Updating My Home Office Part 1- Make A Plan

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Each year I have a “January Project” and this year I will be Updating My Home Office. I will be honest, I don’t really use the home office. It is dark and quite depressing. But with Dan now retired, I feel the need to utilize that space better.

Updating My Home Office Part 1

Updating My Home Office- Part 1

Step One- Declutter

This will be a “work in progress”. For many years the office has been a catch-all for stuff that did not have a home. The shelves have books we never read. Drawers become holding places for old outdated electronics. The room also served several purposes: office, craft room, library.

Hours going through years worth of files and folders, deciding to toss or keep. With everything going digital, the need to keep paper copies is no longer there. But those with personal information need to be shredded or destroyed.

Clean It Out- Address The Problems

First, we removed almost all the furniture, books, and things that did not belong in an office. Next, we started to address the problems: lack of storage, adjustable shelving that was constantly falling, oversized furniture that did not function correctly. We also have a built-in desk that never really met our needs and became the #1 spot for stuff that did not have a home. But mostly, the dark stained wood made the room feel small, cramped, and downright depressing.

The Plan

After some discussion, we now have a plan. I will be meeting with my carpenter in the next couple of days to go over plans to remove the built-in desk and replace it with built-in, close cabinetry to provide much-needed storage. Where the built-in bookcase is, we will add more close cabinetry and make bookshelves, nonadjustable and sturdy.

Paint, paint and more paint! We will paint all the trimming and new cabinetry/shelving Decorator White (Benjamin Moore Color)to help brighten up space. The walls will be painted, Intellectual Gray or Amazing Gray ( Sherwin Williams Greige Color)

Best White Paint Colors To Use In Home Decorating
My inside house trim is Decorator White and my cabinets in my kitchen are White Dove.
Greige and Gray paint colors from Sherwin Williams
I have Amazing Gray and the darker version, Intellectual Gray, throughout my house. My daughter has Mindful Gray in hers.

A new desk will be added that better meets our needs. It will have file folders and storage for office supplies. Finally, I will ask my daughter Anna from Homzie Designs to add those “finishing touches” that will make the space feel welcoming, a place Dan and I will want to spend time.

Homzie Designs finishing touches package to help you find the perfect products to give you home a complete look

Homzie Designs is an online design service that helps you pick out those “finishing touches” to make your home come together. It is all done online and once your design is completed, you will receive a master shopping list that you can purchase from. She also provides a video that helps explain why she chose the products and how to style them.

Before Pics

Home Office Problem- built in desk that does not meet our needs
Built-in desk that does not meet the needs of the office and has become a “catch-all”
Home office problem- adjustable shelving that is unstable
Built-in shelving that does not hold – need sturdier shelving
Home office problem- oversize furniture that is too heavy
Oversized heavy furniture
Home Office Problem- Dark trim stain that makes room dark and depressing
Dark stained trim and molding that makes room depressing

More Updates To Come

Stay tuned to see the finished results. I will post more on the progress on the Office Renovation Project. Do you have a “January Project”? My past projects have included cabinet refinishing in the kitchen, and my favorite, changing the living room into a library.

We are still trying to “feel out” how our empty nest lifestyle will look like. I have not ruled out downsizing and moving, but right now we want to make our home a place we love to be at and functions for our current stage in life.

Maybe your January Project is organizing your kitchen cabinets? Last summer I tackled this project and absolutely LOVE the results.

Organizing My Kitchen To Make Empty Nest Life Easier

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