Helping Your Husband With Closet Cleanout And Organization

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Men need to purge their closets too. Today is all about Helping Your Husband With Closet Cleanout And Organization It is a rainy week, so my husband and I decide that this was a great time to declutter and we started with our closets.

Helping Your Husband With Closet Cleanout And Organization

Helping Your Husband With Closet Cleanout And Organization

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Men Need To Update Their Wardrobe Too

As many of you know, my husband retired this year. We have been working on creating a wardrobe for him that will work with our new retired life. His current wardrobe consists of tons of suits/suit jackets that were perfect for his corporate lifestyle.

That has all changed since retirement. Now he needs more casual clothing for events, date nights, outings, and travel. We are also shopping for more athleisure wear.

But First, The Great Closet Purge

Dan was actually very excited about this. He keeps his closet extremely organized which made the task much easier. To help with the purge, I went through the same rules that I did with my closet

  • Have you worn it in the last 5 years?
  • Does it fit?
  • Is it torn, faded, or stained?

The next questions were one we applied to him

  • Does it fit with your new retired lifestyle?
  • Is it comfortable?

Physically Cleaning Out The Closet

Closets get dusty too. One of the things we realized was how dusty many of his winter sweaters were. Let’s be honest, we haven’t had much cold weather in 5 years so they were nothing but dust collectors.

During “The Great Purge” it is a good idea to do some dusting and vacuuming now that you have some wiggle room.

Creating Organizing Solutions

Just as we did in my closet, Dan needed some storage and organizing to help everything stay neat and tidy. Plus, it makes it so much easier to find what you need quickly. Now we can start to see “holes” in his wardrobe that we will need to address for the new retirement lifestyle.

Clear Plastic Bags For Storing Suits/Sportcoats

Clear Plastic Bags For Storing Suits/Sportcoats

Because of the dust situation, we placed suits/sportcoats that he wants to keep, but will not use on a regular basis in clear garment bags.

Baseball Hat Organizer

Baseball hat organizer

My husband LOVES his baseball hat collection. He is very particular about hats and each day he picks out his “favorite of the day” to wear. Instead of using a hanger, I am mounting a small towel rod in his closet using it. He did not want them mounted on the back of the door.

Belts And Tie Organizer

Belt and tie organzier

We chose a wall-mounted organizer for belts and ties. So he can easily see what he has. If wall space is an issue, a hanger style organizer may work best.

Shoe Organizer

Shoe storage solutions and organizer

We chose a sturdy box-style organizer for his shoes. These are stackable for easy viewing and keeps shoes off the floor and out of the dog’s reach. Lucky Dan did not need to purge his shoes and they were all current and in great condition.

Velvet Hangers For Men’s Closet

Chose velvet hangers for space saving in closet

It is amazing how changing out your hangers saves space. Dan is still a “wire hanger” guy, so we are slowly converting him.

Laundry Organizer

laundry organizers help prevent "laundry mishaps".

Dan has always been excellent at taking care of his own laundry. In his closet, we have a laundry organizer that keeps darks and whites separate. All it takes is one laundry miss hap and ruining your favorite (or lucky) t-shirt, to learn.

I like this one because you can easily see what is in it, and you can wash the bag with it. My husband works out and plays basketball so his gym clothes stink!

The Ultimate Goal

Just like for my closet, the ultimate goal is to have a closet full of clothes, that fits, looks good on me, that I wear, and that I love. It also needs to meet my lifestyle (which is ever-changing). As we are purging and decluttering our homes to downsize, now it is a good time to get your husband in on the fun.

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