part 1 to read about my plan. I have had lots of feedback from many of my readers who are ready to tackle the “paper clutter”. Check out Decluttering The Home Office- What To Keep And What To Toss? to help you with your decluttering project.

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